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Thank you Rahul for awarding me this award..I feel very honoured...

And the versatile blogger award rules are.....
1. Add a picture of the award in your post.
2. Thank the award giver.
3. Share 7 random facts about you.
4. Choose 15 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they’ve been nominated.
The 7 Random facts about me:..
1..I am hopelessly optimistic person...
2..I am a firm believer in tradition and dressing up according to the occasion and place(even if its uncomfortable to me),.always give respect to all and be nice to guests even if they come without informing,..believe in hospitality....and I am old fashioned in the sense that self doesnt come first to me.
3..To me being sensitive means being so with other's feelings, not with our own.
4..I hate wasting paper, water or anything else, believe in recycling maximum things.
5..enjoy meeting new people and new visiting places.
6..addicted to reading..can read anything to pass time. refine…

The Top Ten Myths of Divorce

The Top Ten Myths of Divorce

1- Half of all marriages end in divorce.

That may have been the case several decades ago, but the divorce
rate has been dropping since the early 1980s. If today's divorce
rate continues unchanged into the future, the chances that a
marriage contracted this year will end in divorce before one
partner dies has been estimated to be between 40 and 45 percent.

2- Because people learn from their bad experiences, second
marriages tend to be more successful than first marriages.

Although many people who divorce have successful subsequent
marriages, the divorce rate of remarriages is in fact higher
than that of first marriages.

3- Living together before marriage is a good way to reduce the
chances of eventually divorcing.

Many studies have found that those who live together before
marriage have a considerably higher chance of eventually
divorcing. The reasons for this are not well understood. In
part, the type of people who are willing to cohabit ma…


There is this friend of ours who is such a fun loving person..actually thats the reason my husband got close to him..he is fun to be with and enjoys life to the hilt.Suddenly he got a normal day he got some headache and then couldnt stand and was hospitalised..He had a stroke which doctors didnt realise initially..and then he was in ICU.he couldnt eat, speak or stand.....but thankfully now he is OK and recovering.
His son who is settled in US came immediately and here for 7 weeks and when we went to see him we met him and I came back so impressed..
That young man was so good in all he was so caring towards his father mother, doing everything like bringing tea, cold drink, snacks to us with so much ease. He was dressed in a very nice T and pant/pyjamas, he talked to nicely and intelligently,...what i really loved was

His dressing sense..I like to see people in neat dress,normally people coming from abroad think as if they have come to a slum and they dont need to …