Friday, August 7, 2020

Covid lessons

 This covid situation has changed so many of my lifetime beliefs and I have come to understand that nothing is permanent. Few of my convictions that changed..

I firmly believed in living independently and anywhere in the country, not going to your home state back. But the way I feel the helplessness without my children near is epic and I realised that one hasin this situation being senior citizen we can’t go out to get any essential item, medical help is also not easily accessible available and maids are not allowed. All these restrictions have made life so insipid and frustrating, feels like not alive any more.

Second thing I realised that today friends are only there for fun time. In this initially everyone was so scared, still is and nobody bothered about others, it was our employees only who helped us. So looking for anddepending on friends is also useless, better live near your siblings. Then one has some moral and physical support and that is possible only if you go back to your home state.

Then it is also important to have a good governance in your state. Initially we had no facilities for getting essentials at our home, whereas in some states govt was looking after that very efficiently 

What do you think?

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Kara Para Ask

With this lockdown I was looking for some good series to watch and found this on Netflix. It’s a turkish series with English subtitles. It’s a story about a wealthy family engaged in money laundering and a police officer whose son in life is to find and punish criminals.Hero is Engin Akurek and heroine is Tuba bukustan. Both have done a exemplary job, they look enchanting and acting is also very good. I enjoy seeing the scenery of Istanbul and a different culture. Engin has a mesmerising personality and charm, if I was young I would have fallen for him hook line and sinker. I am really enjoying the show and it is quite long so happy watching.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Recently I saw Thappad and realised why it flopped. It starts with a promise , like we see a happy family of husband wife mother in a upper class background. Wife ( Tapsee pannu ) is shown as a good home maker and loving daughter in law , she manages the home with the help of a maid who does everything. Husband is an ambitious hard working man looking for a promotion. So far so good and then they host a party where everyone is enjoying and suddenly one senior gives him the need that somebody else is being given the promotion and his switch is off. He manhandles that person, and when his wife tries to take him wmaway forcibly, he gives a Thappad.. and bus wife is stunned, gets quiet and ultimately wants divorce.
Now this was quite outrageous ., agree he was wrong but no discussion, no understanding, even after her husband makes multiple efforts to bring her home, she is adamant and on top of that she says.. I don’t love you., does one stops loving like that? Her husband is not shown to be any rude or angry person.. just one incident and she wants to break her home even after she learns that she is pregnant.
Not only this but by multiple characters it is shown that men are always wrong and women always sacrifice., this men bashing tone is so ouvert  that it doesn’t gel.. there is no variety, just pick a maid and show her husband beating her, her mother stops singing.. sacrifice for family, her mother in law also keeps calling names to her husband and so so much do that even brother is asking his wife not to interfere and he is asked to apologise to wife and all the men are always sorry.,and I feel sorry for the women who can’t respect others..
Breaking is very easy.. effort lies in making a home, and just one mistake doesn’t and shouldn’t make someone pariah.. families are not built like that.And in life nobody gets everything, one has to adjust and accept as her husband says that thought he was foodie , still he married he who can’t cook.
One more draw back is the choice of heroine.. Tapsee looks so uncomfortable in the role, in the aftermath she is acting like a zombie.Her anger is not justified anywhere.
I wish our film industry stops being partisan and encourages family values, family is very important for kids.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Sushant & Bollywood

Now a days with the suicide of Sushant Singh , everybody is busy abusing bigwigs of Bollywood and blaming nepotism in the industry. And it’s true also .They are considered Bollywood Mafia who never lets the outsiders gain firm footing.
But this is same in any Industry may be here little more.  But the lure of money and glamour makes everybody forget everything and do whatever it takes whether it is sucking up to the bosses, taking insults or casting couch. I know it’s not easy to be ignored by the likes of khans and Kapoors,but  one should be prepared for that and if one has talent and luck, one day they will get everything like Akshay, Aushman , Kartik, Irfan and many others got , but there are many others who didn’t get their worth like k K Menon, Ranveer Shorey , Randeep Huda even Rajpal Yadav but everyone has made a living better than any other profession.
It’s like any other profession, some reach the top and some don’t and there is no reason or logic behind it. Sanjeev kumar was more talented than Jeetendra but less of an actor. Even the biggest heroes and singers have taken part in destructing new comes career but then nobody’s criticised them, instead they were given awards and idolised.
Kangana is the latest example.. she made an extraordinary movie and it was enjoyed by one all and still it didn’t get any award or any mention anywhere, .  Here we make star if heroines like Kareena and Sonam Kapoor who are best only at degrading people and sitting on high pedestal due to their money and film family.
But inspite of everything blaming anyone for an adults suicide and that too outsiders is useless. For a certain extent his family and close friends can be held responsible , nobody els. Because it was their responsibility to see his welfare. But a lot depends on the individual, they forget everything in their ambition. One should always depend and give importance to family , relationships and basic values., . I see that small town people get so caught up with money and glamour they forget their roots.He earned more than he could in whole life in any other profession, why couldn’t he wait or leave?
I have an apeal to everyone out there.. life is very precious and everything has a solution, keep your family with you and as the most important thing in your life.
And however strong Bollywood cartel may be, but making a career or star is done by public only, as long as trash is made hit, people will keep making trash and minting money and we shall keep watching Gullyboy taking all awards and Manikarnika with nothing.
It’s time public gets aware and supports good content.
Magazines like Filmfare are also responsible as they ignore content and support and publicise only people with vested interest, as there was no other actor other than SRK for them for 10 years, till he went down.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Hyderabad tragedy

