This sunday was daughters day...for the first time I came to know this through newspaper only.I dont believe in the days, but daughters sure are a blessings.I remember that earlier few of my friends had only daughters, so they used to envy me for my son, but today when all our children are settled, they are also living themselves and so are we.. as whether son or daughter, today everybody goes out for a job and parents always live by themselves. And in someways it is good too, as they get their freedom and looking at the girls today I think it wont be a merry ride living together.
I have never believed in the usual thinking that girls are more caring or sons are less, I think children are children and they love their parents equally, just their expressions are different. Secondly girls bring more affection and peace to family because their spouse are cool about it and  most of the girls parents also never want to rock their boat, but with boys it is not so.and then with SILs  one doesnt have much expectations also.Since DILs are given an important place in the house..of grihalakshmi, they get some responsibilities and when they dont conform, family is heart-broken.
I am blessed with a daughter who is so perfect and she has raised the bar so high in our family that every boy wants a girl like her:). When she was young, I was so possesive of her, that I used to say..even if she is married, nobody can claim any right on her, she will always remain MY daughter...and today I feel so childish, but she was more mature than me.She always had her priorities right in her life, I feel so proud of her for embracing another family with an open heart and assimilating her self so well.I wouldnt have been so proud, if she had remained my daughter only..because thats not growth..as life goes forward, one has to evolve.And I get so much of appreciation from everybody whosever comes in contact with her.Instead of she herself shouting..my mommy is best,it feels good when others say that:)
A mother's pride to me lies in bringing up a girl who brings happiness to everyone and herself.Who is polite to everyone,and compassionate to unprivileged and environment.and hardworking.Sometimes she surprises me with her maturity and perseverance and her attiude to work and whenever I ask her to relax, she says..ma you always used to say that hard work never killed anybody..and she has imbibed everything I taught her so well.
Blessed are those who have daughters and lucky are the people like me who get one like her.


SG said…
You are very fortunate to have a daugher like this.
Tara said…
very true ! children are children be it girl or boy.. a true blessing .. And being a girl I feel that the greatest quality is to embrace the new family and be a part of it as u said !
Sandhya said…
I admire your daughter, Renu! You are the best mother!
dr.antony said…
Your daughter is so lucky to have a mother like you.
I have a son and a daughter.Daughters appear to be more expressive of their affection and more sentimental than sons.I don't know. It is a feeling.I know they both love us dearly.My daughter got married,she calls me at odd timings,day and night.My son tells me he doesn't want to disturb me, and calls me at my most suitable time.
dr.antony said…
Your daughter is so lucky to have a mother like you.
I have a son and a daughter.Daughters appear to be more expressive of their affection and more sentimental than sons.I don't know. It is a feeling.I know they both love us dearly.My daughter got married,she calls me at odd timings,day and night.My son tells me he doesn't want to disturb me, and calls me at my most suitable time.
I liked the last lines of post. :)
Hip Grandma said…
i remember being congratulated by unknown people when my son arrived.This was because he was born after two older daughters. this was considered to be an achievement on my part. however you are right. Sons and daughters are equally affectionate but daughters express their concern differently.you are lucky to have a daughter who is so mature and understanding.Your post touched a chord somewhere.thanks.
Madhu said…
Blessed is any child who gets a home like you :)
Renu said…
SG: yes SG I am:)..she is a precious gem in my life.

Tara: yes Tara, Its the girls only who have the power to make or break a home.

Sandhya: you are always very generous to me, thank you so much..but yes I feel blessed to have her.

Dr. Antony:.People always say that girls are more caring, but that isa the difference because of gender, my son cares for me equally and he is not lacking in anything, its only parents who discriminate with their thinking..boys are given all the responsibilities and girls all the appreciation.

Chandrika Shubham:..Thanks:)..girls are a blessing.

Hipgrandma:even when I had my first born a son..many people said..now you can relax, you dont have to worry about the gender of second child:)..but I worried, as I wanted my second child to be a girl.
I am very proud of my son and always feel that boys are unnecessarily marginalised.

Madhu:..Thank you Madhu !..sometimes I think that all parents love their children, but if the chidren turn out good its only thru god's blessings.
Jayashree said…
This post reflects all the love and affection that you have for your daughter. I feel very happy for you after reading this post.
Gouri Guha said…
I enjoyed reading your post. I feel sad I don't have a daughter. You are lucky to have a daughter like her...and a mother like you gets the credit for bringing her up with good teachings.
I also feel children are children, be it son or a daughter...my sons are very caring and feel I'm lucky to have children like them.
I was not aware of daughter's dad. Never heard of it.. yeah I feel the relationship between a mother and a daughter is just too beautiful.. they can be best friends and my mom feels lucky to have a daughter, instead of a son, since she thinks I will always be there to listen to everything she says like a best friend :)
Kanupriya said…
Hi, Loved reading this one too as always. Let me ask my mother how she remembered me on daughter's day :P
Renu said…
jayshree;...:).Thank you jayshree..parents always love their chiuldren:)

Gauri Guha:..yes exactly, I have seen many sons doing everything for their parents which we thought only daughters could do..its all about upbringing.

evanescentthoughts:.I didnt understand what you meant by daughter's dad.

I can nevr say..instead of..as to me both have their own importance in our life, but since this is one thing we cant choose, god himself gives us. we accept.
Renu said…
Kanupriya:Thanks Kanu, and I re4ad on your ma's blog that how much proud she is for you:)
Very good , and yes i beleive what you say dont need a day to celbrate liek that..

and yes Daughters are a blessing for sure.. cause i think boys sometimes beahve badly...

Glad you have children like that .. God bless them :)

I forgot to add. that such godo children obviously means they have such good parents So hats off to you, to have brought them up like that KUDOS
Babli said…
Very nice post. I feel that you are the best mother of this world and your daughter is very lucky. Though daughters are mostly attached with their father and the relationship with mother and daughter is like friends and very sweet.
chitra said…
Renu, happy you have such a good daughter, and a ma is responsible for bringing her up like that.
Renu said…
Bikramjit Singh mann:Thanks you Bikram! Boys also pamper their parents in a different way:) and make them feel very secure.

Babli: Both of my children always had a special connect with me only, its now that my son has started identifying with his father.
Dreamer said…
Such a nice post! I have a son and a daughter and I agree that you cannot say that one is more loving. Daughters are more expressive of their love, that's all. I do hope my daughter turns our like yours :)
Aw! So sweet, I'm sure your children are proud to have a mother like you.
Renu said…
Chitra: Thank you Chitra!!Thats the reason I say women have more resposibilities and instead of worrying about baseless equality we must be proud of strengtening the nation with good citizens.

Dreamer:I am sure you daughter will be evn better,its a very heartening journey.

Niveditatheperceptions: that i dont know:)
Tomz said…
You feel lucky to have got such a good daughter. But, perhaps its is more accurate the other way round. she might be more fortunate to have a mother like u...
Deeps said…
Beautiful post! I love to read all your posts where you write about your children. And this one too has been as endearing :). Yes the post reflects how wonderful they are but it also shows how well you've brought them up :)

Heres to all the wonderful children and their amazing parents :)
Renu said…
Tomz:..may be..but I think that most of the parents do evrything with keepoing their children's welfare in mind, whereas not all children are not caring.

Deeps: Thanks!Life is so much bliss if all children are wonders and parents amazing:)

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