Sunday, November 29, 2009



This is one of the most expensive movies made in India in the range of 129 crones....but movies are not documentaries, they need to have a good storyline ,good music,but this is sadly lacking in all. I saw it because of so much hype and then Jayed Khan is my favourite..he is such a good mix of child and man and then katrina and akshay. Sanjay dutt is looking old, flabby and Lara looks all the time as if she is on top of the world getting to work opposite Sanjay....know what I mean:)..totally a mismatched couple...It has only some good underwater scenes and a liitle good...Rahul dev.i always wonder why people brand Salman for taking off his shirt, every hero does that and at the most inappropriate times Akshay is going to dive and before that he is shown standing without a shirt.

This is the movie about two and Genelia..Genelia is shown to be a spoiled brat who changes her hobbies or profession every six months and though she is no good at that, her indulgent father encourages her and boyfriend never tells the truth,before marriage if she has illogical demands,BF fulfills everything , but after marriage the same things start irritating him..this takeI how parents pamper the children wrongly and lay a wrong foundation for their future lives,and how boy friends pamper to the evrywhimof their girlfriends without ever telling them the truth or differentiating between right and wrong,but after marriage they want them to be responsible wives..arent they expecting the impossible? Genelia is shown as a girl who cant do anything except enjoying the life..partying,shopping etc.But Fardeen is happy with her before marriage and expects her to change in a comic way the movie gives us a good lesson.

Second couple is Tusshar and the culprit are Tusshar's parents who in their zeal of saving Indian culture are so dominating that they become the cause of breaking their children's marriage..Prach iis shown to be a girl good in most of things though she is also from a wealthy family,and well educated also,and Tusshar is always shown to be dominated by his father.

These two have a friend...Govinda,a divorce lawyer who does his business at the cost of everybody's family, but in then end its he only who brings everyone together ,he brings a few laughs with Himani Shivpuri..Amrita Rao.. opposite him is looking very artificial, even Genelia has also done over acting at many places

Now I have lost interest in Big most of the interesting people have gone..Shamita,Tanaz,even Sherylyn was better than these men.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is why Tata is a Respected name in India....

Meeting with H N Srinivas – Senior Executive Vice President, Taj Group of Hotels

He narrated the 26th November 2008 terror attack on Taj Mumbai and there were some important points.

A. Terrorist entry

1. They entered from the Leopold Colaba hotel entrance and also from the northern entrance – spraying indiscriminate bullets on the Taj security personnel and guests in general.

2. Though Taj had a reasonable security – they were surely not equipped to deal with terrorists who were spraying 6 bullets per trigger.

3. The strategy of the terrorists was to throw chunks of RDX in an open area that will explode and burn – creating chaos so that the guests and staff run helter skelter so that the terrorists could kill them. The idea was to create maximum casualties.

4. There were several critical gatherings and functions happening in the hotel on that day – a Bohra wedding, global meet of Unilever CEOs and Board members and 2 other corporate meetings were being held in the hotel – besides the usual crowd.

5. The firing and chaos began at about 8.30 p.m. and the staff including employees on casual and contract basis displayed exemplary presence of mind, courage and sacrifice to protect the guests who were in various halls and conference rooms.

B. Stories of Staff Heroics

1. A young lady guest relation executive with the HLL gathering stopped any of the members going out and volunteered 3 times to go out and get stuff such as ice cubes for whiskey of the guests when the situation outside the hall was very explosives and she could have been easily the target of the bullets

2. Thomas George a captain escorted 54 guests from a backdoor staircase and when he was going down last he was shot by the terrorists

3. There were 500 emails from various guests narrating heroics of the staff and thanking them for saving their lives

4. In a subsequent function, Ratan Tata broke down in full public view and sobbed saying – “the company belongs to these people”. The wife of Thomas George who laid his life saving others said, she and the kids were proud of the man and that she did not know that for 25 years she lived with a man who was so courageous and brave

5. The episode happened on 26th November, a significant part of the hotel was burnt down and destroyed – the hotel was re-opened on 21st December and all the employees of the hotel were paraded in front of the guests

6. It was clearly a saga of extra-ordinary heroics by ordinary people for their organisation and in a way for their country. The sense of duty and service was unprecedented