Since Hyderabad tragedy happened, whenever I open the net I see people crying horse.. we want justice.. among them there are many who don’t even know what is just. It is sad to see people trying to get publicity thru this also.
But ask these ladies how many offer to escort their maids home when they are going late? Leave aside that they won’t even give rickshaw  money.
If we look around , we can do so much but we prefer to leave every responsibility on others.
Many affluent people never teach any boundaries to their adolescent spns, they give them vehicles without licence, they let them drink without any limits, and leave them free to enjoy. Life is not for enjoyment only, for a civilised world we need to look for others comfort also, like when I was in Delhi, behaviour of youngsters spoiled my fun so many times... loudly talking, following the cars, even if they didn’t do anything, they made somebody uncomfortable, and it shouldn’t be allowed by parents.
Those who are economically down, they feel righteous in not taking any responsibility at all and this is the most dangerous trait. Just because you don’t have too much money, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t teach and regulations to your children. Human values, and social norms equally apply to all.
Biggest responsibility lies with women, as they bring the kids up and they should teach their wards to respect women rich or poor. But what they do.. nothing , just protests, these incidents bring shame to all mothers too. When mothers are glorified, they take it in their stride and bask in the glory, but where are they now? Stand up and accept that you have fails the nation.

Monday, July 22, 2019


Parents..such an iconic reverent word, but are all parents really deserve it or even they give any pleasure to their children, I don’t think so. Parents also have categories, we can divide them into thee type according to their economical status.
1- Wealthy ones... here children most of the time are disciplined and listen to their parents because all life’s luxuries come from them and parents also demand almost nothing, as they have everything. Here money speaks , so no problem.
Second comes middle class one., area with most problems. Parent do care for the children but demand and exact  their pound of flesh like Shylock. Children are forever indebted, never allowed to breathe without permission. In this category parents do less and take forever , nothing graceful about it but still they are revered.. they create havoc in  adult children married life, but so what they are parents. In fact I have seen them bringing so much misery to their own offspring that I doubt how they could be called parents.

Third one is lower class.. here one has to fend for one self ., parents are more worried about food and shelter than other trivia,.. so not much debt here or there, they do whatever is possible and take whatever is given, no demands.. may b the best situation.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Kabir Singh

There was so much debate going on about misogyny in Kabir Singh, so today I decided to see as audience was liking it unanimously. It’s a beautiful love story. Kabir Singh is a medical student who is outstanding in sports and academics but has anger management problem. If somebody needles him, he man handles. When he is asked to apologise or leave, he chooses to leave but then he sees a new student Preeti and it’s love at first sight and he doesn’t leave. Preeti , father asks him to look after her. She also falls for him and their relationship goes on even when he goes for masters.
But g’ father doesn’t accept Kabir and abuses him and marries her to a boy of his choice. Kabir destroys himself as he becomes alcoholic and drug addict, womaniser etc.. he doesn’t cheat anybody. Nor he lies.if he slaps Preeti once, she also slaps him, where is misogyny?

It’s pure love, he loves her before marriage and after marriage too and wants to give her child his name though later it comes out that it’s his only.

He sleeps with many women but never promises them any relationship.In today’s world it’s not so shocking..he has a flaw in his personality that is anger management but then who doesn’t have any? Rest all should be taken as a pinch of salt.. after all it’s a movie and should be entertaining which it is with some good songs, good acting..

Covid lessons

 This covid situation has changed so many of my lifetime beliefs and I have come to understand that nothing is permanent. Few of my convicti...