Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is the award, I received from SG In his words..........She is one of my favorite blogger. She writes on different subjects and is not afraid to voice her opinions.... I am feeling so humbled and honored and cant thank him enough. I always write what I feel and what I do and can never be a hippocrate.. I know this, but being acknowledged by others is a very different feeling and has made me feel at the top of the world:) Thank you SG !
Now i would like to pass this award to......(to me a blogger is more important than his/ her writing and its more important for me to like them as a person, then only I can read them, so please bear this idiosyncracy of mine, as I would write more about the person
Amrita......For me she is an Ideal young girl.....the way I want a young generation to be..educated , working and living with her family with love and respect.
Shruti sriharsha:..She is a very sweet and a kind girl.
Swat: a modern girl with traditional values intact.
Shades of Grey:..A very nice person

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SELLING OR.............

Just the other day we got a call from an agent of some insurance company to pay us a visit. Since my H knew her H, we said to her that she was most welcome but we cant assure her that we will do some investment. She found it OK and she came. With discussions we found she didnt have much knowledge about the returns and all that, so we asked her a few things to be chked up and told her we will do something in November. But she calls again to visit us..this is the way it goes..........
she: Sir, can I make a visit today?
My H: sorry mam, today I am very busy as our MD is coming and I will reach home very late.
She No problem sir, I can come at 8.30
Now my husband already gets very little time in the weekdays at home, so we didnt want to waste that talking to her, so my H comes home and calls her...
MY H: Mam, I am busy in the meeting and will reach home very late.
She: Sir, I can come around 9PM.
It was so difficult to get rid of her, she was not taking any hint and kept telling us her half baked advice ( MY H is a pro at financial knowledge and very few can come up to his standard).....I would say its not selling..its pestering a person and making him/her so irritated that he wouldnt ever like to do business with you. My purpose in writing this episode is to make it obvious is that I dont think a sales executive should behave in such a way..when they are given training, they must be taught the difference between pursuing and pestering, judging a client..whether he is a novice or with a few investment or he is someone who has been investing for 30 years, and advice accordingly. You are not selling a soap of 30 rupees, where sometimes one buys just get rid of them. Specially in the financial sector, it is contrary to make agents indiscriminately without giving them sufficient knowledge or their capabilities.I have come across very few representative who could REALLY advice us intelligently.
Recently i saw a few Episodes of Khatro ke Khiladi..amazing show and Akshay is just marvellous in his handling..his persona comes across clearly,,such a friendly and nice person.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Reflections tagged me with a list of 20 some questions that you ask your kids, then you write up their responses as they say it & display the answers in your blog...And since here answers are to be given by my children I was waiting for them to take out time from their busy schedule:) and send me. So here they are..some more stuff about me, but from the eyes of my children... lets see how I fare? this is my litmus teat:)

Mama: What is something I always say to you?
Be a good human being.
Daughter: Honesty is the best policy.
Me: very happy to see that you remembered and followed it.

Mama: What makes me happy? Son: Love and respect.
Daughter: Anybody and everybody praising your kids :)
Me: so true:)

Mama: what makes me sad?
Son: Dishonesty.
Daughter: Seeing Poverty

Mama: How do I make you laugh?
Daughter: There are so many ways. For example, by spending oodles of time scouring for deals and then excitedly telling me that you found something and then me telling you that either you don't need it or its not worth it :)
Son: By telling us jokes u read somewhere .

Mama:What do you think I was like as a child?
Daughter: Very sincere, studious, laborious and obedient. Disclaimer: My mind has been colored by the childhood stories told by you in anticipation of this tag .
Son: Copybook! Sober and straight with NO vices at all.
Me: Thank u:)
Mama: How old am I?
Daughter: You're a child at heart :)
Son :Old enough to be our mother,
Young enough to be our friend.
Me: love u:)

Mama: How tall am I?

Daughter: So tall that You can reach wherever you want.
Son :
My son forgot to write the answer:)
Me: getting misty eyed: Guria:)

Mama: What is my favourite thing to do?
Son:internet surfing and reading.
Daughter:Watching a movie. Nobody can disturb you when you're doing that :)

Mama: What do I do when you’re not around?
Son; we have not been around for a while now. I guess you keep yourself busy through reading and internet
Daughter:(which is mostly always) blogging

Mama: If I become famous, what will it be for?
Son:Writing .
Daughter: For your thoughts/opinions

Mama: What am I really good at?
Son:Making people see the brighter side of life. Positive thinking.
Daughter:A lot of things but the most admirable is adaptability. We've changed cities so often but I've never seen you complaining. Even when you come to US, you never complain that you're getting bored - even though you're alone at home. I'm also totally amazed at how fast you can learn things if you want to. Just a few years back, you were a novice on the internet but today you're teaching different things to people in our family. When you say "Oh I googled this and found...", I can't help but smile :). That's my MOM for you!

