Thursday, February 3, 2011


My friends Sandhya and Amrita Tagged me for this..and it has been a long time, i dont even remember the details, I think it was writing about non girlish things you have done....

As you all know that I am a very traditional person, so i cant state anything extra ordinary:), let me try if I can find anything in my past or may be present...

From the age of 14 I have travelled all alone, later on with children too and then luggage, lots of that, and I could manage evrything very well. In those days not many girls were so independent specially small town ones like me.And I did really long journeys, even in summer and so many times in second class.

I can manage the finances:) and know about most of the products and can calculate the returns faster than the agents selling them. Once my brother called his agent telling him that my sis want to invest. And he thought what will you sis want to talk, she is a woman, my brother told him to come and see:)

In my college days I was considered Phantom, as i was the most fearless girl neither I cultivated many friendships, nor feared anyone.Most of the girls were interested in boys and entertainment, and I only in myself and my studies

When not many wore the pants, I wore them and every other style and now when everyone is wearing them, I dont:)

At one of my hubby's postings, I was the first woman to organise  functions and anchor them, there woman wouldnt go on stage, it was men's prerogative.women could never lead. And just challenge me for anything, I am sure to take it up:)..Impossible was never in my dictionery.

I am the first woman in my family to run a shop and that too succesfully.

I think in rest of the things I am quite feminine, love jwellery, clothes, fashion, movies, music,used to do lot of stitching, knitting, dont like pets and gadzets, but yes love books.

Now i would like to tag..Madhu,Nilu,guari Guha, Rachna,Bhagyareema and Rama



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