Sunday, September 29, 2013


I saw Ranjhna and just loved it...Dhanush is the best part about it,I loved him and realised that he is not a big star for nothing... and  Sonam is also very good, and all other characters and ambiance, and dialogues,dances and music, everything has contributed.Sonam looks like a girl for whom someone can be so obsessed. Abhay deol has a small role but fits to the T. I wish the director had finished the story where Abhay dies, because after that its more of a political statement than love story.First half is excellent and this movie is definitely worth watching..for  Dhanush dancing as benaras boy,Sonam looking so beautiful and then  efficient as an activist in a college, with all the other little nuances like golguppa eating, narrow lanes of Benaras....
Watching this story, something came to my mind....that everyone wants to love whoever he'she loves and want reciprocation, but nobody care for the people who love them.....Like Dhanush loves Sonam but neglects Swara Bhaskar who loves him....This is a very common flaw in humans, I always tell everybody that to recognise and value those who love us is more important in life than people whom we love..

Its not a patch on the first one, but Sonakshi Sinha is a delight to watch in a simple and nice girl, then a little bit Imran khan too. Akshay is a total misfit in the role, I kept remembering Ajay Devgan.One or two songs are melodious.Akshay's dialogues are also not fitting like at one place he says....agar bhagwan bhi tumhe dekh le to bhakt ho jaaye....he is a Muslim and they dont use bhagwan and bhakt, instead allah and mureed.
would have looked better if they had used better language and more of urdu.
In the end too, three people get a bullet..akshay..his gang looks after him, Imran, sonakshi takes care and one Police officer and he lies uncared..its shown as if police doesnt exist in Mumbai, its only gangsters, I felt very bad and sad too..this type of treatment, I dont like..would have looked better it they had shown police also better looking( means better actors), and a little efficient too..that make for a better watching...first thing in reality police is not so inefficient, secondly even if they are, showing them like that in the end is not moral boosting for the public.
Watch it only for Sonakshi Sinha.

Except one song..ambarsariya...I dont think there is anything much to action, cheap language, good for nothing youngsters who neither study, nor have any good morals.

Friday, September 27, 2013


1---YES and NO are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.
1---Come to us with a problem only if you want help in solving it. That is what we do. Sympathy
is what your girlfriends are for..t..Please note......these are all numbered 1 on purpose.
1---Shopping is NOT a sport. And we are never going to take it that way.
1---crying is blackmail.
1---Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this as;
Subtle hints dont work.
Strong hints dont work.
Obvious hints dont work

1--A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.
1---Anything we said 6 months ago is an admissible in an argumentInfact all comments become
null and void after 7 days.
1---If you think you are fat then probably you are, dont ask us.
1---If something we said can be interpreted in two ways and one of that makes you sad or angry
we meant the other one.
1---You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done, not both. If you alrea
dy know how best to do it, just do it yourself.
1--- Whenever possible,please say whatever you want to say during commercials.
1---Christopher Columbus didnt need directions and neither do we.
1---All men see only in 16 colours like windows default system. Peach for example is a fruit
and so is pumpkin. We have no idea what is mauve.
1--If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing", we act like nothing is wrong. We know you
are lying,but it is just not worth the hassle.
1---If you ask a question, you dont want an answer to,expect an answer you dont want to
1---When we have to go somewhere , absolutely anything you wear is fine really.
1---You have enough clothes.
1---You have too many shoes.
1---I am in shape, round is a shape.


Monday, September 23, 2013


Today when i see the new generation, I find them so different from our types, yes its natural as we are from a different generation but somethings are forever ..atleast I feel like that..Like..

I am a housewife, so for last 40 years, whatever time my husband goes to work, i am always up,look after his breakfast and if required give him ;lunch whatever and then give him an affectionate bye:)...
Now today's scenario..neither wives bother, nor husbands need them, everybody is on his own for these what you want, when you want, how you want..
..For us living for the other  showed our bond , our love and commitment, and this is just one thing, I see many points like that which is why today bonds are not so strong and secure.

Today young mothers are obsessed with their it their food, clothes, classes, everything they aspire for, should be more than then can afford even.Once i saw that a mother was taking the picture of daughter who was on the swing,and father was helping her, so the mother asked father to move, as she wanted the picture of only the daughter is not modelling, a picture with father will look better even.This type of exclusivity I find totally unwanted and un appealingand sometime rude too.For mothers, nobody exists in their planet be it husband or other family members except their child.I fear that these children may grow up into self centred adults...because everybody is adjusted according to them

Whereas we had an inclusive family where leave aside our parents, even other relatives also came and were looked after, as we adjusted everything and it didnt mean that we loved our children any less, but for us way of life was different ......we lived not for self only, it included others also.

what do you think?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

trip to madurai kodai, rameshwaram and kanyakumari

Earlier when we were in Hyderabad we planned a trip to all these places all together.we went in August but it was very hot in Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram, I think its better to go in winter like from nov. to February.we took Charminar express from Hyderabad to CChennai and reached Chennai in the morning. There we had to wait at the platform as our next train vagai express was at noon. From vagai express we went to Madurai, this is quite good train with chair car facility. we reached Madurai around 8pm, took a hotel, had a bath and came out for dinner and for booking of our onward trips Food and lodging both is good and plenty and reasonable in Madurai. To our surprise many people were speaking Hindi and sometimes they told us themselves that they know Hindi we can converse in Hindi:)

