Friday, October 30, 2009

This & That

Just the other day I was walking back from the was evening, getting dark..suddenly one young man asks me..Do you know Hindi? I immediately said yes, as I thought may be he was looking for his way and I could help him. He started saying..we are coming from Nagpur, we went to the darshan of Madurai and rameshwaram, and somebody stole our money.....I just cut him off in the middle and started walking away, because I got I had heard of 2-3 incidents of women being looted at that time, and I was wearing some jewellery. But my mind kept going to..what if it was true what he said? what if he was really a man in need? and i could really help him, I wished so much that my husband was with me, then I would have at least given him some money....I felt so restless and like a coward later on.Though when I came back home, my husband was sitting with some office people and everybody said that this is a very common con, good you came back, but still I think..
I didnt do the right thing.
Why we have come to a stage where we trust none.

Now-a days we looking for a flat,as we have to change the present one, we came across a very good one and the landlord was very interested and eager to give and lo..the next day its volte face..he says he would like to give company lease ....after lot of discussions we said fine,m we will take on personal, then he said, his son wants to give it to any of his relative only..but then why you came to us and took so much of our time..dont know why people behave like that.

BTW I saw Wanted and loved it:) looked like I was watching Kalia type movie of Amitabh bacchan...after a long time good action and good winning over bad...good dialogues and a fabulous hero..though slightly old type, but it has to good doesnt win always....good entertainer.

Update of BIG BOSS.....The tables have turned a little..Rohit is not coming out a good person, he is the most chameliontype, always trying to create conflict between was disgusting the way he told a lie about Claudia. The amount of bitching gossiping is done by men....Vindu, Rohit and Ismail Darbar ..amazes me..personally i have seen that men are good in general, its women who create problems( except my reader friends of course:), here the men are cunning, women are nice. And Raju Srivasatav is the only comic and entertaining person, though he goes overboard sometimes. Even big boss is covering selectively.women are covered less, men more..I would love to see more of Poonam Dhilloon and Aditi should be out soon.

Thought of the day...
Always keep your words soft and sweet,
just in case you have to eat them.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Cave for Chimpanzee, he was just coming out we were behind the grills:)

Last Sunday we went to see the Zoo..VANDALUR zoo.. considered the biggest in Asia.. and looks like it is. I am very fond of nature and watching wild animals, so wherever I find time I see the Zoo..
I have seen. the Zoo in Kolkota........That time my son was justone and a half year, so most of my memories are of..he running here and there and me after him:).the memory of his cute face, excited to see so much, still brings a smile to my face.
London........again we went to see this one because my son was 3years and enjoyed watching and roaming there and then that time London' zoo was considered a unique one as it only had whitebear and tiger etc, first time I saw a different type of habitat for those animals.
San diego.......Here the table turned,:) my daughter took me s beautiful as far as surroundings, landscaping is concerned,I specially loved the aviary
Hyderabad.......I went there with my has many things like boating, mini train and safaribut otherwise not sonwell maintained,like restaurant had nothing except cold samosas and cold drink.
.and now Chennai..

Here the entrance is beautiful and at the entrance I saw a fountain tap for drinking water, it was in the shape of elephant..looked so different and beautiful that I took a picture immediately, but when we went inside we found that there are many and all have the heads of different animals..after all it is a zoo.

Since we have left side walking system wherever I go, I start from left side and keep on going, but here it became my undoing.. the stop for TOUR THE ZOO and LION SAFARI for both the trips was located at the right and we completely missed it and when till the end we didnt find it and asked then came to know and then the time was left for only Lion if you want to take these tours plan accordingly.

It is a huge place, we continuously walked for 3 hours and still couldnt see everything..there are so many inhabitants of all the varieties and there was so much of crowd. There is just one canteen at the entrance only......I wonder in a country where there is so much of unemployment, govt never taps the opportunities available..there was so much of waiting there, not many things available..they could always make it a little cleaner well kept place, with sufficient items and always could employ some more people. We hadnt taken the lunch thinking we would have it there, but there was nothing except rice..everything finished at 1 PM only

We took Lion Safari....I have taken one in Hyderabad also, but here it was amazing..I saw the lion by my window and then with his cubs roaring and playing.To me, over all this trip was very enjoyable .

some unrelated news....

Friday, October 23, 2009


How times are changing........

