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There is nothing desi about this romance, except the locales and clothes..and its not romance but passion.Its about a boy Raghuram Sitaram (Sushant Rajput) , who is an orphan and does odd jobs, he runs away from his marriage,because he is always confused and doesnt want to take any responsibility. Then he meets a modern girl Gayatri( Pariniti Chopra) who lives alone works , had many boy friends , even an abortion, and they all left her, so now she doesnt want any permanent relationship. They have instant physical attraction and start living together.Now when they decide to mary, she runs away from the marriage.Then Raghu meets the girl Tara whom he left and initially looking for and giving an apology, both of them get together,then somewhere they meet Gayatri.....Ultimately Rahu and Gayatri live together without marriage because none of them is ready for responsibility.

It is such a confused director's version, none of the character is well defined...Take Raghu, he is good for no…


Sachin Sachin and more he is vevery where, coming out of everything. I really wonder why we people are hyper in everything, either we are vandalising cricketer's houses or making them God..isnt there any rational way of praising and living?

I dont doubt that Sachin is a great player, but it is his profession, he has raked in obscene amount of money through his play and he the only player good in his/her chosen field? or are there no other people who have excelled  in their professions?

I find this adulation for him or Amitabh bacchan or Sharukh really very childish, yes there will be fans of celebrities but people in responsible offices behaving like indulgent fans is so ridiculous..No behaving like fan is ok, its your personal choice but granting bounties and priviliges to them should have some rules.

Whenever there is a winning match, there is a race among politicians and state persons and some other businessman too to give plots, flats and cash aw…

What not to do while showing sympathy

I was thinking of writing about it for a long time, but for some reason or other I couldnt. First i will tell you a few incidences:----
When my father was going to have his byepass operation, many of my well wishers used to sympathise me like this-----oh your dad is going thru this operation.............hmm........Its a serious operation na (as if I dint know ). I hope everything turns out fine.---I used to feel so irritated, i would just clinch my teeth and wished them to go away.
Once when my husband got into a serious health problem and was diagnosed with high BP, anyone who met me even after 6 months or 1 year, first sentence will be----aapkitabiyaatkaisi ha ab ? How much is you BP now. hey......hello...............its is six months now, are we going to be sick for our whole life now.
My sisters's friend recently lost her mother, obviously she was very depressed, but one has to come out of it. few of her friends insisted her to come to the ladies get to gether. And there what…


What is this peer pressure which is the root of all evils:)....It is there, it was there earlier too, it depends on the people how to face. Those who buckle they do so in childhood and same when they are adults.I am going to share some of my  experiences ...may be you could relate them...

In any family all siblings are never in the same league financially and whenever there is a celebration, there may be a rivalry in unimportant things like jewellery or clothes,I always wore whatever I could afford and felt confidant too, and everybody loved me for that and for what was me.....I was still very popular.

I remember one of my friend's kids used to study in DPS and there children would bring expensive gifts for classmates on Bdays and her children would crib and say that if they cant give the same, then they must be poor..see the children's perception...But my belief was.make friends with only those who value you for you not for the gifts, I fixed an amount for bday gifts and my …


Now a days one keeps hearing..that fellow has got such a high package,.....his children are very succesful (because they are earning good money)....have we come to value only money. What is the parameter for success? Do we ever bother about deserving anything or just getting it...Why do people equate the riches with respectability..where have  the virtues gone?...

Why every parent want his child to earn a good salary only without thinking whether,,

his/her child deserves it? and when they are earning, nobody bothers whether they are ethical, honest in their dealings or care about environment, country or society or even their own family.

In today's materialistic environment, we ourselves teach the children to value things over people, but when they start doing it we sit on judgement.

I see many people who are rich but

ill treat their servants,
pay them less than they deserve
dont look after their old parents
their children drive cars without driving  licences,
They use electricity…


This is a small rajashthani village ..with all the little little things specific to that Baithaks..Chaupal, jute cots everywhere to relax, folk music and dances going on different place, Bhool bhulaiya, then one Chhatri for astrologer, and some games stalls and a shop selling rajasthani items, tehn there was a photographer too  with rajasthani costumes.

A cave, two temples, one fountain..lots of things and space to enjoy. There was one boy who was walking on the rope for visitors entertainment. This was one thing I didnt like for many its child labour, we are spoiling his childhood, he must study and make his future.And he was putting his life in danger .

There were camel rides , camel cart ride,bullock cart ride.....

For food they have traditional sitting system where they serve rajasthani food with love..everything was good but there was this boy who was insisting people to eat sweet.saying it is hospitality, but too much of anything irritates me, I was …