7. The young lady who protected and looked after the HLL guests was a management trainee and we often speak of juniority and seniority in the organisation. She had no instructions from any supervisor to do what she did

a. She took just 3 minutes to rescue the entire team through the kitchen

b. Cars were organised outside the hotel as per seniority of the members

c. In the peak of the crisis, she stepped out and got the right wine glass for the guest

8. People who exhibited courage included janitors, waiters, directors, artisans and captains – all level of people

C. The Tata Gesture

1. All category of employees including those who had completed even 1 day as casuals were treated on duty during the time the hotel was closed

2. Relief and assistance to all those who were injured and killed

3. The relief and assistance was extended to all those who died at the railway station, surroundings including the “Pav-Bhaji” vendor and the pan shop owners

4. During the time the hotel was closed, the salaries were sent my money order

5. A psychiatric cell was established in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences to counsel those who needed such help

6. The thoughts and anxieties going on people’s mind was constantly tracked and where needed psychological help provided

7. Employee outreach centers were opened where all help, food, water, sanitation, first aid and counseling was provided. 1600 employees were covered by this facility

8. Every employee was assigned to one mentor and it was that person’s responsibility to act as a “single window” clearance for any help that the person required

9. Ratan Tata personally visited the families of all the 80 employees who in some manner – either through injury or getting killed – were affected.

10. The dependents of the employees were flown from outside Mumbai to Mumbai and taken care off in terms of ensuring mental assurance and peace. They were all accommodated in Hotel President for 3 weeks

11. Ratan Tata himself asked the families and dependents – as to what they wanted him to do.

12. In a record time of 20 days, a new trust was created by the Tatas for the purpose of relief of employees.

13. What is unique is that even the other people, the railway employees, the police staff, the pedestrians who had nothing to do with Tatas were covered by compensation. Each one of them was provided subsistence allowance of Rs. 10K per month for all these people for 6 months.

14. A 4 year old granddaughter of a vendor got 4 bullets in her and only one was removed in the Government hospital. She was taken to Bombay hospital and several lacs were spent by the Tatas on her to fully recover her

15. New hand carts were provided to several vendors who lost their carts

16. Tata will take responsibility of life education of 46 children of the victims of the terror

17. This was the most trying period in the life of the organisation. Senior managers including Ratan Tata were visiting funeral to funeral over the 3 days that were most horrible

18. The settlement for every deceased member ranged from Rs. 36 to 85 lacs in addition to the following benefits:

a. Full last salary for life for the family and dependents

b. Complete responsibility of education of children and dependents – anywhere in the world

c. Full Medical facility for the whole family and dependents for rest of their life

d. All loans and advances were waived off – irrespective of the amount

e. Counselor for life for each person

D. Epilogue

1. How was such passion created among the employees? How and why did they behave the way they did?

2. The organisation is clear that it is not something that someone can take credit for. It is not some training and development that created such behaviour. If someone suggests that – everyone laughs

3. It has to do with the DNA of the organisation, with the way Tata culture exists and above all with the situation that prevailed that time. The organisation has always been telling that customers and guests are #1 priority

4. The hotel business was started by Jamshedji Tata when he was insulted in one of the British hotels and not allowed to stay there.

5. He created several institutions which later became icons of progress, culture and modernity. IISc is one such institute. He was told by the rulers that time that he can acquire land for IISc to the extent he could fence the same. He could afford fencing only 400 acres.

6. When the HR function hesitatingly made a very rich proposal to Ratan – he said – do you think we are doing enough?

7. The whole approach was that the organisation would spend several hundred crore in re-building the property – why not spend equally on the employees who gave their life?
Minuted by Dileep Ranjekar

Friday, November 20, 2009


Sorry friends, I havent been able to read blogs and update mine for a long time, this was the longest break I must have taken , since I started blogging. Actually first we were shifting and due to incessant rains we got the Internet after a week and then I had guests.

Last week our friends went to a trip to Ooty and the amount of havoc rains created there was really shocking..more of it was due to the flaunting of rules , neglect of environment and greed of certain people, we lost 300 crores and some lives..dont lknow when we will have ethical honest people here.The highlight of their trip was that they saw one young man who was looking very handsome and different, they asked him who he was and lo..........he was the hero...Kiran, they were very impressed with his demeanour and behaviour. Some people always remain down to earth.

