Friday, May 28, 2010

Lucky Tag

The Chinese tag which is supposed t o be I am bringing luck today by doing it:) was tagged by Chanz.....

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch

I am not a TV addict at all and just get irritated by soaps, where heroines are super girls, and men are good for nothing, and then every thing always go wrong:)..still I like comedy or movies or some talk shows
1. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

2.Ghar Jamai

3.Jhoom India or something like this was there on Sahara..singing competition.

4.Full House

5.Boy meets the world

6.Koffee with Karan


8.Everybody Loves Raymond

8 Places to eat and dine...

I always try new places everywhere, now let me see what I can remember.....

1..Raintree..chennai.(eco hotel)


3.Copper & Chimney

4.Cafe Tapas

5.Green Park.Vadapalani.


7.Hyatt and Kanishka Delhi

8.There was this one very good hotel in Nagpur , I just cant remember the name, so instead of that I will say...Ohri's at Hyderabad Central

8Things I Look Forward To

1..I am looking forward to see my daughter's new home.

2..for summer to end..

3.for my 2 nephew's admissions... my trip to US next month.

5..Looking forward to have grand children:)


8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1. I had three baths..oh yes it was that hot. son called.
3.Got a gift from my children.
4.Saw my bro crying because his son is going away to study:)
5. got a long awaited cheque.
6.In the dinner I planned son papdi as a dessert, and then realised it was orange flavoured, and we couldnt take it( Friday we fast)..
7.First time I fried Makhanas and they were very tasty.
8.I read Cosmopolitan and totally felt out of the place.

8 Things I love about Winter
1..I just love winter:)
2.Can drink lots of tea.
3. enjoy the sun, sit outside
4.Then we munch on peanuts.
5.winter with it brings.gajar ka halwa:)
6.Love the feel of hiding behind the quilts..its long since we had that pleasure.
7.No sweating.
8. enjoy wearing sarees and accessories.

8 Things on my Wish-list

1.I want my family to be a cohesive one where youngsters respectful to elders and elders are forgiving and generous.
2.want to live a frugal life.
3.want to love one and all.
4.want my self to be a little practice attachment with detachment.
5.want to be independent forever..physically, financially and mentally.
6-want to live near nature.
7.Be forgiving.
8.To be generous in mind and spirit both.

8 Things I am Passionate about
1. reading
3.being kind and human to everybody.
4.being Eco friendly.
5.wastage of water irritates me too much.
6.want to buy only what I can use.
7. Dont like our culture of over feeding our guests and family, and buying everything more than we need as I feel that whenever we take anything extra, we snatch some one else's share, as god has made everything sufficient for all the people.
8.I believe in sharing.

8 Words/Phrases I often use
1. I read
3.Hey bhagwan

8 Things I learnt from the past
1. Dont expect anything from anyone as expectations always bring unhappiness.
2.Be circumspect.
3.Learn the boundaries of every relationship and respect them.
4.Neither exploit anyone, nor let yourself be taken for granted.
5.Dont run after anyone, as people are like shadow.
6. Never be rude to anyone, words hurt more than actions even.
7.Always do good, and it is bound to come back to you.
8. Never ever shirk from your duties, however cumbersome they may sound to you,, as they are the ultimate test of our character.

8 Places I would like to go /Visit

1.Ooty..though I have been there once, I want to go again.
8.Mount Abu

8 Things I currently need/want.....
I dont need anything at present, I have everything Iwant, I just need people:)

8 Blogging Buddies I want to Tag
3.Chandrika Shubham
5.Gauri Guha
7.Poonam J

Few numbers are left:)..I will try to fill them later on.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for tagging!!! I will do! :) :)
And damn fun it is! :)

Sandhya said...

Nice to know more things about you, Renu! You are a kind person.

Will I be able to fill up the numbers? I doubt! I will try to do it.

Chanz said...

wow... i dont really find people who talk about being eco friendly...

I think thats the importance of reading the blog of someone who is experienced like u..

Shrutzz said...

Few lines and words, I re-read since it was very pleasing to my mind....good one!!!! Especially the Forgiving others and expectations true....

I know you have written all this from your past experience and as a person you are, most of it a lesson for me this year :)


( U did'nt tag me :(((( ))

Hey u going to US? when? visitng your son? Lovelyyyyyyyyy

Renu said...

