Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am in Seattle now:). While reading blogs and meeting people, I have seen that most of the people like discussing India:)..their main punching there is so much of good infrastructure,............. no systems working.......and then they put all the blame squarely on the shoulders of politician, But I think that at least politicians are doing something , what we are doing?... Does anyone bother to aske oneself..what they have done for the country?

Given the first opportunity.all the young people fly abroad and live there, why dont then they think of staying in their country and changing the things?

But then they want to live a comfortable life and duties are all for politicians to do something.

But then why not come into politics?

No..its too dirty to enter......

Isnt it a sad situation for the country, where students who study in the premium education institutes, at the fraction of a cost(sometimes subsidised by govt.) they would have to spend abroad if they study there, and then they work for the betterment of other countries?

And this is the reason I feel happy when the institutes raise their fee...

One more thing I have noticed that the same people who follow the rules and regulations abroad very sincerely have no patience when they are in the same situation in India.

Its very easy to say that we going the capitalist way etc etc...but I dont find any harm in capitalism.......For me being a capitalist means working hard to earn money and give employment to many.and everybody gets according to his/her calibre

whereas in the socialism.......none has any incentive to work hard, because everybody is going to get the same....merit has no value here.
I have always thought that industrialist are the biggest contributor towards country's progress and we must not deride anybody enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Here when I say that I want to go to that famous mart here, then my daughter doesnt like it, as she doesnt go there because her social conscience come into it.. But I think aborting something or somebody is a destructive form of reforms...because if we want them to fail, the ones most affected would be the people we want to save, so we must go to the roots of the problem..why are children in labour? why the labour is being exploited?........because they are not educated and they are think and try to bring education to everybody, employment to everybody, once they are able to get better opportunity, they themselves wouldnt go these organisations, but before providing them a alternative for their livelihood, it would be a crime to snatch their present one, because thats what we will be doing if we boycott such organisations...its a myopic view of the situation.And I have always believed that to bring the positive results we must have the positive ways....instead of destroying someone or something, we must try to build someone or something, wahi puraani baat...kisi bhi line ko chota karne ke liye doosri badi libe kheencho, us line ko mat kaato.

On a pleasant note:) we went to Merrymoore Park is the biggest park I have seen in my life...was a pleasure to see so much greenery and space to play the games, people were playing cricket, volleyball and many other games, then cycling and remote gliders etc etc.


Jiggy said...

Renu, I thought in your previous post, you were justifying the movement of people to the so-called 'greener pastures'?
I am in complete agreement with you on the first half of the post. I find the cribbing attitude of people a complete turn-off.
About capitalism, it is such an endless debate. The thing is US and UK can afford to be capitalistic economies because they have almost 100% literacy rate, everyone is on an equal footing, almost everyone has equal opportunities to progress in life.
In India, how does a multi-national really benefit a farmer starving to death in Vidarbha? Why should the govt offer tax sops to a multi-national, which caters ONLY to the educated class, at the cost of an uneducated labourer who does not even get 2 meals a day?
The govt has fixed resources, and it has to prioritise things. If you put reduction in corporate taxation as your top priority, obv the goals of education and food-for-all are going to suffer.
Research after research has shown that economic inequality is on the rise in the country. A city like Bombay has people like Ambanis on one hand, and the slum-dwellers of Dharavi on the other. While the Ambanis keep becoming richer by the day, the slum-dwellers continue to struggle with their daily life. Does it not creat a situation which can explode any day? Will this friction not erupt into a riot some day?
You rightly said that education is one of the most important things for the removal of poverty. But that means the government has to spend on education first, rather than on subsidising MNCs.
Having said that, we should definitely not throw the foreign direct investors and corporations out of the country. That would push us 20yrs back. But something needs to be done about the growing inequality in India. And it is only the government that can do anything. Now whether you call me a leftist or a centre-leftist...i dont really care. But the priorities of the govt have to be focussed on the have-nots first.

Jiggy said...

And one more thing. Pure capitalism does not ensure work for everybody. Pure capitalism is based on only one motive - the 'profit motive'. Capitalism has no ethics, no morals, no emotions. It has only one thing - greed. Greed drives capitalists. And I think this crisis is the best example of the havoc it can create.

manju said...

Nice post, Renu! I agree with most of your views.

When you mention about boycotting the famous mart- do you mean because they sell goods manufactured using child labour?

I read about a US boycott of a Bangladeshi company which manufactured carpets using child labour.

The children were fired and had no income. The girls were forced into prostitution and boys into begging.

Such a complex problem. Boycotts solve nothing!

Sparkling said...

Wow! I just have to say this!
'A Rebel all the way' - you make so much sense!!!

And Renu, as for working abroad, I'm one of them and right now I can't justify the reason why I'm working in a foreign land, coz at that point in time I thought it was a good opportunity. I don't regret my decision but I do u'stand what you mean. I can't complain if I'm not the change I want to see. But will it help if I say I'm conscious of everything around me and I'm not a SNOB :)

Anya said...

for a human being like me, the other side of the river always looks green.. i studied in one place then moved to some other place to work...

ur words weaved a good plot... nice words to think of


Renu said...

