Monday, September 27, 2010


This sunday was daughters day...for the first time I came to know this through newspaper only.I dont believe in the days, but daughters sure are a blessings.I remember that earlier few of my friends had only daughters, so they used to envy me for my son, but today when all our children are settled, they are also living themselves and so are we.. as whether son or daughter, today everybody goes out for a job and parents always live by themselves. And in someways it is good too, as they get their freedom and looking at the girls today I think it wont be a merry ride living together.
I have never believed in the usual thinking that girls are more caring or sons are less, I think children are children and they love their parents equally, just their expressions are different. Secondly girls bring more affection and peace to family because their spouse are cool about it and  most of the girls parents also never want to rock their boat, but with boys it is not so.and then with SILs  one doesnt have much expectations also.Since DILs are given an important place in the house..of grihalakshmi, they get some responsibilities and when they dont conform, family is heart-broken.
I am blessed with a daughter who is so perfect and she has raised the bar so high in our family that every boy wants a girl like her:). When she was young, I was so possesive of her, that I used to say..even if she is married, nobody can claim any right on her, she will always remain MY daughter...and today I feel so childish, but she was more mature than me.She always had her priorities right in her life, I feel so proud of her for embracing another family with an open heart and assimilating her self so well.I wouldnt have been so proud, if she had remained my daughter only..because thats not life goes forward, one has to evolve.And I get so much of appreciation from everybody whosever comes in contact with her.Instead of she herself mommy is best,it feels good when others say that:)
A mother's pride to me lies in bringing up a girl who brings happiness to everyone and herself.Who is polite to everyone,and compassionate to unprivileged and environment.and hardworking.Sometimes she surprises me with her maturity and perseverance and her attiude to work and whenever I ask her to relax, she you always used to say that hard work never killed anybody..and she has imbibed everything I taught her so well.
Blessed are those who have daughters and lucky are the people like me who get one like her.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Effects of marriage

AmritaTagged me  by asking :-
A question to all my blog buddies. You can answer anonymously, in case you`re uncomfortable. But do answer.

Has marriage killed the girl in you?
Are you more programed, more regulated in your thoughts and deeds?
Or are you simply calmer? Assuaged?
Are you still in love?
Or are you simply loving? Caring, fond and loyal..?

What does marriage do to you?

Since the journey of my marriage has been a long be precise 35 years,it will take me some real thought to think about it.....Has marriage changed me..yes in some ways, I was the one famous listener, and marriage to a totally same type of person turned me to become a talker:)...Otherwise our home would be a silent era. And in many other things I have grown as a person, since i got married very young, I was an impulsive,hyper ,rigid and righteous to the extent of being very adamant. To me everything was in black and white, grey never existed, now I think its most of the grey, I am still righteous, but have learned to be flexible.But I was very naive, and even today when I see girls being so manipulative, saying something and doing the other thing, I wonder, do they teach this also in colleges today. I always say what is in my heart,even living with inlaws hasnt changed my mindset, I cant manipulate people.

Marriage nevr killed the girl inside me, rather  I bloomed...all the things I couldnt do before marriage, I did after watching all the movies in hall:) and learned so many things, as my life partner always encouraged me and supported me in all my hobbies.

Dont know whether I should term it as programming, but yes after marriage one learns to do something for others also. I do many things, just because they make my hubby happy..all the time I cant think what is making me happy..its always family.I have always put my family first than me, so none of my ambitions or ego, nothing comes before them. And I have learned to take everything in my and minuses earlier in my life I couldnt do many things due to the constraints of finances, then children and their education, and today because of my old MIL,but thats a part of life, when I enjoy all the privileges my husband provides, then I must take the responsibility also willingly...I know of few girls who enjoy the privileges citing it as their luck, but dont want to take responsibilities

Love means different feelings for different people, and to me its never unconditional,,because I dont think I could love my husband if he didnt care for me, so its always reciprocal, and in arranged marriage it grows with a different understanding comes.I have been conditioned to the thinking that marriages are forever, so the moment I completed my Saptpadi, I was bound to him in a sacred bond which I could never think otherwise, and we have certainly matured with time..both of us, I just wish that we had this insight earlier:)
Being disloyal, never even came to my mind,I cant even think of it, nothing could ever tempt me, I told you I am a very righteous person.To me strength of character is the first quality one must have, and this is what i have inculcated in my children too.

Marriage has given me two wonderful children who give me maximum pleasure and pain:).....and a partner who may have many priorities in life, but i am very important to him and he to me.Life is never perfect but it is good.

