Monday, January 4, 2016

some baby products

Recently I came to know about some baby products manufactured by Curatio healthcare co.They are manufactured after lot of research and they specialise in dermatology.You may check their website Since my children were coming, so I waited for them to try these products.

One of them is  B4 NAPPI WIPES..These are quite good, almost as good as we get abroad,.soft,smells good and is 99/ for 30 wipes..

Second one we tried was nappy cream..This one is very good, though its meant for babies only at every diaper change, personally I think anyone can use it for rashes, very effective.

Third one is Shampoo..SPOO..its tear free,Clinically its good,good for baby,s scalp and no fragrance.
Its 155/ for 75 ml

Then there is one spray..Melipox..anti itch spray..about it, i was very happy because my children get lot of itching here, due to humidity, mosquito bites and heat.So I tried it, it was mildly effective..

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