REBEL: We have the disparity not because capitalism is bad but our system is corrupt......Ambanis got richer not because of their business but u know what.

MNC is certainly going to benefit a hungry farmer in Vidarbha, if it is opened in vidarbha...I tell u my husband worked in Electrolux in Vidarbha and the whole economy of Warora was throbbing because of that industry...and mind it Warora is a very small place , so obviously the beneficiaries were poor people..they got employment, bussiness for their enterprise, customer for their product.
And as far as resentment is concerned unfair treatment brins it everywhere..if it is a socialism...meritorious people get it, if it is a capitalism...some others..but we must try to go the rootas of the pronblem...and it is because of illiteracy, so long term view should be to literate everybody.......deriding capitalism or industries will take us back only, and if the progress stops, it will be bad for the country as a whole, so whatw e need is...
and eradication of corruption:)
and please my dear Rebel I can never ever call u names....was just joking:)...u r a sensitive soul, I know that:)

And profit is making is not always bad, if done honestly:)

Manju: yes , my daughter is very particular that since they treat their employeses inhumanly, she wouldnt buy from them.
And yes its a complex problem and solutions are not so easy ,we have to find the root of the problem
BTW I am never able to open ur page, dont know why:(

Stillthinking: Even I am guilty of that as both my children are abroad:)....and to a country its a loss..snob or no snob:)

Chriz; within country it is same:), but outside the country...its a loss .

Sandhya said...

Nowadays, each and every educated family has members working abroad. No one can blame each other!

I know that former IITians are collecting money and doing some good work here to help uneducated people. I feel that the urge should be there for everyone to live truthfully, working sincerely...e.g. the Lijjath paapad co. They run the company with uneducated, but hardworking women.

I know that a number of MNCs like Infosys etc. are running schools, libraries etc. in rural areas. If more and more Companies take some steps in this line, the illiteracy will come down drastically. Everything will change at least in some years. My servant maid's children get books and uniforms, free of cost from the Govt. Free mid-day meals also. Yes, there is corruption in this line too, but the govt. is taking steps. Now the current Govt. seems to be having good intentions to serve our country, let us wait and see.

J P Joshi said...

Agree with most of what you have said. The questions that you have raised are complex and each of us is struggling with their answers. Yes, people get subsidised higher education in India and many of them move abroad to benefit another country. Some of them are providing financial resources back to their alma maters. So I am not too sure what is good and what is bad.

One thing that irks me is the point about following all rules abroad and breaking all rules as soon as one is on the last leg of their journey landing in India - it starts on the flight itself. The change bothers me every time.

Niedhie said...

Renu, felt a bit of a contradiction... you said that you appreciate capitalism because it leads to greater wealth generation than socialism - good point. While you deride those who work abroad?! I studied in India and abroad and currently work abroad, reason being not 'betterment of other countries', but to earn well and become good enough so that I can do something meaningful in my home country. I know not many people are able to do so, but believe me those who leave India and work aboard are more Indian than many Indians.

As regards to those who do not follow rules in India which they normally would do when in aboard, that's an individual trait, it's wrong to generalise. I had to carry a bag with rubbish during my journey from London to my town in West Bengal and could only dump it in the dustbin at home (since did not find any suitable place to do so during the journey).

Cess said...

hi Renu, I hope u are enjoying ur trip across USA and Europe, how is th weather in Seattle? Can u cope wid it?
I m still missing India a lot, specially the hot weather and the warm people :( When are u comin back to Chennai?

Renu said...

Sandhya: yes Sandhya, a lot is being done here, but looks like its not enough, we need more efforts and faster results.

JP JOshi: I also feel sometimes very confused and dont know what is the right thing, and so this churning of thought comes thru my posts...even I am looking for answers to make peace with my conscience.
I have become very condradictory in my behaviour also:), like I knwo what is wrong with my country, but if someone living abroad says hurts me, I want everyone to notice thepositives of our country and say the good things only:)

Nidhie: Yes Niedhie contradiction is there,somestimes in my mind, but not at htis point:)....I dont mind anyone going abroad,go there, get a good education, work there for soem time say 10 years, but then come back with some ideas and implement them in ur country.

And I can never deride them because my own children also work abroad....I just feel that Indians are so intelligent that if they remain here and work for the betterment of country.....they can totally change the scenario.

Cess: Hi cess! I thought you have forgotten me:)..Now-a-days weather is quite pleasant at both the places Seattle and Zurich both. I will be back in Chennai in the end of August.
How are you doing? I also remember my time with you and keep telling my family about you:)

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

wow renu! where all ru! ur goin around the globe eh! m sooooooooo jealous of u now :)

and yes i agree with u on everything u say, wen i was in US i noticed the same things how selfish ppl r by stayin there and actin like they belong there.. losin their identity in the process... not belonging anywhere!

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

wow renu! where all ru! ur goin around the globe eh! m sooooooooo jealous of u now :)

and yes i agree with u on everything u say, wen i was in US i noticed the same things how selfish ppl r by stayin there and actin like they belong there.. losin their identity in the process... not belonging anywhere!

