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St. Peters Church, Montreal -----this ois a beautiful place, but with lot of stairs, so I didnt go all the way:)

Montreal Downtown--St. Catherine St...lovely place to roam around, and good chances of finding a good deal also:)

Eaton Square, Toronto.......Since that day MJ died, so one of his fan was drawingthis obituary on the entrance..picture and few lines.

Ottawa Downtown ....on Canada was so lively there..everybody enjoying and having fun celebrating it.

The vibrant n lively Clifton Hill/Street @ Niagara Falls.........this street looks like a theme park, what with all those fancy rides, restaurant and shops.

Clifton Hill/Street contd....

The beautiful and magnificent Niagara Falls -----you can see the row of tourists on american side in yellow raincoats.

Another marvellous view of the falls, with the maid of the mist boat right in the middle. The maid of the mist boat is the most popular ride there, which takes you right in the centre of the falls and this experience of b…


Lately i have been reading many books, but I just loved these two books , so I want to share my views.......

I was delighted when somebody gifted this book to my son, as it has been on my to read list for a long time. Initially when I started reading it,I was a little skeptical It was like...a criminal is writing such holistic things, but slowly it grows on you. This is about Bombay , actually India as seen from the eyes of a foreigner and its a lovely description of very little things and how we as a Indian react to so many things. This is the account of a person whose love for India comes through in every line, but mind it, he is not dreaming anything, it is as realistic as our life in itself. This is what I loved. The Slumdog millionaire's account of slums and everything about India came as is India seen by people who deride it,and dislike it. But here a person writes about reality..what he felt and experienced when he came here. And he says India is all heart...s…

END OF MY TRIP TO CANADA..niagra falls and Montreal

I saw many things in Museum of Civilastion...its a beautiful place to see and there in Imax all the time documentaries are shown, My BIL very much wanted me to see one, but unfortunately english show didnt coincide with our plan. Actually there french is more common, even in Zurich, many office bearer say that here first it is German, then French, then Italian and then if needed some Spanish, but no English, why should they know and speak English.....Isnt it surprising for us Indians who think that English is the language of the world:).
And then we went for Parliament tour, imagin me, being an Indian havent ever been to Indian evrything is commercialised, why dont we do the same in India..but frankly these tours are free and their Library is most amazing and beautiful, but they dont allow to take photographs. Roofs there have the pictures of different things, sometimes countries symbols or agricultural.We were shown house of commons and all that.