Friday, July 31, 2015

Media and its priority

I am very saddened to see the news in last one week.

 A respected and revered person,s funeral gets second page whereas a convicts hanging gets full and front page. What is considered news now a days?

Then victims of Bomb blasts hardly get mentioned anywhere, may be a small corner somewhere, nobody wants to see their miserable life,but they are busy in the moods of criminals.

yes we are in a country where people like to read about prisoners mood and food but nobody is bothered about general public's plight.

Media is always fanning the passions in the wrong direction, earlier nobody wanted to comment on anything subjudice, but today every Tom Dick and harry has an opinion and on all serious issues and they  are trivialised either for personal gain or fame.

Imagine  all sort of people giving advice to supreme court. If people had such strong opinions, then why dont they fight it in court, why have a media trial?..otherwise whats the point of having law system.

Capital punishment should be there or not, is a separate issue and should be discussed separately, but as long as its there in our law system, nobody can say that it shouldnt be given.

So much is being done by good people but they get no mention anywhere, so much is needed to be done but nobody brings it to light, they are so busy with trivia.

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