normally we people are most talkative tribe..we talk all the time, but I feel very irritated when

People visiting us dont sit because they dont have time but talk one hour at the door while saying bye..

when I go to the bank, and people working behind the counter are either busy at the phone or talking with their colleagues, while the customer sits there fuming...

When I go to nearby store and the attendant there works like a zombie in sleep..taking all the time for just keeping my bad and giving me token.-

I go to some govt office for some documents, and people responsible for that are relaxing,chatting with all the time in the world at their disposal, whereas a long queue of people is waiting in front of them for their work.

I go to this nearest mall and the security women at the gate are all sitting together and talking, joking,neglecting their job of watching the entrants...and putting the security of the people at risk.

When at the security checkup at airports..people sitting at scanners are talking and taking their job lightly and again putting many lives at risk....

When I see a man on scooter driving with his head tilted on one side because he is balancing his mobile while talking..again putting many at risk...

Cant we have some rule which denies them talking...not while at all your talking at your leisure time, but please be sincere in your profession...


indu chhibber said…
I agree with you renu,you have rounded them all up very nicely.
Your blog is very interesting,i am going to another post now.
anilkurup said…
Your observations are absolute. But the most offensive talking folks are the ones you mentioned in the beginning of your post- the ones who has no time to sit , but talks non stop for an hour at the door.
AS said…
that's a major issue. I too get sick of pple talking constantly, on roads, in eateries and even on roads. they have no shame in doing all this that disturbs others.
Asha said…
yes all the above and it is irritating when the Dr in the cabin is talking on his cell phone while his patients are waiting beyond the appointed time.

and while the shop keepers are mindlessly talking on mobiles while the customers are waiting
Amrita said…
hehehe trueeeeeeeeeeee i hate ppl who talk while on the job
and ppl who keep on tapping on their mobile phones or are jabbering something and delaying everyone behind them... as in what is sooooooooooo important tht u cant make time for it later. as u say - talk in ur leisure
Renu said…
Indu Chhiber: Thank Indu, you made my day:)

Anil Kurup:I feel totally frustrated with all these people.

AS: I think we must find a way to tell them...

Asha: its very frustrating with doctors, because patients are in discomfort and they are relaxing without a bother.

Amrita: exactly...secondly one should be sincere to the profession, which they are not being here..
Usha Menon said…
Yes Renu it very irritating to hear blah, blah, blah when you are waiting patiently and the person on the other side goes on and on.
Gouri Guha said…
You have hit the nail hard on the head about these talkative people. Renu, I hate most those who talk all the time on mobile phones, specially when driving a car or a two wheeler.
At times i wonder why do some people have to talk soooo much and about what? ...something sensitive at times or totally insensitive...
Nice post, enjoyed the read.

chitra said…
I too agree with all you said..Most of the people take the work for granted commitment is missing.
Regardless of safety rules people are happy chatting on mobiles while travelling. there is no rule in place or if rules are there it is flouted.
SG said…
I hate those people who talk all the time and never allow anyone else to say anything.
sm said…
well written
yes talking and talking
Renu said…
Usha Menon: exactly..

Gauri Guha: Thanks Gauri !they need lessons in civic behaviour..

Chitra:Work ethics are not good here..

SG: who doesnt:)

sm: Thanks:)
Dilip said…
An interesting post. I agree entirely with your views on most of us loving to chat talk ceaselessly.

The best mantra some one once said
"Kam bolo (speak less)
Dhire bolo (talk softly)
Meetha bolo" (talk sweetly)

BTW I am curious to the meaning of "Anoobhooti" and its difference from "Anubhav"!

Cheers :)

Renu said…
Dilip: Thanks Dilip !.
this mantra is best but not many people follow it..

Anubhav is..experience, and anoobhooti means..feelings:)
Reflections said…
Very true Renu. It happens here also....we will be patiently standing in queue for something and the person[the local women usually;-S] at the counter will be on the phone or chewing sunflower seeds or doing work like as if we r forcing her to work;-/.
And in India I find most cashiers at the store[any store...Bigbazaar, almost any store] with grumpy faces, like they are doing us a favour. Arrey how much energy does it take to have a pleasant smiling face. Sometimes I just want to go to the manager and complain;-/.
Niedhie said…
I exactly know what you mean, I have myself felt this way many a times... People just take jobs for the sake of it without realizing that they have denied somebody probably more worthy of the opportunity.

Positive side: there are good people out there too who do their job effortlessly! I guess this is how the world is made up of, a mix of high and low caliber individuals.
Rahul Bhatia said…
Absolutely relevant and the observations are bang on!
Jeevan said…
You are right absolutely! These things totally irritate... sitting beside those drive while at phone used to threaten me more.
Sandhya said…
I agree with you, Renu! I hate people talking while driving and while crossing the roads on their mobiles. I wonder what they talk while driving and riding a two wheeler!

I had a health check up a few months back. While undergoing the treadmill test, the girl asked me to walk on the machine, turned and started chatting with her friend. I was new to this machine. I started panting. Then another patient called the girl and asked her to check me. I was scared, actually at that time. Thank god everything was OK.
ashok said…
Totally agree....less talk more action is my philosophy too
Professionalism is quite absent in our work style. And if someone actually tries to do keep his attention on work at workplace, he gets labeled a loner :)
Contest said…
interesting post
thanks for sharing
Rahul Bhatia said…
So difficult to keep balance of what flows from a single tongue to what two poor ears have to hear:(
Dilip said…
Nice post.The mantra which I was taught is "Kam bolo meetha bolo"!

Do have a look at

Cheers :)
Dilip said…
Wow I think I gave a repeat comments please excuse :(

And many thanks Renu for explaining the meaning - Anubhav is..experience, and anoobhooti means..feelings:)

Talking (for them) seems to have become some form of self-entertainment, not communication :)

Destination Infinity
Very much applicable even outside professional lives. What with the so called smart phones making all family members idiots, there is no time for anyone. We unfortunately can't put rules to save the relationships because people don't get time.

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