I wouldnt say that journey has been full of pleasure only, it had its own ups and downs, but I am happy that we managed them and reached where we are today.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This movie has generated so much of interest that it was a must for a movie addict like me to see it..asnd thats what I did:)..............................This is about two who cant pay loan to thebank, and when the bank decides to auction their land they go to a landlord for some loan. He makes fun of them and then one of his aid says that he has heard about a scheme of govt where govt sanctions one lakh ruppess to the farmer's family if he commits suicide.And when they are not able to find any respite from anywhere, elder brother manipulates younger one to do suicide..and from here the drama English channel people first deride rural news, then once they air, all others follow and be it channels, ministers or local politicians, everybody wants to get a mileage out of it, nobody is bothered either about farmers or the person's life,his family.Itas a great comment on our media, govt and police.
First half is very good, but second half just stretches, may be because story line is very thin.Actors have raised this movie above par...and best is who is going plans to commit suicide and then their mother's dialogues are natural.And his wife, she is excellent in her portrayal of a no nonsense person who may be poor but is prudent.

But this movie clearly shows how big names association helps a movie. the last year, there has been a spurt in movies with rural back ground, not that I am complaining, they deserve it too, as our majority lives there.This is the movie about two small town thieves.Naseeruddin shah and Arshad warsi, who cant pay a loan to Nasser's BIL and they are given 15 days time to recover. They find a refuge in the house of Varma(illegal arms dealer)'s house.His wife.Vidya Balan attracts both and then involves them in kidnapping an owner of steel factory who was associated with her husband and then everything goes wrong.......
They have absorbed the ambiance of eastern UP very well, and language reminds me of my hometown so much:)...Arshad Warsi is good, but I was disappointed with Naseeruddin shah, he is my favourite actor, but here he is lack lustre. Its Viday Balan who is excellent, she has done the role with a great abandon....
All in all movie is just OK,not very entertaining  in the first half.

Sleepless in Seattle...This one is so much like Indian movies where a man marries an unknown girl:), liked it for the child and Tom Hank who is looking so innocently handsome.

Curious case of Benjamin button.....very good and has a totally unique story.

Few Good Men....I saw Shaurya also, but Tom cruise and Demi Moore are much more impressive than Rahul bose and Minisha Lamba.

Disclosure...its Indian adaptation Aitraaz is much better, actors and otherwise both..Akshay, Kareena and Priyanka..this trio looked good.

Sixth Sense...Very good, the child and Bruce Willis both and entertaining too...Indian Adaptation.Hum Tum aur Ghost was also good.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


last week I went to meet one of my friend, she is a retired professor, but still keeps studying something,like social welfare etc. In the talks she told me that there had been a survey that rate of divorce is increasing in India by leaps and bounds.And in the discussions she says...Renu I have seen that all the relationships face some problems sometime or the other.But when young couple has some strife, men mostly keep it to themselves, and women, most of the time turn to their friends who are their peer group, in the same age group and facing the same problems sometimes and so their suggestions may not be very constructive or unbiased or even able to solve. Instead if they turn to someone senior who has been through that route and in the position to say.....been there done it, may be they can find some solace and some really good adviceand save the family.
This reminded me how young girls react to some little things even... are such a good cook, you are superb...
Or..You are looking so beautiful, just like aishwarya:)

I have seen that most of the time friends keep complimenting the friends, sometimes over complimenting...I know that appreciating others is a good quality and all that but when there is no genuineness, it brings disaster.because continuous friend's compliments make a person conceited, and when someone from a family has a genuine problem with them they dont take it in a right way, I have heard it from many people....

Outside everybody loves and respects me so much, its only my family who doesnt understand my value.

But these people never look inwards...and always put the blame on family for that.
Outsiders behave like that because...
it is social grace,
They meet you only for a short time,
In that period one is always on one's best behaviour.
And we also always do our best for outsiders,we speak to them nicely, never rudely, we go out of the way to be nice to them, if we call somebody we cook special foods for them , in fact work hard to maintain that image.
Whereas we take the family for granted, we dont make any efforts to be nice to them or please them and we are sometimes even rude to them.
and thats the reason in different perceptions,If the way we behave to outsiders, we follow those principles for our family, our life will be much more happier.

Friday, September 3, 2010

God Will not ask you......

  1. God wont ask you what kind of car you drove. He will ask you how many people you drove who didnt have any transportation.
  2. God wont ask you the square footage of your house.He will ask you how many people you welcomed into your house.
  3. He wont ask you about the clothes you had in your closet. He will ask you how many people you helped to clothe.
  4. God will not ask you what your highest salary was. He will ask you if you compromised your character to get it.
  5. God wont ask you what your job was.He will ask you did you do it to your best and gave it your best.
  6. God wont ask you how many friends you had. He will ask you to how many people you were friend with.
  7. God wont ask you in which neighbourhood you liuved.He will ask you how you treated your neighbour.
  8. God wont ask you about the colour of your skin,He will ask you about the content of your character........
So learn what is important.