Kelvy said...

hi renu, wow looks like u r enjoying a good trip across Europe and US...really happy to know that. It had been a few days since i read blogs... hope u r having a great wats u opinion abt all those places??

Salomie said...

Renu, again, you inspire me to write! About your travels, I hope you're enjoying Seattle :)

Solilo said...

Renu, You in Seattle? We just came back from a visit to Seattle. :)

Renu said...

Swarna: I am going to visit lot more places in next 2 months:)

Enigma: I keep writing about ewvery place I visit,in the hope that may be someday it could help some future visitor.

Shalom: whenevr I write a post like this, and then after takiong in responses , I feel something else:).....So far enjoing the vacations:)

Solio: oh u were here, u know when we went to Multnonal falls, there were so many Indians, that I kept wondering ..may be someone out there is my fellownamesless,faceless blogger friend:)

Kanupriya said...

Renu: Really thought provoking post, instead of cribbing even if we all do our small bit, it will help us in dealing with so many things. And no contribution is small enough, this I am saying it based on my experience.

Rebel all the way: Wow, very very right points. Loved your thoughts here.

Renu said...

Kanupriya:.....yeah that was the essence of my post, we all must live by rules and conscience.

and rebel..u r getting very popular:)...u should try ur hand at politics:)

Jiggy said...

Thanks Stillthinking and Kanupriya.
And Renu, one day I would! Maybe not politics, but something...somehow...for the country... :)

Salil said...

Agree with you on the first part and have to lean towards Rebal on socialism. But then that is a complex topic that cannot be dissected out on a comments section.
If you pass by San Francisco, please give me a shout.

Smitha said...

Renu, That was a thought provoking post.. I do agree that boycotting companies is not going to help unless the roots of the issue are tackled. As for Indians living abroad.. well, we are abroad at the moment but are sure of returning. Right now we do our bit in monetary form and when we get back, I plan to join some volunteer org. to pitch in with time as well.. And I do know of several others who do what they can do..
The way I look at it is that had we been in India, we might not have been able to do as much as we are doing now, in financial terms..

Pixie said...

Oh yes! the cribbing is very irritating...
the same people who put garbage into bins there, so casually throw it on streest here and shrug and say - "Its India", its ok...
I feeling like giving a nice hard whack on such people's heads! :D

I loved this post...

Renu said...

Rebel: you are already doing good to the country by being a good human being. and I know tha people like you only can change the future of our country.

Salil: This topic is very close to my heart, as from my childhood Iread and heard about people deriding bussiness man and applauding socialism and I was always on the otherside of the fence:), bussiness with a one thing I follow and admire and recommend:)

Sorry Salil, I have no plans to go to SFO, actually that is the only big city of US I havent been to:) and Florida yes:)

Renu said...

Smitha: you are so right Smitha...even I am thinking again and again and my views are changing, u will see in my next post:).........

PiXIE:.... feeling like giving a nice hard whack on such people's heads! ----I also feel the same:)

Destination Infinity said...

I think that people who go abroad to make a lot of money and then come back after some time and donate a minute amount to some NGO's and voluntary org. are at best, trying to flaunt and show off their wealth. Some kind of a guilty conscience grips them, and they feel that by donating to charities, the are absolved of all the guilt! I am not saying that they are guilty, but they seem to think like that!

And people who leave the country for better pastures will, on a slightly longer run, see the real face of those better pastures. And Renu, I am surprised by your MNC statement. The people of that region may benefit, but the bulk of the profits that are made by the MNC's go out of India! Actually, we should hope to make our goods as good as the MNC's and ensure that the money is within our country. Instead of encouraging MNC's.

Destination Infinity

Niedhie said...

Oh absolutely Renu, I agree. I do plan to settle down in India in the long run with all the ideas and experiences I have gathered here. I miss my home & family too much to stay away for too long :) Hope you are a having a great trip!

Renu said...

Destination Infinity:...Actually, we should hope to make our goods as good as the MNC's and ensure that the money is within our country. Instead of encouraging MNC's.--------this would have been the ideal situation, but as long as its not happening, atleast MNCs are generating employment.

Nidhie:Thats true and good but you are unmarried now, once you marry and settle and have kids, it becomes dificult to return, becuase slowly slowly you get used to a different lifestyle and facil;ities and ur children dont want to come back.

Helping Hands said...

I agree with you. Also, your posts are very nice.... A friend of mine Sarathbabu....CEO of Foodking Caterers recently made waves in Indian media for contesting in Loksabha elections this year. And, we all were certain he would win...but he lost...I am sure, he will win in future. He was born in slums then went on to study at BITS and IIM A and decided to start on his that he can provide employment to illiterate and semi-illiterate people...So things are changing.... which is nice

Renu said...

Helping Hands: Welcome here and I hope to see you here more often:)

As for sarat Babu..I even wrote a post to publicise his candidature and wanted him so much to win, lets just hope there is a next time.

Inspirational Yak said...

Nice post Renu. I agree with your points. This is really a very interesting talk.

Renu said...

Inspirational Yak: thanx!! and I am very happy to see you here in my space:)

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