Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Jorasanko.. Aruna chakravarty

  This story is in two books and it’s about Tagore family, Brahm samaj and culture and traditions at that time in late 18th century.

These two books are important for me for reason.. because my young law got them for me signed by the author. But I feel sad to say that I didn’t find them very interesting for multiple reasons. There are so many characters and big families that it was mighty difficult for me to remember the names and relations. Then I found that Rabindranath Tagore , so adulated and all was not so great as a man or husband or father, only as a poet. And in his family girls were married at a young age of 10 or 12 and got kids at 14 or May be 13. They were kept inside and couldn’t be out in sunshine even. I felt really sad to see their plight.

All in all those times were very regressive 

400 Days… Chetan Bhagat

When he started writing, I loved his books but slowly i started getting bored and now instead of going up his writing is coming down. This one is a cheap thriller where all characters are more or less murky.. so much so that even hero heroine have no character, and for it’s very important to see protagonists behaving sensibly.

People sleeping together easily without any hesitation or thought are not my cup of tea, I may be old fashioned but married women sleeping with others is not done.. even if marriage is not working, first get out of it and then look for green pastures and same for single men .. sleeping with married women is not ok, it’s not love only lust. Here a young beautiful model is dated, feted and persued by a wealthy man and she is happy.But she is not able to adjust to his family and later she adjusts even with her husband having affairs with his employees .

No good.

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Statue of Equality

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