I keep thinking that what is the main  thing that affects the most in building personality traits,
what is that core thing required ,is it upbringing? but then a parent has 4 children but they are never alike, one may be emotional, other one practical, one very straightforward in life, other one may be selfish;
 so then is it environment?......but then many poor kids who are living among criminals ,even then they are honest..........
then what iis it?   Sometimes I wonder, what is that thing which
makes a person what he/she is;
 I think basic nature is the result of permutations and combinations of genes which may be different even in siblings and the habits are acquired through upbringing, environment and surroundings. and basic nature is very difficult to change, it is  inherent and based in the psyche.

Think about it and tell me.


indu chhibber said…
You have set me thinking with this post Renu.This same theme has perplexed me too.I think you are right about this being genetic to begin with.Then there is physiology to contend with.I have read many posts about psychopaths and research tells us that their brains are formed differently,so that they do not have the average emotions of sympathy or a desire for acceptance from others.Of course environment education and upbringing all troop in too.
Quite an unbeatable combination,no?
Sandhya said…
Yes, Renu!

Didn't see you for a long time. Where were you? Missed you!
SG said…
I agree with you. Rightly said.
Anilkumar Kurup said…
I cross my heart. It is all perhaps chance.
Amrita said…
The nature vs nurture debate goes on forever. Even a lot of research has not been able to give an answer to this. I personally feel, its a lot to do with nature, your nature. The trait to accept changes and education and advice is quite a bit of nature. If one has a stubborn nature by birth, it might be hard to accept good advice as one grows. As i was reading a recent book by Devdutt Pattnaik, I somehow bought his premise that our basic nature if God given, a lot of happenings are karmic and then there are some we pick up because of environmental effects.
But this is entirely my personal feeling. I have no scientific basis for this.
Avada Kedavra said…
I agree. I think most part of it has to do with genes, rather than the environment. Upbringing also has a role to play I guess, but probably very little.
Jeevan said…
You gave good thinking job to people! Though they have an inbuilt nature, the circumstances they grow influence on them lot.
Renu said…
Indu Chhibber:..yes and it always perplexes me...

Sandhya: I went to my home town for a month:)..feels nice to be missed:)

SG: Thanks!

Anil Kurup: Very big chance:)

Ammrita: you read Devdutt Patnaik, me too:)..I like his analysis.

Avada Kedavra:True..But this conclusion makes me feel so scared..that we are nothing in the design of this universe...

Jeevan:..:) I hope they do..
Enigma said…
Can't really tell. A little permutation and combination of everything I guess. :)
sm said…
society , religion, laws, everything effects and final result is personality.
Genes do play part but religion and society stops them or controls them
I think it's a combination of genes, environment and other influences.
Environment at home need not be the same for all children of the same parents. For example, it's generally seen that a first child gets much undivided attention of the parents, while the second gets less simply because there is an older child who also gets attention.
Other influences can also be different for siblings. Both may attend the same school, but have different classmates, perhaps different teachers, etc..
Further, there could be one-off events. For example, a person who sees a gruesome accident or murder could be affected by it.
Renu said…

sm:but these factors are same for siblings but sometimes they are so different... think you have analysed well...yes..I agree.

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