Mumbaistan..Piush Jha

This time my daughter on my bday gifted me the membership of this book borrow and this is the first book I read. It has three about a girl rabia who is aLeT terrorist, and Tanveer a small time criminal who is blackmailed by ACP to work for police against terrorists.
Second story is about organ trading, exploitation of dalits and their revenge.
Third story is about a man in coma..and this is the most interesting one. All the stories are about deceit, betrayal, corruption and crime.written in a day to day language  it is interesting to read as it is a thriller.
But I want something more from any book, something to learn, something new to know or some good language, some insight into anything, anyone, sadly its none of that.

Second book i demanded was..Secrets of i had heard a lot about this trilogy from Amish Tripathi, but didnt like it, its a sort of metaphorical story...I didnt enjoy reading about Shiv Sati and other divine characters talking in common language..and behaving like humans.


anilkurup said…
That is often a difficult task, to be sure of a book before we read it. I feel from my experience that the first two chapters would be more than enough to see if one can dissolve in it.
I remember my tryst with one of Orhan Pamuk's books ( My Name is RED) soon after he won the Nobel Prize. The first paragraph was riveting. The first chapter held me with goose bumps.
I lost the way thereon and could not digest it. I closed the book.

I can only blame it on myself , my faculties that such a highly acclaimed writer could not sway me, or to rephrase it I did not sway.

But the best possibility is to read what you can feel about and that is good enough to keep us alive intellectually and improve.
deeps said…
second book sounds nice...
Chatty Wren said…
I've been meaning to read the second book. Have you read the Ramayana series by Ashok Banker, there too all the characters talk in everyday English? But I liked it for his storytelling and making the characters so life-like!
Jeevan said…
interesting stories... and i also look for books that teach us something unknown.
Sandhya said…
I don't seem to read novels or story books nowadays, just magazines! Becoming old?!!!
Amrita said…
Even idont like humanisation of deities somehow.. but yea hav heard the trilogy is very popular
SG said…
Thanks for the short review. I will keep away from these books.
Harman said…
hmm interesting :)
Renu said…
Anil Kurup: I keep checking the blogs for recommendations and whenevr i find some I make note of it..

deep:its quite popular one:)

Chatty Wren: I havent read that and after reading this, I wouldnt go for that..

Jeevan:That makes reading very fruitful.

Rudraprayaga: Thanks!

Amrita:Exactly..I didnt enjoy it.

SG: my reviews are always short, could never write in details.

harman; :)
Rahul Aggarwal said…
i stopped reading novels now .. i spend most of my time reading reader's digest and men's health :-)
Renu said…
Found in Folsom::)

Rahul Aggarwal:.I am addicted to them:)..reading a lot now a days...for me nothing can replace them..

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