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Marriage and divorce

Recently there was a case in the court where court granted divorce because wife wanted the men to leave his parents..I dont remember the details , but there was lot of noise by women saying that when men take the girls away from the parents its called marriage, but when a girl wants to keep a man away from parents its divorce why?

Really why?

I think it has many reasons, some  in culture and traditions and some due to practicality.

In our families its sons who bring a wife in our home..yes some places daughters also bring gharjamais, but thats only a rule girls only move to their inlaws. and even in case they are going to live in a separate city, but after marriage they first come home to their inlaws the first step towards change would be.
The boys and girls should arrange their marriage on their own and celebrate it at a neutral place with their own earnings.
After marriage they should shift to their own home..they should arrange for that.
That way neither g…

Milking the Rivers - the art of High profile Advocacy*

*I got all this info in email from my friend..found it worth sharing... The Rivers have become the perennial source of revenue for the team of few politically connected lawyers. ?? Forget about serving their State free of cost, the team has extorted huge sums of public money in the name of appearances, conferences, clearkage, travelling in first class, meetings in five star hotels. Just take the Mahadayi dispute. We have the legal team of many lawyers and tens of water experts. Mr. Fali Nariman charges Rs.4,50,000/- (Rs four lakhs fifty thousand) per appearance and Rs.1,00,000/- (Rs. One lakh) per hour !! He has already had 50 hours of conferences just for the application to be filed in Mahadayi for interim measures!. There were five hearings. The total fee paid to Mr. Nariman just for the application was Rs. 70,20,000/- (Rs Seventy lakhs twenty thousand).
The total fee paid to lawyers for the application we lost is Rs. 5,00,000,00/- (Rs. Five crores) The lawyers who represented are s…

Pakistani Actors

Now a days a hot debate is going on whether Pakistani Actors should be allowed to stay and work or not.
People in favour of them say that actors are artists and they have no boundary.
But i want to ask why..actors dont need food, or social services or place to live, dont they have mind to think..why? Are they working here for the love of art, without taking any money?And answer to everything is a big NO. These people earn money here, they dont even respect the place which keeps them gives them work.

Some say they come here on visa given by govt, but as was the news on TV they all come and work on tourist visa.

I dont understand the logic behind defending them except that we as Indian have no more ethics just a materialistic mind, we will just look for money ,nothing else.

If our army also start thinking that why they should fight and put their life in danger, as they have nothing personal against Pakistani soldiers, then what will happen?

We may criticize anything and everything that…