Monday, July 4, 2022


 When I was in Chennai and we faced that massive flood situation, there were  discussions on whys and hows and it was clear that it happened because all water bodies were build  upon and there were no clear drains or reservoirs.

But I have seen this in most of the cities that rampant corruption in system and unlimited greed of public has created a mess all around. Everywhere buildings are constructed without norms. Restaurants are opened in residential areas without provisions of parking and create multiple problems for residents. Even software companies open offices anywhere without making parking.. and what happens? Most of the road is occupied by their vehicles, and traffic jams happen. But biggest looser are pedestrians who don’t know where to walk.

I see the same thing happening everywhere in Hyderabad.. unauthorized everything.

First builders encroach upon extra land or roads even, build an extra floor even because they know later they can get it authorized , then bussiness people open shops restaurant, encroaching upon more space.. all this happens openly, as if there is no law and order.

And then I see individuals who want to get as much extra space as they can.. balconies are extended on the name of putting plants, common areas are covered, all this without a single thought of propriety, civic sense or considering others.

I feel sad for our countrymen who are loosing their morals so fast. I feel that if one can afford a 2 bhk, then one should be happy and satisfied li I h in it, instead of turning the balcony in a small many people have done in Delhi in DDA flats, or if you like to have plants, have them, it’s a good hobby but not at the cost of illegal extensions.

This feeling of taking more than we should or could is very deplorable and should be treated as such.

Ethics and integrity is important in all aspects of life

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SG said...

You are absolutely correct Renu. I would even add some more. Occupy a land forcefully and make a temporary vinayakar temple. Nobody will come near to demolish that. Also, hoist a ruling party’s flag prominently displaying that party leader’s pic. No one will demolish that. This is a true story I heard from my dad. When Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister, a few people occupied an empty land in the posh Diplomatic Enclave and put a few huts. They named it Indira Nagar. And, hoisted congress flag. No one came near it to demolish.


 When I was in Chennai and we faced that massive flood situation, there were  discussions on whys and hows and it was clear that it happened...