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I saw English Vinglish with so much expectations , but was disappointed, I think everybody knows the story, so I shall tell you what I noticed..

I never endorse the view that those who know English are better off and more intelligent, because English is only a language, they know one more language, nowhere it becomes equal to poise, confidence, styling , affection,intelligence, everything as if its a Alaadin ka chirag. Sreedevi is shown as clumsy,unappealing housewife who is brusque with her husband, never affectionate..and according to her nobody respects her..( I dont give much importance to her teenage daughter, because many children feel that way but if tackled properly they change, I feel that its her upbringing too which is at fault).

and then she learns English and suddenly she becomes a diva. smart(starts wearing trench coats instead of shawl), gets oodles of confidence, and people start respecting her..gets accolades from everyone( her husband always appreciates her cooking …


In all the relationships this the one which is the backbone of every relationship in life, because its mother only WHO moulds the personality of an individual into what he becomes when he is grown up, so if one tries to be a good and efficient mother, many other problems of future are solved.and since mothers are adulated so much, itys time they took the responsibility also for the wrong doing s of their wards..Nobody can be a good mother by just pampering and providing for all the whims of their children.Mothering means giving them a good foundation with good values..... Of course there is no fixed formula for that, and it depends on person to person and circumstances, still if few basic things are maintained lot of work is done

when the kids are young that is time to start their education for discipline and moral values and better if its done through practice. At this time we can make their foundations strong with our love and model behaviour. Children always imbibe their elders.…


 This is a translation from Tamil by Gowri Ramnarayan.The stories are from old era, written in the same way as Premchand wrote in Hindi.The situations at that time were very different and morals very high, but there were all sort of people too.But all stories tell us about some ideal.first is about girl education, where a girl lost the love of her life because she couldnt read, and so she studied  and devoted her life to girl's education.Then there is one about untouchability, child marriage etc.
Nice read.

Shobha dey writes in her style about life after sixty.Its a sort of management guide for woman written in a simple and interesting way.Some very simple solutions for complicated problems, though i am sceptical of them working.As is common with all the people who have everything, they say they like simple things and they work from them, cant believe how much of that is true and how much just to make an image. But some ideas ar…


Lately where ever i see there is a huge cry for justice for that unfortunate girl in Delhi. Govt is so pressurised from everyone that they are promising all help in treatment.Everybody is so disgusted that they want castration or death to the rapist..
But nobody is looking for any long term solutions, In dont think that only stern punishment can deter the others. And so many times rapes are not reported, people are not caught even.I always think that the men who did this, they are also the brothers, and sons, how their families feel? and what type of mother they have to have brought up such a son..
We need to bring back the values in life..
All the women need to bring up their children with certain moral values and for that they need to live those ones.
When the children watch everything, families never bother
. When children speak wrong language, they are just brushed off.
.Nobody becomes a pervert or criminal just one fine day, the signs are there for the families to see , but they…


For a long time I wanted to read something by.Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni, so when i got hold of this book, I coudnt stop myself, and this is very interesting, I couldnt do anything till I finished.In the story Rakhi is an Indian born in US and living there .Her mother is a dream teller(sort of clairvoyance).She was a poor orphan in the slums of Calcutta, where one dream teller saw her gift and took her under her wing,They taught her everything about dream telling and controlling their dreams, their interpretation and helping others through them. But for this special gift, she was supposed to live a lonely life,no marriage and not even talking much.But she falls in love and leaves the sect and goes with him to US.and in the bargain looses here special gift.But then at sometime she becomes restless without her dreams and longs for them back in her life, so she secretly works and collects money for the ticket back to her sect.and just when she is ready, she finds that she is pregnant.a…


Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace region in eastern France.We went driving over there from Zurich.its two and a half hour drive. The city is just after crossing the border of Switzerland.With a small child wherever we went , we could start only around 11 or 12 and then as soon as you start lunch time is there. Since we were in a hurry to reach, we thought of picking Pizza from Migros and started our journey.My grandchild A is totally averse to sitting in the car seat and so after some time, he just started howling, whatever we did nothing made him happy, so my son stopped the car at one place and  walked him on the roadside and he was happy:).We reached around 2 , then took the hotel, kept the luggage there and started towards the city.

The main area is around cathedral. So we looked for a parking space some where, and this is the biggest work look for a parking , ultimately my son dropped us at a cafe and went away to park.Like most of the other cities, this is also loca…

Derive happiness from your work, not from the things

I got this as email fwd but the feelings expressed are exactly mine and expresses much better than I ever could, specially the last line.......derive happiness from your work not from the things...

'The Blunt Truth about Making Millions', Article by Adam Khoo, Singapore 's youngest millionaire. 'Some of you may already know that I travel around the region pretty frequently, having to visit and conduct seminars at my offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Suzhou (China). I am in the airport almost every other week so I get to bump into many people who have attended my seminars or have read my books.

Recently, someone came up to me on a plane to KL and looked rather shocked. He asked, 'How come a millionaire like you is travelling economy?' My reply was, 'That's why I am a millionaire. ' He still looked pretty confused. This again confirms that greatest lie ever told about wealth (which I wrote about in my latest book 'Secrets of Self Made Milli…

Mumbaistan..Piush Jha

This time my daughter on my bday gifted me the membership of this book borrow and this is the first book I read. It has three about a girl rabia who is aLeT terrorist, and Tanveer a small time criminal who is blackmailed by ACP to work for police against terrorists.
Second story is about organ trading, exploitation of dalits and their revenge.
Third story is about a man in coma..and this is the most interesting one. All the stories are about deceit, betrayal, corruption and crime.written in a day to day language  it is interesting to read as it is a thriller.
But I want something more from any book, something to learn, something new to know or some good language, some insight into anything, anyone, sadly its none of that.

Second book i demanded was..Secrets of i had heard a lot about this trilogy from Amish Tripathi, but didnt like it, its a sort of metaphorical story...I didnt enjoy reading about Shiv Sati and other divine charact…

Life cycle

When I was young and had two children and a very active social life, there was no time for anything else and i must have missed many opportunities for self.for education, job and awareness. Life seemed to be so complete that i became quite complacent for personal growth...
And when children grew up a little, they always wanted ME only everywhere, whether it was their lunch time or home work or anything else, and then  sometime i wanted some me time..Like whenever I used to go for my annual trips I would ask my children and hubby not to even call me:) because if I didnt pick the phone they would get angry with me, so i wanted to be free of all was liberating to feel NOT NEEDED...But my children and hubby used to keep tab on my travelling time, safety and everything..they will call me before I left, once in the middle of journey and then when I reached safely, they will be relieved..and I think somewhere deep inside me I liked that feeling of being cared:)..
Because to…