Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sometimes i find the atmosphere here so tranquil.like now I am sitting here with total silence except a few birds chirping outside, its so soothing to the mind instead of hearing the noise of horns,shouts and specially the noise produced by maids working in the house. On the other side sometimes I find living in a carpeted house total pain, as one has to all the time worry about not spilling anything.....home should be a place where one can relax..even in attitude:)
And then Indian cooking...I always sound the smoke alarm,here I came to know an interesting thing that since here the walls are made of wood, they absorb the strong aromas of spices in Asian cuisine and so the homes get a different smell forever, and are down traded.
This time I travelled by Lufthansa and for the first time business class..I realised that in the long journey seat comfort is the only thing I look for,food part one can neglect, because nobody can provide Indian food better or even equal to air India and the same I can say for the service. I have seen many airlines..BA,AA, but nothing beats our maharaja.At Frankfurt they were doing some renovation and there were complete chaos with nobody to tell us where to go and no signs, still none was complaining......It pains me to see that we can take so much of everything abroad with such calm, but go overboard in criticising when in India.Here also sometimes they dont start AC in Delta till plane is taking off, here also flights are delayed a lot.But here they never assist you much in anything, even if you are getting delayed due to the crowd, none comes forward to hurry, they are least bothered about you missing the flight, but in India there is always a call for you, an executive looking for you.
But one thing I like here is that at every counter everywhere be it market or office one is greeted with a smile and a friendly person, never with a grouchy and irritating behaviour.,,this we need to learn..etiquette's. Secondly they know how to make money..they have marketed everything they have.be it natural beauty or industry, whereas we never bother to commercialise our spots..no souvenirs,nothing.Here every city has a top station tower, city tour, boat trips, sunday markets and a few theme parks and everywhere plenty of souvenirs.
Its quite surprising for me that here nobody goes to anybody's home without invitation, and suppose if I go to them , even to give them some invitation, they wouldnt call me in, will accept it from the door only..but then sometimes this happens in Chennai also, but I like our Indian hospitality and sensibilities, even if it may be at the cost of some inconvenience, but I like everyone to come inside my home and I like to offer something.If we always keep thinking of our own comfort, inconvenience all the time we stop being a social animal which a human should be..........