We talked and discussed a lot and at our age, it always comes down to ..what is happiness and why there is stress in life.I am a person who does lot of introspection whenever anything happens and I try to think....did I do any wrong and if I didnt do anything wrong then why it happened to us? and all of us came to the conclusion that all that stress happens because we thing that we are the doer....whereas its not like this, nothing happens without the permission of God, its HE who decides everything, whatever happens is always his command and because of some grand perspective. But that doesnt mean that we must stop doing karma,....NO..we must always try to do the right thing but leave the results to God, whatever happens, we must neither take credit for it nor feel guilty, deprived or unhappy.What is important is doing the right thing and if we are able to do that, we must be happy and thankful to God, because very few people are able to manage that feet...One line that impressed me a lot .is.......I dont need anyone, in my life to be happy, I am happy in myself ,with happiness doesnt depend on things and people.
This topic is so close to my heart that I can write and write, but will be boring to others:).

Last week my sis came here from Canada and she did the impossible..she brought my mom also to chennai from Delhi..impossible because my mom has multiple health problems and she doesnt travel beyond the car:)...with this venture my sister showed that there is nothing impossible if one has the will....we had a blast, spent all the time at Pothys, Nallis:):):)..what are otherwise women for:)..then last day we saw 3 temples...Now a good costume jwellery shop has opened in Velachery 100ft road..Jazz, they have good items, though rates are little on higher side.She got two beautiful Pavadais stitched here..I just love for formal wear or daily wear and look good also. The best part was that I and my sis reminisced about our childhoos, both of us grew together with not much of difference in age and our memories are so what should I say different from today's always cooking something if our mom left us behind and younger siblings would be the esteemed guest and they being what they were would later ask our mom to make halwa like didi made( the burnt one)..we laughed so much rememebering those we were quite afraid of our parents and wouldnt dare to do anything prohibited, so we were comparing with today's children..and my sis rememebers every little was really fun sitting together, drinking tea and when I see the single child syndrome, it saddens me that how much they will be missing, they will never know such sessions or the love of a sibling..its an experience in itself.

Last week was really good to me,as I got a prize from Burp for my review of Influence:)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yesterday one of our very old friend came on south tour, and here it is raining so heavily that they were evry dissappointed.and were surprised to known that its a rainy season here... I dont know after how long I had a heart to heart talk with a friend..really friends are a treasure.And this couple is one of those people who have bleen blessed by not things but people...I have realised that god always balances everything, if someone gets a lot of money , then its spent also like that, but if some one is not getting too much, god gives them in some other way.....

LIke getting good servant in a reasonable amount and that too a one who loves them..because I have seen that even this part is so difficult, here every maid charges me a lot, my neighbours.some say that she charges you doublew the amount because you are north indian, try to bargain, but to no avail, some even wail that these NI spoil the servants , increase their rates, but I have no option, either to do everything myself or pay.

Retaining good health..most important, otherwise all your wealth is useless.

Getting a good girl for your son...yes dont laugh, I think its your biggest fortune if you get a respecting and affectionate girl in your house..This is one of the biggest blessings or curse of the GOD you get.>.I felt so happy to see that my friend has a lovely girl in her house who loves her and respects her.

And god always gives you enough warnings for every future problem, telling you.put your house in order, or take care of your health etc, its we human, who always think negative whenever anything wrong happens. It is always god's way of warning us..hello take care, you are not looking after this area of your life, pull your socks.and do the needful.

When I see big Boss, I notice many things, I loved it when Tanaz said to Bakhtiar...for just once let HIM drive you, take the back seat and see, he will take you to a better destination.
I loved her belief in everything good,.
Then once Poonam said......For adults its not proper to say anything improper and then apologise or say sorry....Life doesnt go like that one has to learn to control the temper .and behave like an adult.
I so firmly believe that there are certain things you just can never do and say, so always learn your boundaries and never overstep them, otherwise you may loose something which you will never get back.
whatever may be the end of this game, but it will break and make the image of all the far Tanaz and Bakhtiar are on the top image wise and Rohit on the bottom,Even Poonam has lost her favour.Raju is coming out as a good comedian, but as a person, just OK, not good.Shamita behaves like a cultured girl.


Parents..such an iconic reverent word, but are all parents really deserve it or even they give any pleasure to their children, I don’t thin...