Monday, November 19, 2012


This movie has taken a totally new viewpoint and thats the USP here andAkshay totally shines as Krishna,The God. Movie is short and crisp and it  tries to preach people about working hard and be aware of those god man and woman who run religion like business.
liked it.

Its like a James bond in think its better than that. Very nice movie with beautiful locations. Though initial chase reminds me of Bourne Identity and later on fights remind me of some other English movies, but everything is filmed very nicely and its a delight to watch.
Loved it.

Usual menage troi..these situations are bound to arrive with modern permissive society, and many more hearts will be broken..Saif and Deepika live together , saif considers her friend, but she falls in love. Saif loves Diana penty....I didnt like Diana penty at all, found to be the weak point here..very boring movie..
hated it.

Bol Bacchan
:First Rohit shetty movie which is so boring, though all his movies have slapstick comedy, but make some sense...Abhishek is looking ugly and acts horribly. Prachi desai is looking sweet.

Rowdy Rathore
A very 70's type movie with violent villains, lawless village and all, but treated with comic style, it works.and Akshay and Sonakshi  both look good and are a treat to watch.
Liked it.


Amrita said...

Oh u did not like Bol Bachchan? I somehow enjoyed it and the dance sequence of AB jr was hilarious. Have to try rowdy rathore, hav heard it s worth a watch. And totally agree on OMG. Akshay Kumar is shining.He s looker better each day ;) And this is the i believe the second movie of akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal after Aankhein which is based on a play and i must say, they have done a swell job!

Sandhya said...

We watched OMG and enjoyed! Rahul RAwail's acting is superb!

Haven't watched the others!

sm said...

OMG nice movie
Rowdy Rahtore is compied movie
yes is action pack movie

sulagna ™ said...

i am still not over Gangs of Wasseypur..i loved the movie so much !

SG said...

I have no idea what is being discussed here.

Bikramjit said...

I did not like Bol bachan at all especially with the star cast it had ..

I liked rowdy rathore though , dont know why :)

havenot seen the others mentiones


Zephyr said...

I have only seen OMG and Bol Bachhan. The first was good, the second boring. I have not see the others, so can't say. This was such a short movie reviews post and you said everything in such few lines :)

Renu said...

Amrita: I didnt like Abhishek at all:(

Sandhya: yes Paresh Rawal is good, he is always good.

SM; most of the movies are copied, but to me personally it doesnt matter, it should be nice entertaining...

sulagna: I havent seen it, still on my watchlist:)

Bikram: same here:)

Zephyr: I dont why, but i can write only summaries:).ask me to write 500 words on something and my whole story will finish in 25o words:)

rudraprayaga said...

Of course one should be aware and hence beware of man-god,but still all those are not alike.Some are very genuine,though the coteries around harvest benefit.

ashok said...

crisp reviews..

Renu said...

rudraprayaga: yes, i have met some people who are very knowledgeable and give pragmatic advice.

Ashok: Thanks!

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