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Most of the people like fun loving company and admire those who are nice to everybody and full of humour. A person is always admired for his or her great sense of humour.But I rarely meet a person who is genuinely humorous. Most of the time most of the people laugh at the cost of someone. And that type of fun never appeals me.

For instance my hubby is a silent type, but once in a blue moon he wants to joke around, it will be at my cost and when I feel offended, he would say that I dont appreciate joke. I want the person to be fun loving, thru genuine humour and good words.Though i dont mind him because otherwise he is  a nice person. and best husband.

Whenever we use some people to provoke a laugh or use some real habits or real situations to express laughter, then it doesn't remain a joke, it makes people feel humiliated and insulted.On the other hand some people use very ugly language in their conversation and find it funny. I dont. I feel that such people are frustrated ones a…

Helpful Facts for Young Adults

Ten Important Research Findings on Marriage
and Choosing a Marriage Partner

Helpful Facts for Young Adults

1. Marrying as a teenager is the highest known risk factor for

People who marry in their teens are two to three times more
likely to divorce than people who marry in their twenties or

2. The most likely way to find a future marriage partner is
through an introduction by family, friends, or acquaintances.

Despite the romantic notion that people meet and fall in love
through chance or fate, the evidence suggests that social
networks are important in bringing together individuals of
similar interests and backgrounds, especially when it comes to
selecting a marriage partner. According to a large-scale
national survey of sexuality, almost sixty percent of married
people were introduced by family, friends, co-workers or other

3. The more similar people are in their values, backgrounds and
life goals, the more likely they are to ha…


It is very very heart wrenching to see the people suffering there and locals loosing their everything for no fault of their own.Everybody knows why it happened..due to rampant corruption,and construction without considering ecological impact.Nature take its own toll when you abuse it. I just hope that we have learned a lesson.

It is very disappointing to see that  we have so many billionaires , million ares but nobody ( leave aside a few like Tatas and M& M) has come forward to help. And what about our bollywood.....nobody has bothered to think beyond box office and their own earnings.The need of the time is to be generous, if all big industrialist com forward, we can rebuild Uttarakhand area within a few months. and the main focus should be on locals who lost their homes, their business everything.

And after all this I thought what any person individually  can do in the long run.,,,

Pilgrimages are for once in a life time, today if anyone can afford they want to go everywhere eve…

Yeh Jawani ha diwani

I saw Yeh Jawani Ha Diwani.. recently and just loved it.Basic requirement of any love story is that  audience must root for them, feel pain at their separation and happy at their union, same I felt in Ek Tha Tiger,Jab We Met, Silsila DDLJ and many more but didnt feel in Jab Tak Ha Jaan Shahrukh and Katrina had no chemistry at all even in their love scenes,They were looking more like brother and sisters.

Come back to has good songs and dialogues are the best point here.RK and Deepika both are excellent in their roles and over all movie is very entertaining.Kalki is so natural in her role and for the first time I saw that a girl doesnt go back to her good for nothing BF and marries someone solid.

Whereas in JTHJ..they try to validate a married woman's wandering soul...Katrina's mom has an arranged marriage and feel disenchanted.Instead of making her marriage work, she falls in love outside marriage and leaves are her daughter and goes away..and its love glorified, wher…


This latest suicide of a film star and arrest of her boy friend tell us the flaws of modern living and thinking. Today all youngsters want to have a relationship, but whenever something goes wrong, they blame everything on the other person.In a modern society if one wants to have a trial life, one must be prepared for heart breaks and breakups.And one more point is shown by this incident that either girls must accept that they are made differently, so behave accordingly or be ready to face the consequences.

When one gets friendly, there is no guarantee that you will get a life partner first time itself. Any one of the couple may not like other after sometime, and he/ she has full right to break it and none should be blamed for it, because they were not in marriage.

Today everybody wants to have his/her cake and eat it too.But life doesnt go according to the people. One can never pressurise someone to love or marry, and infact it wouldnt do any good to marry a person who doesnt want y…