Friday, September 28, 2012


People always think that family comes first and in so many proverbs also it is said that job and office will not be there for you, its only family who will be there in times of crisis.

But I disagree a little here, I think there wouldnt be any family, if one doesnt have a job...and neglecting one's profession, which gives him all that bread, butter and jam and respect, will not get a happy family.

Its the balance which matters, and if family comes first, then would you like if..

someone close to you is sick and all doctors are celebrating festival...

Will you be safe if Army people start being with their family all the time?

can you travel peacefully if all the traffic policeman want to be with their family on can go on...

All essential services need commitment, and all these people do their jobs on all days irrespective of festivals or they love their family any  less than others? ..NO..only difference is that they are committed individuals with high regard for their professions..the way it should be...
One must choose the profession with lot of consideration and then be honest with it...And I respect those who do it...everybody cant be an idealist, but we can aspire to be atleast, the way we aspire for material things.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

what do you think?

Recently one of my friend was telling me how much his son cares for this one time she had a little skin problem..nothing much, but  his son got to know and he immediately  cancelled all his appointments .he is a doctor..and took her to a specialist, got all the tests done and all that, and as usual my mind started thinking..was that good on his part...what about his patients? dont they have any rights or wouldnt they be left in the lurch? shouldnt everybody have some responsibility professionally too....

My take is that one should leave the professional responsibilities only when life is at stake, for all rest of the things family should be adjusted..and i respect those people who take their professions seriously or justify every penny they take......

what do you think?

Saturday, September 22, 2012


First time i saw Zurich, it was in 79, I was very young..just 23 and with a small child. That time i just saw it as one of places among my hubby's itinerary. But by the time I made next trip...the child had grown to be a young man and I had read all those Ludlum novels where all the action happens on Limmat quay or banhofstrasse.

Zurich is one of the most beautiful, vibrant and fashionable city I have seen. Most of the people vote for Manhattan, but I like Zurich more,    I love walking down cobbled roads in the old town full of designer shops and in between one could fine one with beautiful affordable things too.This is the only place where I saw men in suit going on a cycle..women with Prada and Louis Vuitton travelling in metro..And most of the people dress fashionably most of the time,not in casuals. Cafeteria are full of people leisurely enjoying their coffee.

Iscon temple
Jelmoli is one of the main luxury store in the most popular street..banhofstrasse.and in their food section, when i went to buy Falafal, I was surprised to see the attendant speaking fluent Hindi..He told me that he had a Sardarji with him who taught him, but to learn such typical Hindi words, it was amazing.Then there is this Hltl restaurant where one can get all Indian food, there we had buffet in 56 chf, and one got an awesome variety of Indian food, including kachori, samosa and then Mediterranean and Chinese too, otherwise one could fill plate with all one wanted and they would weigh and charge.I like the Mexican food at Papa Joes, its very yummy..everything ..and then Movenpick 4.5 chf its a treat..I loved the flavour..caramelato.

Papa joes

Zurich airport
On Janmashtami we went to Iscon temple and there was a big crowd of Indians, and Iscon devotees were dressed in Indian way and they prapared all the Indian dishes and then some of theirs with Indian touch like Pizza, tart and all with vegetarian ingredients...

Monday, September 17, 2012


I havent blogged for last 2 months, and i am sorry that i could nt reply to the comments even.I was in Zurich with my children and with my grand child I couldnt do anything else:) slowly I will catchup on all the blogs and all the other things.
I started my journey by Emirates, so i shall start with them only. I had heard so much about it from everybody, infact everyone appreciates them, so I was intrigued. Yes there service is good in the sense that they have more no of attendants and they come pronto..they dont go away and rest all the time as in some airlines they do.Secondly they serve nimbu paani as soon as we are set..this is my biggest requirement, because  a lot of time passes in checking, security and boarding and I am parched.
Their stock on entertainment was mind boggling..lots of movies,..
Food section, I didnt like, most of the time choice of items is wrong and secondly with buns they serve either butter or jam, I think both are needed plus yogurt is a must for vegetarians.
Rest everything was fine, they were always punctual and i had a pleasant landing.

Saw Dubai airport..and i was surprised that though its near home and many people spoke hindi, there was no Indian restaurant or cuisine available.It is a shopping destination, so has lot of shops, I didnt buy anything, but their local perfumes were quite reasanable..10$ for 100 ml.but in other things I didnt find rates any better..


I was always of the opinion that we are better off because we dont have divorces so much.because i feel that divorce always makes a very St...