Mama: What am I not really good at?
Son:Creating Jokes.
Daughter:Being Patient.

Mama: What is my job?
Son:Keeping the house warm and cosy.
Daughter:To worry. Yes seriously. "I hope my kids get into a good college. Oh they have?!?! Then I hope they get a good job. They did?!?! I hope they get married..." You get the point! :)

Mama: What is my favourite food?
Son:Mostly you never tell us what your favourite dishes are. But we know that you like sweet vegatables like carrot and pumpkin. Also you like mixed vegetables
Daughter: I think the latest is ice-cream :). There was a time when it was rasgulla or other bengali sweets but I don't think it is now. I don't know about favorit dish - when I was a child I used to often aks her why she doesn't make her favorite dish one day (yeah! look at me asking her to make her favorite dish! These kids!) and she said she likes everything she makes for us (papa included). I do know that she likes vegetables with a slightly sweeter tast like carrot, pumpkin, cabbage.
Me: To me , my family was the most important thing,and still it is:) I loved everything they loved

Mama: What makes you proud of me?
Son:when you buy gifts for us :)
Daughter: YOU :)

Mama: What makes me proud of you?
Son:That I am a good human being who is also intelligent, smart, cool, fun etc etc..:-))
Daughter:Ok where do I start ;), smart , talented, blah! blah:)
Me: You are all that and much more and I thank god for that every single day of my life.

Mama: What do you and I do together?
son :Chat
Daughter: We talk:), This time I leatn to sew and crochet from her.

Mama: How are we the same?
Son:Both of us are easy going.
Daughter:I have the same values.

Mama: How are you and I different?
Son:I am more easy going than you
Daughter: When it comes to clothes and fashion we are SOOOO different:)
Me: here comes my simple daughter:)

Mama: What is one thing you wish you could change about me?
Daughter:That is a mooot question_If you ask children they will have a laundry list of things they would like to change about parents :-) we have been making that list since the time we could 'think', right bhaiya?:)
Son : Nothing!
Me....bata do woh list to yeh iccha bhi poori kar denge:)

Now I would like to tag....


JP Joshi

Balwinder singh





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Strike is the word which should have been deleted from our dictionary, why for everything we stop work. Strike by pilots..I find it very unethical, they are one of the most highly paid people in the country and they are victimising the citizens as well as an airline. When we are opening the boundaries, salaries are reaching skies, we are inching towards being a developed country and here we want to go back to the days of unions, exploitations etc. When we want the high salaries, we must accept the hire & fire policy also. For a progressive country, employer must be free to do as he wants the same way as employees are free to take the job or leave it. Here they are not poor Majdoors being exploited...unless a company flourishes, employees cant benefit, and those who cant see it are short sighted. And it is literally criminal to inconvenience so many of your countrymen. At the time of recession, where any co. is fighting to stay alive, and employees harming their own company should never be forgiven. Yesterday Raja Murad said it well...that these pilots are taking the whole country as ransom...........If any employer wants to take a disciplinary action against any of his employee, its completely his prerogative, if the employee has any complaint they can go to court or consumer court, but going to a sudden strike like just not done in today's atmosphere....and then on top of that other airlines hiking the tickets is also very opportunistic and must not be allowed by Govt. Strike is akin to killing the golden goose..if you wont have a job, what will you fight for?

This is the heading in TOI today and many stories are there about how Hindus are being tortured there..wonder how many Human rights commission will take notice of it here or internationally? Will anybody raise the issue? I dont think so becuase Hindus are not the vote bank for anybody in India.

This news was very frustrating to me, as I always thought that if people like Tharoor come to politics we will have better governance and ethical people. Of course now they are saying that they are paying from their own pockets..50 lakh for Tharoor till now and one crore for Krishna only for residence,( their residences being renovated with another few lakhs or crores) and then their will be food and other expenses. What a contradiction for a poor country..where drought is being faced by millions and all the people not getting even 2 meals a day and the representatives of the people living so lavishly............But it is WE who choose them. Many politicians never vacate a house once they occupy, even if they are not in the office anymore..I think we need strict laws and their implementation to come out of this mess.
And now a little tidbit...Id is coming, when i was young I was fascinated by the people all of them who passed by in our lane were wearing new clothes and girls in all that sharara and jwellery used to look so beautiful, When I was in Warora, my friend Yaasmeen used to invite me for Sheer Kurma ( a delicious dessert), this year my brother is hosting a Iftaar party for his friends, but I will miss it:(.
ईद मुबारक !
One more new disturbed me and that was an audition by Ekta Kapoor for one of her TV programme, where she asked the aspirants to kiss the other strangers passionately, as she wanted to se eif they could do that on screen.....This is preposterous, and simply exploitation of young vulnerable youth who want to make it in glamour world. I think success has gone to her head. Not many complied to the request, some flew away from the scene.
And now the good news...In Chennai, an all women cab service....GO FOR PINK LADIES CALL TAXI has been launched, they will carry only women and children and look after their comfort level.This service has been started by a dentist... Basima Farah and her husband Arif ali

Monday, September 7, 2009

So what is the menu today?

