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How much I wanted to see this movie and I was kind of dissatisfied with the story.This movie is about a rich spoilt son of a hardworking self made man.And this boy changes when he falls in love, though he doesnt know it........what I liked....
Ranbirkappor..he is so cute and innocent looking and full of life
Konkona sen sharma....she is my favourite actress, though here she is not at her best.
ShikhaTalsania and NamitDas..both as friends of Ranbir are very good. also OK here, though normally I like him as he looks so dashing and suave.
In the songs I liked Man Bawra more than Iktara.

Now what didn'tgel with me....

Ranbir being so rude to his was so unbecoming.
Character of his mother played by not appealing at all, she looks pathetically gross and same for her character.
Ranbir .so young, just out of college and Konkona 27 year old..just didnt shouldnt be so blind.

I …

Lucky Tag

The Chinese tag which is supposed t o be I am bringing luck today by doing it:) was tagged by Chanz.....

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch

I am not a TV addict at all and just get irritated by soaps, where heroines are super girls, and men are good for nothing, and then every thing always go wrong:)..still I like comedy or movies or some talk shows
1. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai


3.Jhoom India or something like this was there on Sahara..singing competition.

4.Full House

5.Boy meets the world

6.Koffee with Karan


8.Everybody Loves Raymond

8 Places to eat and dine...

I always try new places everywhere, now let me see what I can remember.....

1..Raintree..chennai.(eco hotel)


3.Copper & Chimney

4.Cafe Tapas

5.Green Park.Vadapalani.


7.Hyatt and Kanishka Delhi

8.There was this one very good hotel in Nagpur , I just cant remember the name, so instead of that I will say...Ohri's at Hyderabad Central

8Things I Look Forward To

1..I am looki…

RoCKET SINGH..the sales man of the year.

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This is the movie about a young student..not so academic to get on the top, but dreaming of bright thing is clear that he knows what he wants and what he can embarks on the career of a salesman..And then he finds that sales targets are the most important thing in the career, nobody bothers how they are done. He thinks that business can be done with ethics and honesty, so he starts a mini enterprise, where few people join him one by one, and they all are partners not employees.their motto is...
They will not give any bribe to get any it watchman or the manager.
They will respect the people working with them.
For them after sale service will be more important than sales.

With these principles their company soars, initially they use the infrastructure of AYS where they work, but ultimately get caught...

This is eminently watchable film for....

RanbirKappor..he has portrayed a sardar, honests…

My experience

In my vacations i met many people in different situations with different ideas, it was quite in the train there was this old man of 70, he was going to Coimbatore, his son is commissioner in PF department.His wife's mother lives with them in Lucknow, so one of them has to live with her , so he was going alone, he said that he keeps going to his son regularly is a social animal, and if parents dont meet often to children, they will make a bonding with someone else, so to keep their relationship alive he makes the trips regularly.and though his DIL is not very good person, but then in a household where 2 people(his son and grand son ) love him so much,one person not loving doesnt matter, he always thinks about his son and grandson.

Then there was this family with three children..two daughters one son, going to kerala, I noticed that one girl was , very well dressed but very quiet,not bubbly like rest two and she never demanded anything, and took everyt…


Yesterday I saw..HAM TUM AUR GHOST and I wanted to share my experience with you all..this is a wonderful movie with a unique idea..ArshadWarsi is a fashion photographer in love with DiyaMirja (daughter of a businesstycoon who is as usual against this match), SandhyaMridul is assisting Arshad. Problem arises when Arshad starts listening some voices and then sees spirits..and then the movie takes very different turn..he comes to know that all of them want him to help in something or else.all that is very emotional and heart wrenching to see..and it gives a very warm message that even after death, our loved ones cant live in peace if we are unhappy.
Loved everything about the movie..acting of all the stars is good..Boman as the main communicator of spirits is just OK..Only thing I couldnt digest was..when Diya doubts the relationship between Arshad and Sandhya, Sandhya says that she is gay..why couldnt they show two people of opposite sex could be simply friends also, why she has to be …


yes that is name of the movie I saw.This about Ajay(Sunny Deol) and Irfaan Khan, both are police officers working together, Irfaan goes for the right, whereas Sunny thinks of the human angle.Sunny's wife (isshaKopikar) is cheating him with his own cousin only, and when he comes to know, he makes a plan to murder both and it will look like it was done in self defense. Everything happens in the same way, But irfan guesses the reality, and want to fight in the court where hissisterKonkona sen defends Sunny. Sunny wins but in the end, when he is going abroad with his son, tells the truth to his friend and for once Irfaandoesnt think of right only.
Story is good, but treatment very shabby, no good music, Sunny looks like a grandfather, Irfaan and konkona are totally wasted.

PRINCE: when the promo started coming for this movie, it fascinated me, but when I saw it is a total washout movie...its on the lines of Bourne Identity, but nothing like that at all...three girls but none of them is …


Mall road on the bank of lake.
Me & my Ma
Fruit seller in Nainital

Mothers are a blessing of god, though we all love our mother, but their real value we realise only after becoming a mother.My mom is an inspiration to me in so many thing,,the way she wants perfection in everything, whereas I want to complete everything fast:),then the enthu she has for short cuts for her, though she has been restricted by her bad health, still she cant go out with out everything in a proper way..the way she keeps her things so neatly and puts them properly in place despite her falling eyesight,She cant do walking but still she does yoga everyday for one hour without fail.
Sometimes I wonder why we start finding faults…


I was asked by to write a post on parenting and include their banner. As usual I was late for everything, then even I am not able to put their banner here for some technical reasons. Anyway I am not sending it as an entry:)

Parenting is the easiest and most difficult ask, easiest because it comes naturally to parents,its inherent, nobody teaches us but still all the basic things all parents do. And most difficult is that in most of the area there is a very fine line between two extremes.

Just the other day we were talking that most of the time the parents who dont say anything to children are more appreciated when the children grow up...whereas the parents who dont say anything are not doing good rather..

they are not guiding the children,
They are not teaching them rights and wrong,
they are not teaching them value of hard work....etc etc.

and all these virtues make the life of children much more happier and successful.The parents who nag( language of children) dont do it f…


HELLO EVERYBODY !..I have taken a long vacation and have so much to tell you but dont know where to start..first let me tell me tell you that I am listening to this song.....Pyarbharageet..LOCKargil by SonuNigam and Shreya..its so lovely, melodious, and it stops my heart completely...I like it so much that I keep repeating it..I think i like Sonu's voice:)

First i went to Hyderabad..and fast is a slow word if we are talking about this city..its changing so much..some for good and some for bad.But if one wants to see the effect of local MLA and MP then must see the small many people are making a real difference,like for the first time I saw in Rampur..that road in the market is well constructed, otherwise all our life we have travelled in rikshas in those rickety lanes:) and most of the time the person responsible fro development never gets elected again or gets the credit even as happened in Hyderabad.

In UP I heard so much about adulteration in milk and that too of so…