Thursday, September 15, 2022

Srisailam .. ll & lll day

 Next day we had breakfast of dosa Idly on the roadside stalls just outside our lodge and that person served us with so much love that I felt so content. And then our first point was Patal Ganga..  here it is believed that if you take bath there it cures skin diseases.and it is advised not to use soap or shampoo there but people were using it there and water was getting dirty. They have changing rooms for women. First we took ropeway to reach down at the bottom there. Ropeway ticket is 65/- adult and available every 10 minutes from 10-5 pm.It’s only 5 minutes journey but very enjoyable to see the place from there. Once we reached there we just saw the bathing place and offered diya and Prasad to Krishna river.

Then we took the ticket for Akka mahadevi caves. It is 400/ - per adult for to and fro. Total trip takes 3-4 hrs, one hour each for going and coming. Our motor boat started around 10.30. Must be 20-25 people in the trip.we were all asked to wear life jackets all the time and not move here to there much.whenever someone tried to take off the jacket tour driver insisted upon wearing it. One more instruction.he said.. don’t drop anything, any plastic bottle, wrapper in water , even by mistake because tourism department is very strict and always watching, they come immediately and charge heavily and don’t listen to any excuse.

On way we can see some hutments, power houses 🏠 n is said that Akka mahadevi did penance there and then mahadev appeared in the form of swayambhoo. Shivling. It’s naturally offered water 365 days in a year.It but s 13th century place. After one hour we reached there and then it’s 10 minutes trek to the main place. It’s rocky but has railings, so manageable. Once I reached there I was stupefied to see the nature’s wonder, it’s all rocks, such big ones, one can see with awe only, our culture and history both are so grand.Then there is a 5 minute climb to the real place. It’s dark, rocky uneven and with slush and in the end it’s height is only 3 ft, so one has to bend and May be squatting, and there is shortage on f oxygen too, so I didn’t go but my husband did.. it was tough. And then one more small trek for ganpati darshan and we came back., took the ropeway back..and then we looked for change of hotel and now found a room in Haritha resort ( govt one ) and thank god it’s a good one for 2150/- with complimentary breakfast.

Now lunchtime was gone, so we headed for some hot snacks and tea and then went to see shivaji spoorty stadium.. here shivaji meditated and then goddess gave him a sword. Here we find all memorabilia of Shivaji maharaj. 

Next was Rudra vanam near to this only.. it’s a big park well maintained with few stone sculptures . Beautiful place for nature lovers and one could see whole town also, for children there were swing slides, infact for kids they were there in all parks like Vasav vanam too, that is also a big park with landscaping and stone carved pillars and all but in all this area there were lots of locusts flying over all the time, so I didn’t feel like sitting and enjoying.Nearby is tribal museum too, we were tired so didn’t go inside.

Ill day… we packed up.. time to cherish the memories and go home. Coming back we saw Sakshi Ganpati temple, here it is said that pilgrims is complete only when you visit ganpati and tell him your gotra, so that he will tell his father shiva and will be a Salzgitter to your visit.

Next stop was Paldhara panchdhara.. here five streams are coming and it is believed that it is coming from Pal. Head of shiva.. again it’s 160 steps down and then coming back is little tiring for us.

All done and now lessons learned from this trip..

1-Always book your accommodation in advance.


are always crowded, so if you want to enjoy leisurely go in midweek only

3-When you go to Akka Mahadevi caves, take some water and snacks with you, in that trip of 3-4 hrs you will not find anything.

4- For main darshan take a dhoti with you.

5..Tiger reserve is a half day trip and you have to book in advance and it opens in October only , so we missed it.

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SG said...

I am glad you had a nice experience at this divine place.

Srisailam .. ll & lll day

 Next day we had breakfast of dosa Idly on the roadside stalls just outside our lodge and that person served us with so much love that I fel...