Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This book is about Zoya Solanki who was born the minute India won world cup, and so she is considered lucky for cricket team.She works in advertising.When Indian team wins few match with her presence and loose a few when she is absent, many people get superstitious and some try to bring their politics there, like The head of BCCI Jagpal Lohiya who wants to bring his boy as the captain thru this, some political party wants to make her devi and stand in elections,some want her to endorse their products.Between all this she and the captain of Indian team Nikhil KHoda fall in love.
Starting is not very interesting and language is totally insipid and boring, literal translation of Hindi idioms and all like..what does his father's go...really irritates...Later on the plot becomes interesting, though main characters are quite filmi...Zoya is an ordinary short girl, wheres hero Nikhil Khoda is some one from M & B type variety..

You may read it, if you have free time, nothing more..


SG said...

Thanks for the warning. Will stay away from this book.

Dilip said...

The review was quite balanced and fair to both - the author and to prospective readers. Many thanks.

Renu said...


Dilip:.Thanks !

sm said...

nice review
story plot looks interesting

indu chhibber said...

Not very encouraging,eh?


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