Disclaimer..this post is a work of pure fiction and any resemblance to anyone is just intentional:)

When we were young we listened to parents,and did whatever we were asked today parents are listening to children.
Times are changing:)

Earlier parents decided everything..the career, life partner, and if they asked our consent we were thrilled to he core with this concession. Today children decide everything and if they ask parents or even inform them about their decisions, parents are happy......bacche hame maante hain...
times are changing:)

Earlier on every festival, it was children's duty to go home and be with family, today's children say..if you want to celebrate with us come and live with us or come to us..........
times are changing:)

Earlier children lived with the parents toady parents are living with the children.
Times are changing.

In our childhood we were like children, given everything as we required, but now children are everything and family is driven by them.
times are changing:)

When we got married, our MILs said....Keep quiet, DILs dont talk too much, respect the elders, todays DILs say...keep your mouth shut..MILS look good only if they are quiet.
Times are changing:)

Earlier as soon as the Bahu came, she was given the charge of all the work as it was the time for MIL to rest and MIls are doing everything, its the time for DIl to enjoy.
Times are changing:)

When I got married a, if there was any conflict, my H would mature, she is not so educated and aware, you can understand better. Today if I have a conflict with my DIL my son would mature, if she is not..may be I was born mature:)
How the times are changing:)

Earlier after marriage , in most of the good families ..girl's family never thought of any right over girl or her household, today it seems that ONLY they have all the rights.
Times are changing:).

Earlier if you youngsters did everything for the elders, appreciation as rare, kya hua, unki duty ha yeh, whereas today.....even if they speak nicely, they want and get so much of it:)..elders feel overwhelmed:) ( case of nil expectations my dear:).
Times are changing:)

Earlier having the sons was considered to be lucky, today I will say those who dont have are also lucky as they dont get any heartaches(DILS) in their family,and get a readymade son without any responsibilities ( in the form of SIL) but it shows that ultimately boys are better human beings as they are impartial and not so manipulative.

Earlier mothers wore whatever they liked, nonbody bothered, it was only wives who were scanned..for whatever be wives can wear anything( nobody dares to scan them:)...but mothers are told how to dress:)
Times are changing:)

again times are changing..some for good some for bad.
and friends add some more changes you observe..

Now I would like to share one news..I always say that if we desire something, god always gives us, in one of my last post I wrote about books circulation and last week I read about....SET ON SAIL.. an initiative by Kaveri Lalchand..she has put some books which anyone can take and if one wants to leave books there, one is welcome, I went there left 2 books and brought 3, next time I am going to take my all the lot there...So far she has few books only, but I hope it will increase..her addres is..
Madras Terrace House
2nd street, royapetta

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I could nt see the first season and didnt want to see the second for the dearth of gofd participants, but third one has brought me back to the TV....I am surprised to see that these big male and directors use such an abusive language for the women...To me this is the first quality I see, appreciate and want to respect whichever strata they belong to...and women are always supposed to gossip and bitch, but this show shows that its all in the all the women are nice, hard working, and never ever bitch around, its only men who are fighting, abusing, gossiping etc etc:).......I like

Poonam Dhillon the best..she is most dignified and giving moral support to others.

Shamita Shetty...for looking so sweet

Tanaz and Sherlyn areOK

Aditi.....She is quite insipid type.and may be misplaced here, they should have taken someone else.

Claudia is looking beautiful in Indian dresses and I admire her for not being hypocrite and she stood her ground when Kamal went on hunger strike for her love.

In the men.....

Rohit Varma..some ridicule him for his drag act, but to me that is his personal choice, otherwise he comes across as a very nice kind,human being..may be too soft but then thats better than being uncouth and rude.

Bakhtiar; he is nice and works hard, but very short tempered...

Raju Srivastave..This is one comedian, I used to like very much but thru this show he is loosing my admiration, as he comes across as a very stupid man.

Vindoo daara singh& Ismail Darbar...I just dont like them..Both of them are very rude and use very unbearable language.Vindoo is a very manipulative guy

Kamal Khan...woh to bus limit ha:)....After watching him on this show, none would like to see him ever.
But so far Big B is not adding to the punch, doing a very lack lustre job of his anchor ship. But I realised one thing from the show that all the people who give their hundred percent to everything they do and then only and because of that only they are if they cook, food is good, they can make good rangolis even, dance well etc etc.

