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When i was waiting at the Chennai airport, in the lounge two women were sitting with three vacant chairs, but when I wanted to sit there, they said that they had their family coming....this sort of reservation irritates me a the waiting lounge, nobody is there permanently, by the time their family would come, there may be few more seats vacant..such people are very inconsiderate type.

I reserved AI India ticket only because of their service and food, and this time both were not good.One air hostess was so indifferent to passengers that I thought that she shouldnt be here. They didnt serve anything till we were in the air for one hour and then too, neither food was good, nor any looks like the airline is poverty stricken..but then why penalise the passengers, we are paying full fare, cut your own costs.Once serving the food, nobody came for even water, for three hours, even if we called, they just AI has lost atleast me, I would never travel with them…

My Father

On this father day, I would like to share a few things about my father.I had a father whom not only his children, but his whole village loved and admired.Its very rare to inspire such trust, love and respect.

Today when I read in the blogs about unequality and all that, I dont understand much, as I was born in 50's and still my father loved me a lot, pampered and provided everything I demanded. I never felt any discrimination, Only thing different was that he taught us to behave, to learn values of a good family, as he always thought that I would be a live torch bearer of his name, when I go to other family as bahu. Today girls shout at the top about their parents ..they are so great and all that, but my father taught me never to praise my parents in front of inlaws, instead my good behaviour will bring them the real praise from their mouth only.

Even After I got married, he was always there to support me, whenever and wherever I required, but he never put any claims on  me or my …

My little bundle of joy

Tomorrow I am leaving , going to London to be with my new born grandson:)...These little angels are such a delight to hold and cherish and god has granted me sch an occasion, so I am going to take it with a open heart, full of joy.and I hope and wish that I would get time to share my experiences with all of you, till then enjoy!!!

Is it journalism?

Today I saw one heading in TOI today and it pained me a lot....

Maoist diary  thrills cops, informer hits jackpot
The informer is said to have been paid 2 lakhs and said to be a woman...written by Abdul Qadir

Now tell me who is an informer? a person who puts his/her ;life on stake either for a cause or for money and  is given a promise that his/her identity wouldnt be revealed. Now in the above where was the need to add that info about informer?..isn't the journalist putting someone's life in danger for nothing? where has the ethics gone? Its all for sensationalism. Now if anything happens to that informer..I would always think about you Mr. Qadir.

Second one..
Save ganga crusader dies after 115 days fast
I was very pained to know that Swamy Nigamanad.only 35 years old lay in the same hospital where baba Ramdev was, but nobody paid any heed to shows the importance of media and publicity..he was fasting for a ban to mining along the stretch of Ganga..but nobody, neither t…


This time my post generated so much of diversity in views,i respect all other opinions, but still maintain that...
In my opinion....

Respect for elders doesnt need any parameters.....they deserve it by just being our demanding or commanding business.

Changing times doesnt  mean defying elders ..the way we dont stop eating or sleeping, we dont stop respecting them.

Everything is our times we were way ahead of our parents and, today our children are and tomorrow their children will be, but values remain the same.

Our culture is not materialistic, it is spiritual and has lot many advantages,so discarding it for the sake of luxurious life may not be good for our think about it...looking after self  first is not our culture, we are made better than that, so why go for baser instincts?

I also believe that only a happy person can give happiness to others, but that doesnt mean that we must drive our happiness through..tamogun...happiness that comes after…


some people think that listening or obeying your elders is a sign of less intelligence or being old fashioned or unprogressive..on the contrary it needs lot of intelligence and patience to decide which are  the battles worth fighting for and where silence or obedience is golden.

Listening and following little little rituals or traditions your elders want you to, doesnt mean that you believe in them It is about your thought process..your feeling  to make them happy..whatever you want you may otherwise follow in practice and teach your progeny.
Standing up for bigger things in life career,marriage etc is worth it, but arguing and defying in small things is nothing but bad manners.

What is the purpose of our being on this earth? it eating sleeping and enjoying and working towards that only.
We are fortunate to be born as humans and we are sent on this earth to make it a better place with our sensibilities.and we must start it from our home..then neighbourhood, then city and t…


In response to my last post I got quite different views and I thought that instead of giving long answers, I will write a different post, as I am not sure home many people check the answers to their comment.

everyone should have their time and space to live and grow as they want.
Complete freedom is never conducive to a civilised society, and one can never do what one wants all the time, certain amount of decorum is always required to be a good human beings,Total individual freedom is bound to bring unhappiness.

most of the successful guys and girls are from conservative Indian families where parents are not defied. And most attribute their success to the discipline that their parents instilled in them.

I totally agree with the above statement, as I see many youngsters who are very intelligent, but since there was no push or guidance from their parents and they were given freedom, they got into a mediocre education only..I know a family where children were very intelligent, but their pa…


Yesterday i read an article in Meri Saheli..about how daughters have become responsible now. I didnt agree with the author. Till 70's daughters were brought up differently with a clear understanding that they are..PARAYA DHAN, and one day they will go to SASURAL and that will be their home.Daughters were given some dowry and later on feted on every festival and visits. They were not given equal importance and opportunities like sons.They didnt have much say in the family matters, they were not given equal share in family wealth, sons got everything....inheritance as well as duties.Rights and duties always go hand in hand....when they were not given any rights, they couldnt be expected to take the responsibility of parents also, rather unfair to think of that....because of other reasons also, as per society rules they were supposed to take the responsibility of inlaws family. And in a way it was good also.....दो नावो मैं पैर रखने से नाव डूबती ही हा,उस समय कोई दुविधा नहीं थी मन में,…