Monday, February 28, 2022


 For a long time I wanted to visit Vrindavan and this time when I came to Lucknow I made it final. We went for a 3 day trip. Now from Lucknow to Agra there is an express highway, totally unimaginable earlier.. one can travel at 100 km/ hour very comfortably. We started around 7.30 and reached there around 12.30. We had booked a hotel very near to temples as we can’t walk too much.

There food and merchandise of Radha Krishna is everywhere.. and everything is so beautiful.

In the evening we went to have darshan  of Bankey Bihari ji and it was so crowded and devotees love was really inspiring. And then to Radha Ballabh temple.

Next day we went to Radha Raman temple.. Holi in Vrindavan has special importance, people come from everywhere to play with Krishan. 

If one goes as a tourist there are many more places to see like Nidhivan, Prem Mandir, Gokul and devotees do Parikrama of Govardhan,.

All in all a very fulfilling trip.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Aamhi doghi

 Another gem of a Marathi movie on Amazon prime.

It’s about a girl who loses are mother and father is very busy and successful lawyer and they live in a big house but she practically grows up with servants only. She is fiercely independent , beautiful and tops her class. Father brings a young lady in the house as her mother and the girl is not happy though the lady is sweet and meek and she slowly accepts her, but she goes it to Mumbai , studies and work there never to see her father again and suddenly one day her step mother comes to her telling that her father die and now they are two only for each other and tells her full story how her father helped her, it wasn’t marriage in physical sense but just to help a homeless poor girl as she has a fatal disease. And then they become very close to each other and enjoy till that young lady dies.

It’s a beautiful story and told in such a poetic way.. very simple people with normal life , I just loved it.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Zucker farm

 This Sunday we went to Zucker farm.. it’s a 45 minute journey from our side, first a ferry of car from Horgen to Meilen and then from there by car, but then the route we followed was closed for cars, so we went to Uster bus stand and from there took a bus to the farm.Once we got down from the bus, it was a small beautiful walk to main area and there were pumpkins everywhere, pumpkins carving was going on, there were beautiful creatures made of pumpkin,all food being served was with farm fresh ingredients and mainly pumkin , shops selling jam and sauces with fresh fruit and vegetables. It was lake side , so view was totally captivating.

I was wondering that we are agricultural country and grow so many things but never do any event like this or anything else to commercialise it and increase the reach of such items, like when I went to Lonavla I found so much of strawberries and everything with it, in Nainital we find lots of fruits like berries, then even in kausani I found lots of local jams and all but no marketing like this.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Bellagio.. lll day

 Near lake como, there are 3 islands.. Bellagio, Menaggio and Verenna, , among them we chose Bellagio because it’s the most beautiful , small quaint little town.  We took a ship in which cars can go, 30 chf was the ticket for four adults. Once we reached there, we took a round by car to the inner lanes.. they are quite narrow and all one way only. And then parked the car and walked has many shops of crystals, glass objects , watches and usual things like clothes and all. Basically lake is surrounded by shops. It was very enjoyable to walk in the lanes and all the stairs are cobbled stones, very fascinating. 

Food was quite reasonable there   And since we went from Zurich, we found it cheap,

Glass items are very special there, like glasses with real gold lining and then jewellery in precious and semi precious stones is also widely available with lots varieties 

There is this villa which is a tourist destination but we couldn’t see this because it has stairs and steep slop, I couldn’t climb. BTW this is the place where Deepika Ranveer got married

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Day-2.. MILAN

 Can you believe it that I saw Milan in 1979 and then now. Actually I have been to many cities in Italy like Rome Florence, Pisa,Venice, Verona, Bergamo.From Lake como we started after breakfast around 10.30 to Milan, it’s around one and half hour journey and reached Duomo.. main attraction of the city.. it’s a majestic building in size and architecture both . It has a big open area in front like a big square and it was full of people. It’s surrounded by all designer shops.. Louis Vuitton, Salvatore feragamo and all, on one side there is a covered lane with artistic floors and tinted glasses with both sides Restaurants and high end shops. It’s called Matta. Here best gelato is available we had lunch there,roamed around for some time, bought a few things .
It’s a typical city, and good if you are interested in buying branded clothes shoes etc.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Italy trip.. day 1

 We planned to see lake Como , Bellagio and Milan this time. We started from Horgen Zurich in the morning around 9.00AM by car, on the way we picked some croissants, strudel and. coffee for breakfast and carried on, in Switzerland every drive is so scenic and picturesque, that one can see for hours..

After 3 hrs we passed thru Chiasso, the border town, looked worth seeing but we didn’t have time, bhi Eder checking is not much, just a person looking into the car, no checking of passports or COVID certificate.

We entered Lake Como, it’s surrounded by mountains on all sides and lakes. We had booked rooms in Hilton thru It is a very spacious hotel and big lobby area..Due to covid mask is necessary to wear even in hotel.checkin time is 3 PM, since we reached around 1, and we were hungry also, we decided to have lunch here only. It had very limited menu, no pizza even, bruschetta was also not good , very bland , and I had sphagett,.. ok only and charges are quite high, here they charge for water also.

Room wasnt ready by 3 also, so with a little haggling , she upgraded our room. Here some rooms have glass ceiling and give the feeling of sleeping under the sky. Rooms are good with kettle, iron and all.They have rooftop swimming pool.

Then we went to the city, and walked around.. whole area was full of designer shops. And they close at 7 pm and then all restaurants open, most of them expand outside with fireplace and all. And then there were hawkers selling toys, umbrellas and all. Surprisingly most of them were Bangladeshi and I felt bad looking at their condition, hardly able to sell much.

We had dinner of pizza pasta and burata and came back to hotel.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021


  I just finished this series on Netflix and it made me think of so many things. Let me give you an idea about the story first .Its about domestic violence,single mother and abusive parents.

First take away I feel is that people should have kids only when their marriage is stable, the concept of getting pregnant and marrying because of that is so wrong, and on hind sight it tells us to be selective in physical relationships,instead of sleeping together at the drop of a hat, or taking precautions to not get pregnant. 

Here Sean mother was an alcoholic and always berated his father for doing nothing good etc, and the end rust was she was unhappy and she brought up n alcoholic son..but he is basically a good man, trying to reform.Here I feel bad for Sean that he has a mother no one deserves and then he gets wife who also dent try to understand and support him in his crisis

And the Paula..mother of protagonist .Alex..another women who should never be a mother, she is disgusting in her attitude and behaviour.

Now the protagonist..Alex, she is good looking and hard working also but I don't understand one thing that girls marry for love and as soon as there is any problem, love is th first casualty..for me loving doesnt mean good times only, one should be supportive in diversity too.When her husband needs her most, she is not there for him, and she wants to look after her vagabond mother,but never forgives her father for being abusive to her mother,isn't it two way street in marriage? Secondly his father is happily married to another woman,doesn't it not indicate that there may be some fault of her mother also. She takes help from anyone when she doesn't have any other way but herself, she goes to her husband when she doesn't have a place to stay, but takes his hospitality for granted and is not caring towards him, takes the help of his father but always insults him,takes the help of nathan and does nothing in return..I don't like her basic values

I like Regina and Denise, who help without any expectations and are nice


 For a long time I wanted to visit Vrindavan and this time when I came to Lucknow I made it final. We went for a 3 day trip. Now from Luckno...