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healthy snack-- idli chowmeen

This is one of my favourite snacks,its tasty and very healthy as its prepared without much oil.
For this the ingredients are--
1 katori semolina
1/2 katori sour curs
1tspooneno salt
1 katori cabbage finely shredded
1 " caroot julienned
1/2 katori capsicum finely chopped
" " onion chopped
green chutney
imli chutney or tomato ketchup
salt to taste
1tsp mustard seeds
chopped coriander and roasted peanuts for garnishing

1--Roast semolina lightly and then soak in sour curd for 30 minutes.
2--now put eno, a pinch of sugar in 3 tbsp water and add it to the batter, if the batter is solid add a little water mix thoroughly.
3-prepare idli of small sizes from this batter.
4- now in a sauce pan take 1 tsp oil, add mustard seeds, when they start splitting put onion, saute it for 2 minutes then add all the vegetables, salt and stir fry it 7-8 minutes, initially at high then medium heat. then add idlis to this and stir a Little.
5-For serving put this into a plate and spre…


While preparing gulabjamun from any packet if few precautions are taken, results are astounding-----
1-- After frying the gulabjamun immediately dont put them in syrup as then its outer covering dissolves sometimes a little and sometimes completely.Just put them outside for a minute and then dip them in syrup, they will taste more delicious.
2-while frying first heat the oil till its quite hot, put the balls in and take the pot off the heat, stirr and then again put it on the medium heat and keep stirring all the time, so that they brown uniformly.
3--syrup shouldnt be very thick.
4- before kneading the mix into ball, if its sieved, its better as then it turns into a smooth ball easily.

kadvi khatti meethi

This one serial is aired on star one and I just love it.Three generations of sas bahu, in a bickering comraderie,hillarious to watch.Acting is superb, all three of them Reema lagoo, supriya and sucheta.
Sarabhai versus sarabhai, this one is also very good comedy, though here daughter in law goes over the top in acting, but the way they have etched out the charaters like in Manisha's family everything is too loud and garish, be it their dress,language, home decor everything and on the other side everything in Saahil;s house is so subtle and sophisticated is very real., here Ratna pathak and satishshah both compliment each other perfectly and the icing on the cake is provided by Roshesh and sahil
And one thing I like best about these serials is that no villains here, basically all of them are nice people, I hate manipulating saas bahus and always planning conspiracies type of people, because thats not the way people in real life are.


Everywhere I keep reading about how to remain slim, or reduce fat or maintain BMI or whatver. Seems to me that it has become a ma problem major problem in everyhousehold. When that sweet plumpness turns into Obesity,nobody knows. The seed is always sown in the childhood. Everybody loves plump kids, we love to pinch rounded cheeks.Even the habits of healthy eating are also formed from the beginning only.In the childhood most of the kids are so pampered to give them what they want. For us love means feeding the person to the hilt.I remember my mother and mother-in-law always insisting on taking one more, even if a person has already eaten more than he should.So the need is to change our attitude, our meaning of love, as somebody has said-love doesnt mean just giving,it means judicial giving and judicial withholding.
I fully believe that if we really care and love somebody be it a child or an adult, we should always endeavour to enhance that person's personality in all respects phys…


This is one movie I wanted to see for a long time.Its a very simple movie about the fight of parents of a martyr against system. Captain Rohit kapoor dies on the border defending his country and is awarded mahavir chakra and a petrol pump . Initially his mother refuses to take it but later to keep his son;s memory alive they decide to get it and thus starts their journey of frustration and road blocks, as our whole system is so insensitive and corrupt that nothing moves without bribes.And if someone is upright about not giving it,he is threatened,and tortured mentally also.Here he gets solid support from Piu. fiancee of Rohit,she is rock solid and always with them, they face all sort of hurdles, even shift their house, but ultimately win their fight. Ompuri as father is just superb, rest of the cast is so-so. What I liked most was the friendly banter between father and son, and piu;s support for the right cause despite opposition from her parents. If in the role of rohit kapoor,inst…