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Niagra Falls is one of the most wonderful places I have seen. The place has been totally developed from a tourist point of view with all the possible attractions and facilities. One gets all possible forms of souvenirs in the varied shops and at a very reasonable price, then Clifton hill..the main street is complete with all the amusement rides, shows, giant wheel and its a really fun place .
We took the ferry..MAID OF THE takes you so near to the falls..and is really an experience in feels so humble to see the stature of the fall and the pressure of water..awesome!!! The nature is so powerful that we are all so tiny creatures there. We took JOURNEY BEHIND THE we venture into a tunnel at the base of the falls and there are a few view points, from where we can see the falls and water at their origin.
While returning we stayed at Toronto...took a ride through the city, saw the Harbour here its summer for the people here and they thor…


I am in Ottawa now--a days. It is small and beautiful place with a very low density of people. After US , I find here a lot of difference in surroundings and even people. Here Indians are plenty and practically one gets everything here, there are 48 Indian restaurants here, though its a small place. One thing which i found very endearing when my sister told me is...that here Canadian parents have changed a little after watching that India children are doing well in studies, they are getting more involved with their children's studies and careers. Now its not a must for Indian children to live independently after 16 and so is for some of them:)
One more thing which I liked here is that all the students do a lot of volunteering in charity events and that work is given weightage in their applications for University admissions. This way they get a lot of inter personal skills and exposure. My nephew did it for dragon boat competition for 3 days, we also went there to see it......its …

San Diego

Last weekend we went to San was the graduation time for my SIL. Here in US they make it look so grand was like their advisors putting that sashay on them and then all the way we had those flower shops selling bouquets and garlands. We also thought of buying one and my daughter picked 2-3 and the seller was watching like..hellooo:) because when he said 20 $ we said for how many? and he was like what do you think, its for one:)
After the ceremony there was a reception for all the parents, families and all.and everybody was having photo sessions. Looking at the parents I thought how happy they were, it was also their fruit of labour,their moment of glory and I remembered my son's graduation day so much and how much he had made efforts to make it possible for us to be there and I have very fond memories of that day and wished that I could see my daughter walking on the podium, but that time neither I had any idea, nor my daughter thought of calling us:).
I was Tagged long back by Shilpa, Deeps and Deeplydipfor this tag about 25 random things about me. I was dillydallying, thinking what to write, dont know whether I shall be able to complete the no. anyway here I am:-----

I am a stickler for values and character and can never be flexible about that.I care about environment a lot, so very particular about spending water, electricity,plastic and petrol and never waste paper. I feel very irritated when I see people demanding plastic bags from the dhopkeeper for something they can keep in the purse even.I am very diligent with work, if someone asks me for something, i shall never delay it, and the same I expect from others and feel very frustrated if it is not done immediately.I cant stand rudeness, and disrespect, for me dont do anything for me, even dont love me..its fine, but nevr ever be rude to me, that i cant tolerate, will never forget even and will nurse a hurt forever...there was a time my brother used to make fun of me saying....t…


For the last few days I keep reading about the attacks on Indian students and feel very sad.We always think that law and order situation is not very good in our country, but here is a developed country and the people there are being targeted so openly..acid being thrown on the face..and they are not able to stop it..17 attacks in a month..what it their govt. incompetent or the intentions are not honest? Then why they come to India to have seminars and conferences and invite students to study there? And the worst part is that few indians settled there in a cushy life are not supporting the truth, and trying to blame the students for the attack, just because they dont want to antagonise their white neighbors. or put their careers in jeopardy.very sad indeed. And what I found really mean on part of some indians is that in such a situation they are bringing out their personal frustrations out by saying......Some hindus are like that they dont include IndianMuslims and Christian…

Social Conscience Part II and MNCs

Just the other day were thinking..what is it about US that has brought them at the top of the world.......see we Indians are forever copying them, so why shouldnt we copy that trait:).
After a lot of discussion we came to the conclusion may be it is their openness and freedom they give to every individual. Like this is one country embracing people from all over the world. people are coming from outside and making it prosper, they dont resent outsiders. Its not the way we in our own country some states put curbs on the people from other states and do reservations for locals..nothing like that here, its a completely merit based country..have merit and enjoy. And the same freedom is given to human mind explore, to do what you restriction on you mind, behaviour, dressing sense, and no judgemental issues, not that it is all good as we can see, but yes it brings new ideas.
And this brings me to the topic of my one of last conscience..people going o…