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Difference in living in East and West

I observed so many differences in the upbringing of children between east and west..and I am not saying who is right who is wrong,but then results are always different..see how...

There they leave the infant on the bed to sleep all alone and if he cries  then they let him, he will slowly reconcile himself and sleep..and for this behaviour they have their own compulsions as they have no family support to bring up children and most of the mothers are working too, so they cant devote so much of time to children, but to advice doing so to everyone. irrespective of circumstances is not required...We in India never leave a child alone and never let them cry for long..they are always made to feel precious and very valuable to us.

But then they contradict themselves by saying that mother should give the skin touch to child and tell all the artificial ways to make it so..why not do it natural way...pick up the child when he wants to be comforted.But NO everything should be done as we want it, …


This book is about how to live life. Randy Pausch is suffering from pancreatic cancer and has only 2-3 months to live and he wants to document certain things in his life, so as to tell his children everything when he is not there with them.Though this book must be read in full to understand properly, still I am going to quote a few things,I liked very much......

The instinct in our house was never to sit around like slobs and wonder..we knew a better the encyclopedia,open your minds.

He(his father) liked humorous anecdotes that turned into morality tales.

Never make a decision until you have to and if was in a position of strength I had to play fair.

My parents really knew what it took to help people.

Have something to bring to the table, because that will make you more welcome.

When you are screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore means they have given up on you.You may not like to hear it, but you critics are often the ones telling you that they …


I have no shame in saying that i always get ideas to write something while reading other's posts and this is no different:).whenever ideas similar to my thinking are posted, I want to say so much, then think why not write your own post about it.
When the riots in London happened, since then I was thinking that consumerism is showing its results. As I read in the papers that many youth looted things with selection..particular brands of jeans and like that.
In the west they bring out new paraphernalia for every may be Halloween or fall..and people buy it..
They always try to tempt the customer and make them shopping prone.For every little thing one gets a different gazette and one accumulates everything. Showing love needs buying things..sometimes things which are not even used.

We are destroying our future and this planet both.In every sphere of life we need better behaviour , love and respect, not things.

Do we praise a guest who is obnoxious, though he/she may bring us a…

Riots in London

The riots in London really shocked me.the way young boys looted the shops and even injured people, shows the lack of civic sensitivity and morality in the people.Nothing...being jobless or poor or without any hope..absolutely nothing justifies this sort of was pure criminalism. Because there will be thousands of people in the world who are jobless, and poor but it doesnt mean that they start killing other people.
Two things  very clearly come out of this incident..
One that society must look inward and give more importance to teaching morals and ethics, less to consumerism as is rampant in west and now coming to India too.
Two..Suing of doctors, police etc demoralises them, here police action was not very swift and sometimes people were left to fend for themselves, police is not given even real bullets..too much of citizen rights and all has made citizen also forget their duties...all the citizens also have a duty towards their country and they have no right to torch eit…


Just now I was reading Kanu's post and it struck a chord in me. I have also heard from many people that I am lucky to have such good children or I must have donated pearls in my last life to get such well mannered and good children, but nobody wants to see the hard work put into making them what they are. I am not denying children's own individuality and their own contribution, because parents can do that much only after that its children who have to work hard to reach there, but from my side I have also done a lot of hard

I loved my children a lot, but to me love never meant pampering only, from a very young age, I instilled in them that they couldnt buy everything, they have to choose what they want..or if it was a big item, then save fifty percent and I shall add rest and then they could get it.I worked hard to make them hard working...I firmly believe that there is one thing that scores over every other quality and gives success in life and it is..hard work...…

London sight seeing

Normally I dont watch TV soaps, but since here I dont have much choice so started watching whatever comes on Star Plus..Last week there was one very good episode in Sasuraal genda phool...Here from the beginning everybody has loved and looked after their new DIL who is good from heart, but otherwise totally spoiled brat, but she also changes a lot with love.and here they have brought out a very good point that for living in a joint family, its not enough, if you have a good heart, but you have to be sensitive to other's feelings and joys and shouldnt be all about our own comfort, convenience and likings. The way the elders explain everything without being biased and the youngsters listen and accept their mistakes is very heart warming...there was one particular incidence , very natural, where Suhana promises to make pizza for everyone, and other DILs do lot od primary work in collecting the raw material to help her, and then Suhana forgets all about it and says breezil…