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Are the lenders at fault?

Every day a read some news with biased reporting or hear people who are so biased about people, views, it irritates me no there was a news today about a couple who took 20 lakhs loan for IVF, unfortunately the husband died and when wife couldnt pay the loan she committed suicide,leaving the child an orphan, and they wrote..lenders were hounding her..Here they make it sound as if its a crime to ask back the money, but i want to ask why people take loan beyond their resources.And we must never sympathise with the people who dont pay their loan.The days of Shylock are gone, today when someone takes a loan, all facts should be considered..why he is taking loan, and how are they going to repay it..what is their contingency plan?
Here i find the couple at fault for many things..

First they should havent taken a loan so big, that they couldnt pay..

Secondly if only husband was working, they should have thought of something like this..

And if in spite of that , some emergency happe…


I saw Dil Dhadakne DO..this week. Its the story of Mehra family..a wealthy family where marriages are made as business transactions and not for love.They want son to take interest in family business, though he is least interested and good whereas daughter who shows her mantle as a good business woman, she is not given preference, because according to them daughters are supposed to be married off and done.Happiness here means,husband not  raising a hand on wife and such things not love in spouses.what love has to do with marriage and divorce is a bad word even if there is no love and respect between spouse, even if wife is unhappy and husband is cheating.All these emotions are shown thru  a wealthy family where they take their friends on a cruise for celebrating 30 yrs of marriage...a marriage which is so fake..

I just loved Ranvir in this movie..he is so lovable and done the excellent job in his role of cute, innocent looking and then so protective towards his s…

Tenant tantrums..

Last 8 days i was in Hyderabad looking for a tenant.Normally people think that landlords are the privileged lot, but I differ here, ..In my opinions landlords put their hard money in apt, and then run around for pittance, and live in stress.

When people see the house they go like this..first the person who is going to live see it..if he likes then he will show his wife, then his parents will see and approve and then inlaws also want to check..helloooo.... you are not looking for a prospective bride or groom..

Sometimes men say.I like the house but my wife is very finicky, I will send her the pics then let you know..

Other one says..everything is fine..please finalise it tomorrow...and then tomorrow, he wants his brother to see and approve..

They want to check vastu..facing sides, then location, then construction, amenities..what looks like that they want to fulfill all their wishes with rented house only..

Then there are good days and bad days to have negotiations..

One perso…