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I am in Seattle for last one week. I was feeling so much of jet lag that didnt feel like doing anything.
When I was coming here I had one hour and twenty minutes time at London to connecting flight and I was flying BA and there they were making so long queues that it was impossible to reach. I asked many attendants that they may allow me to come forward in the queue, as I have a connecting flight, but they were totally indifferent to my much so that I almost missed my flight, when I reached at the boarding gate..running..huffing puffing, they said its closed, then I requested, shouted ..did everything and got in..but it was a bad was simply bad management of crowds and BA has economised too much on in flight food I wouldnt recommend them at all...If the same thing had happened in India, everyone would have blasted them and termed incompetent and what not.

More I live outside, more I value my country, my people.

Here one day my daughter made some roa…


somebody gave  this tag long back, I am putting it now:)

01. Bought everyone in the bar a drink.....never been to a Bar, once we went to a restaurant in nagpur and there many have Bars..but the receptionist soon as he saw me..said..mam it is not for family:), may be i look like that:)

02. Swam with dolphins ...dont know swimming:(

03. Climbed a mountain ....not as a climber, but going to vaishno devi is also a climbing of a type i think:)

04. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive------never

05. Been inside the Great Pyramid ...:(

06. Held a tarantula -....ugh

07. Taken a candlelit bath with someone -

08. Said “I love you” and meant it whatever i say..I always mean it, whether sorry or love

09. Hugged a tree - absolutely!

10. Bungee jumped - No, I am a Darpok:)

11. Visited Paris - yeah:)

12. Watched a lightning storm at sea---No

13. Stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise Seen the sunrise at many tiger hill darjeeling,kanyakumari etc

14. Seen the Northern Lights …


Just now read the a post by fellow blogger and it made me think on the same point in my way.Most of the time it is said that shun the negative people, dont be near them or dont be near people who make you feel abused, or unhappy or hurt you.. whatever.. but is it always possible.Suppose you have such people in your immediate family..then what to my coping strategies are.....of course with difficult people:)....

First we must introspect.where we can change ourselves. Most of the time we like people who are like us. For example, I am a very meticulous,cleanliness freak and very economical in everything. Now I want  everyone to be like that and those who are not they irritate me or frustrate me.And I want to change them to my thinking..but is it possible to change anyone? so what can be done is..I will have to change myself if I want to be stress free in life.The very first thing I must understand is that I cant run everyone's life. I am free to do what I want in my life, but …


I saw this one now, though this is not a new one and its sequel has also come, but I was interested , so.
This is a story of betrayal,intrigue manipulation..everything like this.Sahib(Jimmy Shergill) is a raja of some small town in UP.His father had a mistress and later married her and left everything in her name. So he is king with no money. Bibi (Mahi Gill) is neglected by sahib, as she did the crime of falling in love with someone else, so the sahib also has a mistress. Bibi is getting hysterical and when she gets a new young handsome driver.gangster, she uses him cunningly to kill the mistress.  Now that handsome driver Babbloo(Randeep Hooda) had come with his own motive to spy on Sahib ..

First half is very interesting..Randeep hooda is the best, its really sad that such a talented actor hasnt got his due in bollywood and then Deepal Shaw as the daughter of sahib's right hand man is very refreshing and enjoyable in her role..Rest of the cast is also good as..Jimmy shergill l…

Some cafes

Best thing I love about Europe is its little quaint cafes...and sitting arrangements made out side..people sitting..enjoying coffee , croissant, tarts leisurely and watching the people go by..

One day we went to this little cafe nearby in Kilchberg, where they serve breakfast and after that they close and open again in was so calm and quiet, beautiful..from our seat we could enjoy the view of Zurich lake and city.Tarts ..I really like, though here they put lot of cream, infact too much for my taste, I prefer more of fruit..

Then One day we were roaming around old also they have little markets in open space..stalls type, called Christmas market..I dont find much interest in their merchandise because after conversion, for me everything is way too much, I can get everything in India at lesser price, so why not buy in your own country.

Then we sat in a cafe on the roadside looking over the was so windy and chilly, that this cafe had provided one blanket o…