Next day we went to meenakshi temple in the morning ourselves as were staying very near to the temple.This is a huge temple with some unique statues, many type of poojas were going on, we took a guide and just for Rs.50/ he helped us a lot, apprised us all the details and the stories connected to the temple and how ll the poojas should be done.We did all that and felt very happy.
I had thought long time back that I will go to Meenakshi temple some time, this time god made it possible for us.Then there are some shops outside, Madurai is famous for its madurai silk and cotton. I bought a few sarees and then had lunch.

After lunch we took a conducted tour of Madurai, good for getting a feel of the city. I am a lover of historic places and very much interested in other cultures and everything about good for me, and we saw many ancient temples..

Around 9.30 we took out conducted tour for Rameshwaram,sat in the bus and around 1.30 we reached there, since we had demanded delux lodgings, he gave us a non ac room,not very good, the only redeeming point about it was that from the window we could see the see, fishing boats and all.Otherwise in these tours hotels provided were not upto the mark.In the morning at 5 a guide came for us, he took us to take a dip in the sea at the time of sunrise and then we went to to 22kund(wells) one by one where he would take out 2 buckets of water and pour over us.It was a magic moment for us,I could not believe that I am in Rameshwaram.This temple is very huge with 1000 pillars, and many shivlings there.There is a story about it, when lord Rama was preparing to cross the sea, he asked Hanuman to bring a shivling. When hanumanji was delayed Lord prepared a shivling then and there himself and started worshipping, and then Hanumaanji came. So bhagwan asked him to move the shivling he has made and at its place put the one he had brought. But Hanumaan ji could not move it.It was a defining moment for him. He understood the bhagwan had done all this to tell him his place as he was getting too proud.

After the bath there we did pooja and abhishekam and then came to the hotel for breakfast and lunch. I felt so bad that the place with so much religious importance is full of poverty and misery.I had the lunch of Daal baati choorma , took a stroll and then sat in the bus around 1.30 for the return journey. While returning we saw the temple where the two stone chosen by Neel in ramayana are still floating in a water.

Reached around 5.30-6pm at madurai, took a hotel for freshening up and then again took the bus at 9.30 to kanyakumaari., reached there at2.30 or 3, slept a little and around 5.30 we went to see the sunrise.Its an amazing experience. In the morning everything there looks so beautiful, but our tour operator bungled everything, initially he said he will show us sunrise and then leave us at hotel to get ready and after that we will for sight seeing.But instead he didnt leave us at the hotel, so we did the sightseeing without freshening up, couldnt enjoy to the fullest.Took a ferry to see  rock and foot prints of parvati and then went to see the famous temple.In kanyakumaari there is so much to see that I realised we should have stayed there for one more day.any way there is always a next time.Again we came back to hotel and then after bath went to see the market and Chamunda temple. Kanyakumari is a beautiful place worth staying there, with many hotels in and around the sea.I didnt know that there is a train from madurai to kanyakumari, because train is always better than the bus.After the lunch we took back the bus for madurai, reached madurai around 7.30 or 8 and stayed at a hotel for a night.
Rameshwaram temple

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This book is about Zoya Solanki who was born the minute India won world cup, and so she is considered lucky for cricket team.She works in advertising.When Indian team wins few match with her presence and loose a few when she is absent, many people get superstitious and some try to bring their politics there, like The head of BCCI Jagpal Lohiya who wants to bring his boy as the captain thru this, some political party wants to make her devi and stand in elections,some want her to endorse their products.Between all this she and the captain of Indian team Nikhil KHoda fall in love.
Starting is not very interesting and language is totally insipid and boring, literal translation of Hindi idioms and all like..what does his father's go...really irritates...Later on the plot becomes interesting, though main characters are quite filmi...Zoya is an ordinary short girl, wheres hero Nikhil Khoda is some one from M & B type variety..

You may read it, if you have free time, nothing more..

Monday, September 16, 2013


Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us,
and the art of life is to get the message
Malcolm Muggeridge

This time I have been absent  from the blogging for a long period, I hope my blogger  friends havent forgotten me. Actually I was out of country, went to spend some time with my grand son. He is a total delight as he has started talking.I was all the time dancing to his tunes forgetting everything, my comfort, my free time, my tea:). But as soon as my husband reached there little one discarded me in his favour. Now it was only daadu, daadi go away..though it was only for 3-4 days, then he came back to me as nobody could serve him better than me:):). But this taught me a lesson , yes we can learn from day to day things also..I realised that whatever we do for anyone we are not indispensable to them, so never get too attached to anyone in your life to your satisfaction but of course doing the right thing.....and that way you will have minimum regrets in life.....
Now a days I am reading Zoya Factor, and while there I finished Mountains Echoed


I was always of the opinion that we are better off because we dont have divorces so much.because i feel that divorce always makes a very St...