Niveditatheperceptions:...Would love to see you doing it.

Sandhya:..Try it Sandhya..You will do it better than me.

Chanz:..I am very particular about not wasting any natural water,paper and fuel be it gas or petrol.

Shrutzz: If you like take up this tag..I didnt tag, because I thought since you havent done the last one, may be you dont like tagging.

Yes Shruti Life is the biggest teacher, but only if you are a good student.

I am going to my daughter...:)

Tomz said...

Hey..Thanks for tagging me..and it was a nice interview kind thing...very interesting qns..and I will answer them when I feel fully confident to answer them..

Sparkling said...

OMG!! (I actually say these as individual letters and not the words!)

Gosh! You're so content in life, lucky you! :)
I love gajar ka halwa even when it's summer...I just can't indulge though and I hate that!

You're passionate about being eco friendly! Wow! I wish someday each one of us feel the same way...we could sure say then that the world is indeed a better place to live in.

You Did Whaaat?! said...

Great blog you have here :) Check mine out:

Renu said...

sparkling: you caught me there:)..OMG..

When You come to my age, you will be as contented as I am, as we get everything with time:)

Even I cant indulge myself..but we can atleast taste it:)

I was eco friendly even at that time when not many talked about it.

You Did Whaat: welcome here ! and thanks too !, I hope to see you here often.

Rajesh said...

Very good choices.

Jay said...

Hy Renu,
Thanx for stopping by 'Tasty Appetite' n for your motivating comments...They really mean a lot to me...
YOu have a very interesting space here...would be visitin here often..:)

Manjunath said...

when ever i see tagging post in blogs! i always wonder who started it :)

Gouri Guha said...

Thanks dear for tagging. Surely will do it...and all that 8...ufh!!!

Nice to know more about you.
Renu, if you can please visit my food blog 'Didibhai's Kitchen'.

Madhu said...

Nice to know more about you Renu! But i was hoping to find Toronto in the list of places you want to visit. We could have coffee together :)

starry said...

This was a interesting and fun tag to read.loved all your answers.

Renu said...

Rajesh: welcome here !

Jay: welcome here Jay!

Manjunath: this is like that..what came first chicken or egg:)

Gauri Guha:..You have got agood food blog...I will be a regular there:)

Madhu:..OH Madhu:) really Toronto is a lovely place, my sis also loves it...last year I went there, but that time I didnt know you, this time I am making a short trip, so going to US only:(

Starry: Thank you Lalitha!

Deeps said...

It was lovely knowing a bit more about you, Renu. Enjoyed reading the tag.

Oh yes I'm so looking forward to saying bye-bye-to Summer too. I prefer winter any day.

Renu said...

Deeps: Now with global warming summers are extended...

sindhu said...

You seem to be such a nice person..nice thoughts and sustainable living etc...
But I always wonder how it is possible to be attached yet detached in is difficult, right!

SG said...

Now we know more information about you. And, welcome to USA next month. I am sure you will have a great time.

Thanks for tagging me. I hope by tagging SG, you meant me. When I clicked SG in your post, the link went somewhere else. Thanks.

Renu said...

sindhu: thanks for being so nice!..detachment possible, only we have to practice and encourage some hobbies for us.

SG: Yeah even I am sure of having a good time there:)

Sorry for messing up..I know one SG only:)

25BAR said...


PG said...

enjoyed reading it. Wish you good fun in the US! Write about it once you come back.

sunder said...

Nice to know more about you....places to visit? all are inside India?

Reflections said...

Liked ur 8 things I learnt from the past...agree, agree:-))

Where is Binsar and whts so special there???

Piper .. said...

Renu, that was a fun read! You read Cosmopolitan??!! :):) I`m sitting here smiling!

Manjunath said...

hmmmmmmm.... no posts since long time full buzy?

Renu said...

25 Bar: welcome here !


Sundar:..Overseas..I think most of the places are same...or should I say similar..but in India they are different aswell as they have some special significance.

Reflections:.Binsar is place.where nature is at its best..and nlike that:)

manjunath: I have been travelling so much in the last month,that didnt get time to think..Thank you for pinging:):)

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