I saw Ranjhna and just loved it...Dhanush is the best part about it,I loved him and realised that he is not a big star for nothing... and  Sonam is also very good, and all other characters and ambiance, and dialogues,dances and music, everything has contributed.Sonam looks like a girl for whom someone can be so obsessed. Abhay deol has a small role but fits to the T. I wish the director had finished the story where Abhay dies, because after that its more of a political statement than love story.First half is excellent and this movie is definitely worth watching..for  Dhanush dancing as benaras boy,Sonam looking so beautiful and then  efficient as an activist in a college, with all the other little nuances like golguppa eating, narrow lanes of Benaras....
Watching this story, something came to my mind....that everyone wants to love whoever he'she loves and want reciprocation, but nobody care for the people who love them.....Like Dhanush loves Sonam but neglects Swara Bhaskar who loves him....This is a very common flaw in humans, I always tell everybody that to recognise and value those who love us is more important in life than people whom we love..

Its not a patch on the first one, but Sonakshi Sinha is a delight to watch in a simple and nice girl, then a little bit Imran khan too. Akshay is a total misfit in the role, I kept remembering Ajay Devgan.One or two songs are melodious.Akshay's dialogues are also not fitting like at one place he says....agar bhagwan bhi tumhe dekh le to bhakt ho jaaye....he is a Muslim and they dont use bhagwan and bhakt, instead allah and mureed.
would have looked better if they had used better language and more of urdu.
In the end too, three people get a bullet..akshay..his gang looks after him, Imran, sonakshi takes care and one Police officer and he lies uncared..its shown as if police doesnt exist in Mumbai, its only gangsters, I felt very bad and sad too..this type of treatment, I dont like..would have looked better it they had shown police also better looking( means better actors), and a little efficient too..that make for a better watching...first thing in reality police is not so inefficient, secondly even if they are, showing them like that in the end is not moral boosting for the public.
Watch it only for Sonakshi Sinha.

Except one song..ambarsariya...I dont think there is anything much to say....cheap action, cheap language, good for nothing youngsters who neither study, nor have any good morals.


Ankita said…
nice reviews! I find Sonakshi a bit over weight to fit in with most heroes. 'Amersariya' is a lovely song indeed!
Rama Ananth said…
Even i liked the first movie , but only to some extent, and i too felt it was just dragging too much. I liked the other girl who was in love with Dhanush.
It goes to show such actors like Dhanush who have absolutely no physic nor personality, still capture people's heart with their acting and in this he takes after his father in law.
Sandhya said…
I watched 'Ranjnaa' yesterday and loved it. The music by Rahman also was very good. I knew that Dhanush was a good actor not not like this and that too in a Hindi movie. He was too good. He speaks Hindi very well. No accent at all like Rajni and Kamal! Sonam also did a very good job. I don't like Abhay...his voice also is not good. No chance for acting too! Dhanush blocked everyone.

Dhanush's friend and his sister also did very well. Worth watching.

I haven't seen the next two movies.

Very good review, Renu!
Pattu Raj said…
Yeah Danush is pretty good. But he dos that same acting in every movie.
Renu said…
Ankita: yes, here also at some places she looks heavy but she acts well.

Rama: ..I feel Dhanush has a lovely personality..gentleness oozes out from him, even when I see his pictures of real life...

Sandhya: I dont know whether dialogues were dubbed or not..but he is awesome there.... real hero material..
I like Abhay Deol also, seen his other movies, he is not in the league of Dhanush but ok:)

Pattu Raj: I saw his first movie and just loved him:)
Asha said…
I liked Raanjhana too, especially the cinematography. Benaras is beautifully shot. Superliked all the actors.
Chatty Wren said…
I just heard the song 'Ambarasiya' yesterday, and loved it. Did not like 'Raanjhana' much. Yes, the points you brought about love being reciprocated are very apt, but generally you can't be loved equally the way you love or sometimes in the same way.
Amrita said…
i too wish ranjhna had got over when AD died.. after that it seemed a drag
though the movie was not my cuppa tea at alllllllllllll :D
yet to see the other movies :)
sm said…
havent seen any of the movie
good review
Renu said…
Asha; Benaras is so captivating, I love to even read those novels which are based there..

Chatty wren: true...my point is that we must value people who love us more than those whom we love.

Amrita:..accha...I always like love stories..

sm: Thanks!

I'm not the kind who'd watch movies, but I did watch Ranjhana. Beautiful it was.
Gouri Guha said…
Liked your review, but missed seeing both...waiting time...

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