Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Recently an army man's suicide made me think about it..Generally suicide is considered a crime, even insurance doesnt pay for it and here Delhi Govt. promised one crore to his family.isnt it instigating people to do it..because ours is a poor country and one crore is a big amount.Govt. should pay where its right, legal and required.Not to someone who is doing a crime.

I have seen many people commiting suicide due to different reasons, family feud, marital discord, poverty.etc etc. and most of the time some or other people are blamed for their act. But according to me,no where we can blame others for that..its like this..In life many people are getting exploited but not everyone becomes Phoolan devi and this is not the course we can advocate.Life is difficult for everyone at sometime..and one has to face it .

I saw one youngman committing suicide after marital discord with wife..now tell me there may be a divorce also and there are many other people who needed him and this was 35 years back when anti dowry act was not so popular.

Many time I have seen people acting differently and depressed, but then nobody bothers, they should get medical help, but blaming others.. family members or office colleagues or boss or society is not right.

We can do multiple things to make a better society and living environment, but blaming others is not one of them.

From the beginning, one must inculcate the feeling that adults have all the responsibility for their own life..how they live, or how they treat it.

We are a society of blamers.....some body doesnt work hard..but not getting promotion is boss' bad attitude or the eaisest way to say is because I dont do buttering.
Road is dirty.blame the govt..but we will always throw the trash there.
I didint get the job..not because I may not be worthy of it, but because i didnt have a push
We never take responsibility for our actions.


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