Sandhya has tagged me for fast and furious songs, Sandhya I am still searching my mind to find them , the day I complete the nos. i will put them here.
Yesterday i was talking to my daughter and she joked that i always compelled them to eat brinjal(she dislikes it) or that they were not allowed to choose vegetables,they were supposed to eat whatever was there in the menu,as I wanted them to eat all the different vegetables, as it is nutritious, so i thought may be I did wrong, I should have pampered them like some parents do where children eat whatever they want, do wahatevr they want, behave as they want, becuase I have seen that children brought up without any discipline of any kind are very attached to their parents as they think that their parents loved them too much.....whereas my thinking was to always inculcate a certain discipline, to make them adaptable to different conditions, make them independent. and to give them healthy food, of course balanced with ocasional pampering.
According to me to bring up the children with discipline be it in lifestyle, food or anything else, needs lots of efforts on the part of parents and certain sacrifices also. But then the results are also so satisfying as the children grow up
to be healthy individuals,without any vices,
to be such a person who bring happiness wherever they go.. ,
then sometimes children might be intelligent, but they need some guidance or a little push to reach their goals .......
.But sometimes I think that all these things parents do for the welfare of kids and they (kids) benefit also,but what do the parents get...sometimes the satisfaction of watching a succesful grown up and sometimes the accusations..mummy aapne hame roj baigan khilaya:) , aapne hame itna freedom nahi diya:)ofcourse in jest:).....whereas the second type of parents enjoyed their life and let their children also enjoy..if they become good and successful, its their luck and if they dont..well there will be always someone to blame:)
But given a choice again I would like to choose the same options.....I like to have certain discipline in life, certain decorum in behaviour, and that old world quality of wanting to make others happy:), so what if it is sometimes at the cost of our happiness also, that feel is so special, nothing can replace it.And I feel very proud when I see that my children have grown up to be a very sensitive ( remember for me being sensitive means being sensitive to other's feelings), and hard working persons, for that thing only I can hear it again and again....
mummy aapne hame roj baigan khilaya ha:) .......Once we had neighbours whose daughters were friends to my daughter. And they were so pampered, that if they wanted burger daily in lunch, they will get it, and if chowmein, so be it, they ate everything of their choice at their timings(no fix timings for lunch) and the result..both the girls became very fat, but the parents were hardly bothered, I could never be like that. and sometimes even children when they grow up, complain ...why you have made me like that, why you didnt make me independent and hard working etc have ruined me.....
In matters of style, swim with the current;
in matters of principle, stand like a rock.~Thomas Jefferson~

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Since I have come back I have been quite busy, first when I came my BIL and his family( devar devrani) were here. Then last Friday suddenly I got a call from my sis that her son was having high fever and hospitalised in VIT Vellore, so the next day I went there and brought him here and then my sis and BIl both reached here..this swine flu has scared everybody so much......When I see all my siblings so emotionally attached to their offsprings, I wonder, what is the reason,is it because all of them have a single child only? why today's parents are so emotionally vulnerable ?I always tell them to do their best for their children, but dont make them your life....In the long run it brings emptiness and hurt only.........
My sis and me talked non stop( as all the sisters do:) and we discussed many everybody says..daughters are more caring and affectionate etc etc..but I dont agree with that at all because children are children, we cant make gender based assumptions, it sometime happens that the same girls who are very affectionate and caring to their parents, become the opposite of that to their inlaws, and make life difficult for the sons and they surrender to get peace.Otherwise my H has done more for his mother than his sisters, and the same for my brother, and my son takes the cake, rather the bakery:)........If at any point of life he is not able to do anything for me, I can never say that he is not good son, he is the best one could get, it is my destiny, my karma.
Then she read somehwere.....
First Americans made us love fast and junk food, now they are avoiding it.
First they got us addicted to aerated drinks, now they find it not so healthy.
First they popularised everything disposable, now they say it hurts the environment.
They only popularised the culture of spending first and earning alter on thru credit cards and now they are going back to our style of savings.
They only propagated nuclear families and I , me , myself theory and had so much of stress in life , that they look forward to us for peace, whereas we are as usual following them blindly .
What the future holds for us? what we see there.............see yourself

My sis loved Chennai, almost everything about it, but found it very expensive, even i think in the last 4 month prices have doubled, and then the govt. says inflation is going down and recession is there. When the prices are pinching me,I keep thinking about the daily earners, how they will manage. What is the point of development, if we cant afford even basics of food and house.....I look forward to the day when we also shall be able to manage our food bill from the 20 % of our salary, not the 90 % as the situation is today.


Parents..such an iconic reverent word, but are all parents really deserve it or even they give any pleasure to their children, I don’t thin...