Sunday, August 31, 2014

Are you on Whats App?

First it was Orkut, then FB and now whats APP..anybody and everybody is into it and people forward the messages without reading properly or understanding the message and sometime create mayhem:):). Recently one of my sis forwarded a message...a very simple one where it was extolled that women should look after themselves TOO..only then they can look after the family...People took it as women should give self first preference everything else comes later...

Now the circle or label of people who are in Whats app and all is such that its very difficult to find women who are sacrificing themselves or being dominated by such messages are totally useless here. Even in earlier generations I have seen many old women who kept a facade of all giving type but they were not actually so....I have seen that before serving everyone they took out the portion for themselves, because in a big family nothing may be left when they eat..not bad..actually they were prudent. Then I saw many who would eat the goodies when children were out, it was the men pampering their women.....Then I saw many women keeping fruits and dry fruits more for themselves, sometimes it was due to health reasons..but even if I am sick I wouldnt partake anything without giving it to my children and family..whatever I can afford, I would like to share...

Then I see the old mothers wanting to be put first in priority in everything....for me if there ever arises a situation where my son and I both need something, be it food or medicine or anything else, I will ask it to be given to my son first, because he is young and needs the best care as he has many responsibilities to take care of, as for me I have lived my life well, my children are settled, so a little delay wouldnt matter, and at present stage I wouldnt like me to be first priority, it should be the next generation.......but I see that in most of the families old parents be they 75 or 95 delight themselves in being the first how are they sacrificing themselves?

A good society needs people who are compassionate and take care of others, think about others,and wherever self comes first or self gratification is the most important thing, it deteriorates,we bring up the generation without ethics and integrity. yes we shouldnt let ourselves be exploited, but we should never let self interest take over everything..

And please forward those messages only which you believe in otherwise you are spreading something even you dont believe in...

Friday, August 29, 2014


In the last one month I saw many movies and would like to share the highlights only ..the best one I saw was Queen, this is the story of a simple middle class girl who is chased by one of his father's friend's son and they fall in love and their marriage is set, just before that the boys goes to London and feels that this girls is not up to his standard and ditches her on wedding day,without thinking about the prestige of her parents, financial losses and her heart break.Even his parents support him by keeping quiet.This girl had a dream of going to Paris and Amsterdam for honeymoon and since the trip was booked ,she goes alone..the way she comes out of her shell and breaks many stereotypes, forms the story and its beautiful to watch,and her ex fiancee later on wants to marry her, says sorry and all but now she has tasted freedom, freedom from a system where a girl is at the mercy of guy, he decided whether she should work or not, whether she should drink o she is independent and happy....
The best thing I liked about the characters is.... the girl doesnt get spoiled or embraces any vices, she is simple but good and intelligent and remains the same,initially she tries everything to bring her fiancee around, when he is adamant,she leaves..
Kangan Ranaut has brought life to the character..this movie is a must watch..

Holiday...This movie is worth a watch to see what committed intelligence officers can do against terrorism..there is this one dialogue....kya jaan dene ka theka sirf aarmy waalo ne le rakha ha civilians nahi de sakte.....This is the mind set we have to change, for the better good of the country, one or two lives of individuals should never be bothered with....Akshay and Sonakshi both look good...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I keep thinking that what is the main  thing that affects the most in building personality traits,
what is that core thing required ,is it upbringing? but then a parent has 4 children but they are never alike, one may be emotional, other one practical, one very straightforward in life, other one may be selfish;
 so then is it environment?......but then many poor kids who are living among criminals ,even then they are honest..........
then what iis it?   Sometimes I wonder, what is that thing which
makes a person what he/she is;
 I think basic nature is the result of permutations and combinations of genes which may be different even in siblings and the habits are acquired through upbringing, environment and surroundings. and basic nature is very difficult to change, it is  inherent and based in the psyche.

Think about it and tell me.

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