Everywhere I keep reading about how to remain slim, or reduce fat or maintain BMI or whatver. Seems to me that it has become a ma problem major problem in everyhousehold. When that sweet plumpness turns into Obesity,nobody knows. The seed is always sown in the childhood. Everybody loves plump kids, we love to pinch rounded cheeks.Even the habits of healthy eating are also formed from the beginning only.In the childhood most of the kids are so pampered to give them what they want. For us love means feeding the person to the hilt.I remember my mother and mother-in-law always insisting on taking one more, even if a person has already eaten more than he should.So the need is to change our attitude, our meaning of love, as somebody has said-love doesnt mean just giving,it means judicial giving and judicial withholding.
I fully believe that if we really care and love somebody be it a child or an adult, we should always endeavour to enhance that person's personality in all respects physically, mentally.Thats why earlier it was said that company makes or breaks a person.In this respect, what we can give to our near and dear ones can not be measured by any standards because it enriches their lives in a way nothing can do ever.Certain principles taught to me by my father have remained with me, and they are so highly ingrained in my mind that i can never behave otherwise.And they have made me what I am today, an optimist with an idealistic attiude.
Healthy food, eaten at regular intervals and a little exercise are key to good health. It doeant mean one shouldnt eat tasty food, or not indulge oneself, that would be quite unrealistic to think about, but these binges can be left for the weekends.Spend a healthy week and then enjoy the weekends.


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