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Just the other day I was walking back from the was evening, getting dark..suddenly one young man asks me..Do you know Hindi? I immediately said yes, as I thought may be he was looking for his way and I could help him. He started saying..we are coming from Nagpur, we went to the darshan of Madurai and rameshwaram, and somebody stole our money.....I just cut him off in the middle and started walking away, because I got I had heard of 2-3 incidents of women being looted at that time, and I was wearing some jewellery. But my mind kept going to..what if it was true what he said? what if he was really a man in need? and i could really help him, I wished so much that my husband was with me, then I would have at least given him some money....I felt so restless and like a coward later on.Though when I came back home, my husband was sitting with some office people and everybody said that this is a very common con, good you came back, but still I think..
I didnt do the ri…


Cave for Chimpanzee, he was just coming out we were behind the grills:)

Last Sunday we went to see the Zoo..VANDALURzoo.. considered the biggest in Asia.. and looks like it is. I am very fond of nature and watching wild animals, so wherever I find time I see the Zoo..
I have seen. the Zoo in Kolkota........That time my son was justone and a half year, so most of my memories are of..he running here and there and me after him:).the memory of his cute face, excited to see so much, still brings a smile to my face.
London........again we went to see this one because my son was 3years and enjoyed watching and roaming there and then that time London' zoo was considered a unique one as it only had whitebear and tiger etc, first time I saw a different type of habitat for those animals.
San diego.......Here the table turned,:) my daughte…


How times are changing........

Disclaimer..this post is a work of pure fiction and any resemblance to anyone is just intentional:)

When we were young we listened to parents,and did whatever we were asked today parents are listening to children.
Times are changing:)

Earlier parents decided everything..the career, life partner, and if they asked our consent we were thrilled to he core with this concession. Today children decide everything and if they ask parents or even inform them about their decisions, parents are happy......bacchehamemaantehain...
times are changing:)

Earlier on every festival, it was children's duty to go home and be with family, today's children say..if you want to celebrate with us come and live with us or come to us..........
times are changing:)

Earlier children lived with the parents toady parents are living with the children.
Times are changing.

In our childhood we were like children, given everything as we required, but now children are everything …


I could nt see the first season and didnt want to see the second for the dearthof gofd participants, but third one has brought me back to the TV....I am surprised to see that these big male and directors use such an abusive language for the women...To me this is the first quality I see, appreciate and want to respect whichever strata they belong to...and women are always supposed to gossip and bitch, but this show shows that its all in the all the women are nice, hard working, and never ever bitch around, its only men who are fighting, abusing, gossiping etc etc:).......I like

PoonamDhillon the best..she is most dignified and giving moral support to others.

ShamitaShetty...for looking so sweet

Tanaz and SherlynareOK

Aditi.....She is quite insipid type.and may be misplaced here, they should have taken someone else.

Claudia is looking beautiful in Indian dresses and I admire her for not being hypocrite and she stood her ground when Kamal went on hunger strike for he…


Sandhya Tagged me long back to post 10 fast and furious songs I like......If she had asked me to list ten soft songs, it would have been next to impossible for me, as I just love hundreds of them:), I tried to upload the songs I selected, but every time there was an error and I couldnt do it, now that i have chosen I wanted you to listen to case you haven't heard already:).But sorrycouldnt do, and since my daughter is very busy I couldnt ask her to do .so here they areCrazy kiya re.........DHOOM 2
2.KajraareKajraare.....BUNTY AND BUBLI..this song has very special memory for me, as on my son's Sagai, my daughter and son in law danced on this and still whenever this song is played, their faces come to my mind:)

3.DusBahaanekarke....DUS..I like Zaayedkhaan very much, he has such an innocent face.My nephew dances very well on this song:)

4.Ho gaya ha mujhepyaar....Pardes

5. Yehdil, deewana, dewaane ne....Pardes..I love the beats here and Sharukh driving:)

6. Dildediya ha …


This is one of the cities I visited in of the finest baroque town there......its almost 2 hours train journey from Zurich....after getting down we just walked to the down town and all. At a first glance it looks like a small , peaceful, beautiful place..not much crowds or any noise there...Many people going on bikes..I loved specially the bikes of young mothers who had a small carriage attached to it for their toddlers....such a beautiful, convenient and Eco friendly way of travelling...saw old people sitting leisurely in the parks, to me it looked like a place for settlement after retirement..calm and quite and full of nature.There is nothing special to see..just a beautiful town with Italian grandeur.


Yesterday I went to Landmark to see some good books and CDs and there was so much of crowd and it was suffocating to browse the books over there, and sometimes I think is it worth spending a few hundred on a book when a reader like me finishes it so fast..max a week and then i need to juggle the space to keep them. I would prefer to have a good library where one can read and even donate the my home I have a full library and the books are getting dusty, pages are getting brittle..feel so sad, because these books are a reminder of past to me.Being a housewife I always invented something to do to pass the time....I learnt many things and did sometimes craft work, embroidery, stitching or making something out of waste.
I have observed that if we spend the time in just talking or mall hopping etc..then the enjoyment is temporary and by the time we reach home, we again start feeling the vacuum in life..the vacuum of not doing anything..or spending time that s…