Again many shows are coming on TV.. reality shows where Couple are handling kids or young boys and girls looking for life this serial I wondered why none of the girls protested that why boy's mothers are included, not their mothers ..hey girls..where is the equality?..There was one UTARAN I liked because here the father didnt let her daughter manipulate anything, but then now again they are shpwing the biggest manipulation. so I lost interest. Baalika Badhu may pick up....or Na aana is desh meri Ma sa and Ammajis are ruling TV:)
Tere mere Beech also just ok, no fizz like Coffee with Karan..Farah must stick to her job of director only.
I saw many movies like

LAK......OK..Deepika is best and Rishi kapoor also.
Sorry Bhai..Ok
Fir Kabhi....I saw it with a lot of anticipation..its a mature love story with a cast of Mithun, Dimple and Rati....I had loved that Pyaar me Twist, but here its not a mature film, rather a juvenile attempt, felt very disappointed...wondered why Mithun was trying to walk in an artificial slow gait...comeone..he is not acting as a old man..he is an old man now, he can walk his natural a few laugh from Tinu Anand who was trying to put the blame on CIA for everything:)
Dil Dosti:... a take on generation X's(or should I say Y? ) attitudes and dilemmas.
Dil Kabaddi....again new generations values in marital relationships.

Monday, October 12, 2009


  1. Sandhya Tagged me long back to post 10 fast and furious songs I like......If she had asked me to list ten soft songs, it would have been next to impossible for me, as I just love hundreds of them:), I tried to upload the songs I selected, but every time there was an error and I couldnt do it, now that i have chosen I wanted you to listen to case you haven't heard already:).But sorry couldnt do, and since my daughter is very busy I couldnt ask her to do .so here they are
  1. Crazy kiya re.........DHOOM 2

2.Kajraare Kajraare.....BUNTY AND BUBLI..this song has very special memory for me, as on my son's Sagai, my daughter and son in law danced on this and still whenever this song is played, their faces come to my mind:)

3.Dus Bahaane kar ke....DUS..I like Zaayed khaan very much, he has such an innocent face.My nephew dances very well on this song:)

4.Ho gaya ha mujhe pyaar....Pardes

5. Yeh dil, deewana, dewaane ne....Pardes..I love the beats here and Sharukh driving:)

6. Dil de diya ha jaan tumhe denge.......Main hoon na

7.Jungle ha aadhi raat ha......Biwi NO.1.

8.Lal teri pat rakhiyo(dama dam mast kalandar)...Runa laila( I am a big fan of her)

9.Badal pe pao ha......Chak de India

10.....will write later whenever I can remember..though i love all the songs of and furious:)

Since most people have done it, i am not going to tag anyone....anyone is welcome to take it.

On an afterthought i would like to tag...





Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is one of the cities I visited in of the finest baroque town there......its almost 2 hours train journey from Zurich....after getting down we just walked to the down town and all. At a first glance it looks like a small , peaceful, beautiful place..not much crowds or any noise there...Many people going on bikes..I loved specially the bikes of young mothers who had a small carriage attached to it for their toddlers....such a beautiful, convenient and Eco friendly way of travelling...saw old people sitting leisurely in the parks, to me it looked like a place for settlement after retirement..calm and quite and full of nature.There is nothing special to see..just a beautiful town with Italian grandeur.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday I went to Landmark to see some good books and CDs and there was so much of crowd and it was suffocating to browse the books over there, and sometimes I think is it worth spending a few hundred on a book when a reader like me finishes it so fast..max a week and then i need to juggle the space to keep them. I would prefer to have a good library where one can read and even donate the my home I have a full library and the books are getting dusty, pages are getting brittle..feel so sad, because these books are a reminder of past to me.Being a housewife I always invented something to do to pass the time....I learnt many things and did sometimes craft work, embroidery, stitching or making something out of waste.
I have observed that if we spend the time in just talking or mall hopping etc..then the enjoyment is temporary and by the time we reach home, we again start feeling the vacuum in life..the vacuum of not doing anything..or spending time that satisfaction is not there....and no purpose is served......But if we do something, then in the evening we have something productive to see, like once I made a doll out of rags for my maid, and my daughter who was 2-3 yrs old, loved it and wanted one for herself.....In the same way I would make anything beautiful..even kitchen towels, or embroider bedsheets hankies,,or learn new recipes everyday and try them on my brand new guinea pig:):) and reading was my all time hobby:)
So I have books on all things..cookery,health,knitting and different cities I visited and then lots and lots fiction. Whenever I change the city many books are given but then more come.
I loved the idea floated by someone that whenever we read a book, we can leave that with our email ID and reaction at any cafe..popular ones... and any one who comes there and interested in reading could take and respond to the owner about his/her reaction and continue this. chain.....I would like to leave one of mine, but feel shy..

I have brought lots of CDS of movies also, so, once I watch them, i will give you an update:)..and I felt very happy when i saw Emran Hashmi CD because I was looking for it, but now I think there should have been a CD of Mahesh Bhatt movies... its not doesnt have Jeher,aksar etc, more of new feeling cheated.