Friday, December 10, 2021

Zucker farm

 This Sunday we went to Zucker farm.. it’s a 45 minute journey from our side, first a ferry of car from Horgen to Meilen and then from there by car, but then the route we followed was closed for cars, so we went to Uster bus stand and from there took a bus to the farm.Once we got down from the bus, it was a small beautiful walk to main area and there were pumpkins everywhere, pumpkins carving was going on, there were beautiful creatures made of pumpkin,all food being served was with farm fresh ingredients and mainly pumkin , shops selling jam and sauces with fresh fruit and vegetables. It was lake side , so view was totally captivating.

I was wondering that we are agricultural country and grow so many things but never do any event like this or anything else to commercialise it and increase the reach of such items, like when I went to Lonavla I found so much of strawberries and everything with it, in Nainital we find lots of fruits like berries, then even in kausani I found lots of local jams and all but no marketing like this.


SG said...

Thanks for sharing your experience at Zucker Farm with us. One or two photos would have been more interesting.

ashok said...

Happy new year!


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