Friday, March 28, 2008


the biggest strength of our life are our values, traditions, relations and certain rules which we follow whet er we like or not। now a days when I see people justifying everything; like saying-Ramayana is outdated or when boys are not like Rama why should girls be expected to behave like Seeta ,i feel surprised at their ignorance.Ramayana can still solve most of our problems if we go by it.Why otherwise so many relationship management books are getting so popular or why so much importance being given to stress management.Its upto us where we find solution either going to the new age classes or going back to the roots. Why so many youngsters are delving into spritual field and trying to find the knowledge and truth ? This is not their age to go into that specially in todays busy times when nobody has time even for families. The reason is that this generation wants to go away from the rules and regulations because they want to be free of everything ,everybody and all responsibilities.But then they are not really happy inside, so they are looking for happiness in all the things spiritual.While in India we have earmarked the times very clearly about the different duties in a life time.And god has given us this life with aparticular purpose, whereby we are given certain responsibilties and if we perform them with all our best efforts, we will certainly attain the moksha, there is no better way of finding god than lead a virtuous life. But we find that performing our duties interferes with our comforts and we cant compromise our life and thats why we go on finding spiritual knowledge and doing all pujas and everything. See everything should be done at its own place and time, like if you are supposed to look after your young child but instead of that you do pooja in that time, you will never please god.So its better to learn the right perspective and right priorities.In life everything goes together, we cant compartmentalise neither things nor people

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

restaurants in Chennai

I have recently shifted to chennai, and initially whenever we went out I loved south indian fare at Sarvana or Sangeetha , but then I longed to eat north indian food, and here so far I have been unable to find a good north Indian restaurant, either there are five star restaurants far too expensive or road side type. There was a big hype about this restaurant-EDEN in Besant nagar, so we went there, ambiencewise its just ok but food and service is not even Ok. In this respect Hyderabad is completely cosmo and much more happening.
Here even Saravana doesnt have very good ambience, comparatively sarvana in CP Delhi is fabulous.

scarlette murder

British teenager's murder in Goa is a blot on the picturuaque goa and a shame for police and officials. A young life was snuffed and it compels to think that whether all the responsibility lies with the law & order machinery only.Arent the parent also responsible for their young children.
Its a common practice that sensitivities,culture And traditions of the visiting country must be followed or honoured and India is not a permissive country and for women to go out at night safety is the biggest concern and it has to be taken care of. And here was this young girl who was left alone on her own in a foreign country and that too at night.Of course what happened was very unfortunate and shouldnt have happened but tourist should also take care to dress properly and take precautions while going out.


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