Saturday, September 24, 2016

No means No

I heard so much about Pink that it became necessary for me to watch it and watch I did;)..I have never heard so much of clapping by youngsters in the hall ever .
One thing this movie wants to establish is that NO means NO..Even if a women is a prostitute, if she is not interested in physical relationship with some one ,then forcing her is crime.and thats the way it should be everywhere.I agree and the way the young men of a influential family behave is totally abominable...why the parents have all the rules for girls only, why they dont teach boys to behave?
This is the biggest problem in our society and for this mothers are also responsible.And  the way our system is corrupt, where police writes the FIR only for influential people and victimises normal citizen,it also shows that we are loosing character due to the greed of money,and respect for moneyed.
But somehwere the life style of three protagonist also rankles me,living alone is not a crime but living recklessly is.In a country where law and order is not very good, and people are not accustomed to the girls wearing short dress, drinking , spouting obscene jokes with unknown boys, doing all this and not expecting trouble..either they are too naive or mindless.These three girls dont know those boys except one, they were friends of a friend, still they sit together , drink together and when these unknown boys invite them to a resort, they go there for dinner..what were they thinking?
We havent got an ideal society where gender doesnt matter, it matters here...And till our society becomes a real progressive one where girls will be safe everywhere, onus lies on the girls to take care of their safety..why be reckless and put yourself to danger.
In the competition to be equal to boys, girls are even copying their bad habits too.

As a movie is a visual medium, I would have liked to see some beauty also..but looks like they economised on everything...why everything so.unapealing. Amitabh bacchan looks so old.more than he really is,As his wife, if there was any good actress like Shefali chaya even...No hero,villains even look like villain or extras.

Monday, September 12, 2016


i saw Akira..because this was the only one availabe in the timings suitable to us.This is about a girl who sees some boys throwing acid on a girl for rejecting them, and wants to learn self defence, Her father(excellent cameo by Atul Kulkarni) encourages her, so when every girl wants to go to dance classes she goes to self defense and  becomes an expert and when she sees those boys again harrassing some girls she gives them a good fight, in this a boy wants throw acid on her, but she stops and it falls on his face and she is sent to a juvenile home..this is the first excuse, I dont know that in such a situation which court will find her guilty.
Her three years are wasted, so when she comes out she goes in her shell and try to study only , when they shift to Bombay with her brother,she is bullied and due to mistaken presumptions, a corrupt officer wants to kill her and puts her in mental hospital, where a mental patient helps her in getting out and otherwise,I dont know why that transgender was in mental hospital, he was quite able and good.
Then there is a heavily pregnant Inspector Rabia who is investigating the murder,I dont understand the logic to show her so pregnant..I mean she can walk or sit properly but she is sent to action..if they had given her a desk job, would have been more feasible..a very fine actress Konkona totally wasted here.
So now its left to heroine to do everything which she does..First half is ok but in the second half everything goes haywire. Anurag kashyap as the corrupt police officer is good.Only
if they had developed other characters also..
Amit sadh needed some more space.
Konkona needed a better character.
Sonakshi Sinha has done whatever she could in her half baked character.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Recently I was in Hyderabad for renting out my flat. and i cameto know that society association has decided not to allow landlords to let houses to bachelors, I find this very strange.I asked them that tomorrow your son goes somewhere for job or education and people denied him flats , how will you feel?
But they were adamant and when I talked to my nephew , he gave me enough to think about, how bachelors suffer..

  1. For them its very difficult to find a suitable dwelling due to people'e aversion to bachelors and whatever they find they end up paying more than the usual rent, though they may not be getting a high salary.
  2. Most of the people in surroundings, still consider them child and dont give them respect due as a tenant.
  3. They are admonished for everything they even if they are celebrating bdays, they are asked to stop music and stop disturbing people, whereas other residents may have pooja or bhajan or marriage ,whatever and may disturb them for whole night or day.
Isnt it time we introspected our attitude...we shouldnt be prejudiced for anything.Yes while giving them on rent, we can have conditions about cleaning or any damage or coming and going, but not giving them is unfair. Its a kind of racism only.


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