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Celestine Prophecy..James redfield

This was the book I reading, it tells you a lot what is said in our culture like waves, current passing thru people or like yoga, where if one concentrates, one can channelise the energy into a powerful tool which can do lot many things.And one's behaviour is decided  equally by environment and understanding.

The story is about eleven insights in manuscript found in a church and church people dont want them to be known, so they sabotage every effort from the scientists and explorers to read them, and understand them. Church thinks that their autonomy will be affected, if people start believing the insights.

The book tells us that there are no coincidences in life, they are always insights, its upto us to understand, where they want to take us or what they want to tell us.Only aware people recognise them.

The best thing i liked is that they say that  if we talk to a plant and take care personally, it grows better and its fruits are more nutritious than others..think if a little lo…

Dreams for everyone but...

We always dream for a good education, good spouse, good job, big house, bigger car, children's education and  marriage, their future, our retirement...and always plan for everything, but have you heard anybody planning  about the upkeep of his/her parents in old age? And thats the reason  that many children, though loving and good get fed up of their parents..yes you are reading right..I see many people getting irritated with their parents and secretly wishing  them away and then living in guilt. Most of the people always thing about the problem, but if they think about the solution may be they can get it.
Now when the life expectancy is increasing and sometimes one has to look after the parents till one is old oneself, or we can say for long time its not unusual to get fed up..because when children take long time in getting settled or getting jobs, parents also ridicule them, scold them and call names..but since they are parents they dont offend anyone, but children disrespectin…


This movie has taken a totally new viewpoint and thats the USP here andAkshay totally shines as Krishna,The God. Movie is short and crisp and it  tries to preach people about working hard and be aware of those god man and woman who run religion like business.
liked it.

Its like a James bond in think its better than that. Very nice movie with beautiful locations. Though initial chase reminds me of Bourne Identity and later on fights remind me of some other English movies, but everything is filmed very nicely and its a delight to watch.
Loved it.

Usual menage troi..these situations are bound to arrive with modern permissive society, and many more hearts will be broken..Saif and Deepika live together , saif considers her friend, but she falls in love. Saif loves Diana penty....I didnt like Diana penty at all, found to be the weak point here..very boring movie..
hated it.

Bol Bacchan
:First Rohit shetty movie which is so boring, though all his movies ha…


“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” 
Today as soon as I opened my inbox, I saw this quote sent by one of my good friend...This is a good quote for moral boosting,but I find it practically very impossible to follow...There are certain relationships in life , where whatever you do for them, you will always be an option only for them, never a priority..but you yourself are so bound by your love or we can call it ..mayamoh in Hindi...that they will always remain a priority to you.....
and we cant change that too, because changing the status quo will mean destroying that relationship, because relationships which are acquired, not blood related are very fragile..,They may cement over long time, but only if both the sides realise their importance, otherwise they remain just like that..a facade..which is if well maintained, life is smooth......otherwise full of friction and bitterness.....
so we cant be prudent here, instead it pays to be emotion…

Person first

sometimes I wonder why I cant separate any one's professional life from personal one.Like I cant appreciate anyone professionally unless I feel that he/she is a good human being with good character. And once someone goes down that way, nothing can redeem him/her in my eyes. In that way all my reviews of actors are biased, because I always see the person first than work.

And the same happens to me in my all relationships.everybody has to have that humanity to get my love respect, otherwise however i may want but I cant..even if someone may care for me a lot....what is the problem with me?..even in blogging world, I have to like the person in that blogger to like the content or atleast somewhere their persona affects me..

is it the same with everybody or me only?


Today is karvachauth.. a day of pampering for woman..This is one day when I like to buy lots of red bangles and wear them.Most of the women get lot of gifts.from husband, mother, MIL and if old enough like me, from DIL too...all depends on what type of family members you have:)..That way I am very lucky, Even if by mistake I say that I like something or I want something, be it my husband or my DIL or my son or daughter, they will get it, so for fear of having too many things, I never show my liking for anything when I do window shopping...
I love doing all things associated with festivals and nevr question why me, why not husband, because it makes me feel special. I celebrate my womanhood, instead of trying to change a man into woman and myself trying to be a man.No i am happy as a woman..I love getting attention from my hubby and me making special food for him.

May The Sindoor,
Testify Your Prayers,
The Mangal Sutra Reminds You Of,
The Promises That Binds You.both
And The Color Of Meh…