Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Year and my resolutions

Another year passed and again its time to think about resolutions. So far my track record has been very good, whatever I resolve, I follow, but this year what I am thinking of, needs others co-operation too. You see recently I crossed the milestone of 60..and got the proper stamp of a senior citizen( though women are considered senior citizen after 58 only)..I feel that its high time I got complete freedom from all societal pressures.Now everybody may think that at my age what pressure I can have,but this is not true.I have so many.But now I want to say that..

I will not call or talk to anybody whom  I dont want to.for whatever reason.I feel irritated with forced talk..result may be the loss of relationship,but i am ready to loose that.

I will not go anywhere, where I dont find the need to go like there are so many occasions where its just a formality to show your presence, and in the process, one spends sometimes lot of money and bears the inconvenience..most of the time its for some deaths in the families, sometimes its for marriages also..But here my belief is that if i care for someone, I do my best for them, and to them I will show my grief also, but going long distances just to give attendance is a waste of resources and i find it very awkward to condole somebody verbally.

I dont want to be extra nice to bad people..yes there are some vicious people whom you want to blast left and right and being nice to them is a strain on my energy.

I  shall voice my opinion freely without thinking of consequences :)

Dont you think that there should be a certain span of life when you live as you want?
Now friends, tell me, are my resolutions feasible, will I be able to follow them?

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