Monday, February 27, 2012


Here is the link to their website.....

This is a great initiative taken by Katha and Hewlett packard in consultation with Prasoon Joshi, for encouraging the habit of reading and writing in the children. All the stories are written by children and tell us something about their imagination and their viewpoint and their beliefs and dreams.And some are a lesson to even adults.
  1. First one...Rebirth by Nidhi ravishankarThis is the story of a tree and tell us that if we do anything selflessly,it always helps us on
2..rise of Saee Bhujbal
Here the young writes weaves the story in her own way to tell us the origin of sunflower.

3..the greatest Melissa Chen

Here is a story within a story, where a boy learns through an incident that one should be always nice to others and learn sharing.

3..a dream come Vinayasree Vinod
HA girl resents her brother for not letting her watch TV when she has finished her exams even and she wishes that she was single, but then one day when she does everything without his brother, she misses him and wants him back.

4..the changing Anupriya agarwal
This is a story of little beggar girl Kaizan and brings out the pathos of her life when she thinks...I wonder if my foot had broken that day, would I have earned more money.

5..An adventure in dreamland...b Bhahavya kapoor
A 15 year old boy's dream about telkhine.

6..the hour known as Sayantan chakraborty
Through a power cut what people feel, and how much relief it brings when power is back..but does anybody bother about energy saving to save earth?

7..bathrooms are not shreya punjabi
Here the writer uses her vivid imagination and brings the bathroom articles to life and toothbrushes and tooth paste tell their story and how they came to exist. cat,her Amola Mehta
Story of a girl and her pet cat.

9..The perfect Aniruddh K Bhargavi
This is a futuristic one, where books have become antique, a daadi ma item.

10..from no to yes Kshitija M shetty
Two children taste something in their chemistry lab and they are shrunk and how they come back to their original shape forms the story.

11..dont ever study too Madhavi rao
Here is a child who sleeps in the class and doesnt study and tries all tricks to pass the exams and then suddenly finds the papers very easy and passes.

12.the orange G Jyotsna
The writer uses her imagination to create a mystery about a girl travelling beyond..something supernatural.

13..the last Rudraveer reddy.
This is the best of the lot.Its also futuristic and tell us the story of tigers who are vanishing due to humans.what the animals think and how they will finish completely if we dont stop ourselves.

14..humans or Ananya Kumar
Another story about aliens and extinction of earth.
so many stories tel us that children today think about the environment issue.

15..true Aishwarya Ramanath
Zohara is a blind girl who is befriended by Ekta.Its about the problems a blind student faces.

16..of cats,dogs, natasha Bhaduria
A little about how they became enemies. ha-has Aditya Das
A tyrant queen is killed, shows that nobody can escape the punishment if a wrong is done.

18..vnd's trip to Sanskruti Lakshmi kanth
Its about a dragon who couldnt breathe fire. me..By Anoushka Agarwal
An egoistic and over confident crow who misbehaves with everybody, is left along to live and die..this is a lesson to all

20..branches of dhawani Yagnaraman
Here is a beautiful story about a tree standing in a park and watching and listening to humans and their stories..

21..vortex of the 2 Rakshita KL
imagination of the children about magic and world of joy.

21.big j and the bus Rizwan M Amlani
This is something I have read many times,I think the child cheated

22..rover the Anangsha saha
A little girl searches for her pet dog.

23..waiting to bloom...By Suhana Khan
This a very beautiful story of a Pollen and what happens to it, how it wishes to bloom.

24..the main'u M Puneeth
A boy encounters a ghost..

25..Sonia and the dream land..byAkansha agarwal
A girl dreaming about an orchard full of chocolates and sweets..I think it is every child's dream to find one.

Worth a read, if one wants to see what our children are thinking and a delight to the children as they can identify themselves.But not all are stories, as according to me an story has a beginning and end, they are ruminations of the children, may be about their pet, their dreams or wishes .Children should read and write something with a message..or moral..because this is the age when they form values which go all the way in their life

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have received this award from SRS , she blogs about so many things and a very voracious reader too.

Liebster means beloved in German and this award is for spreading love among bloggers. So I am going to pass it on to those whose blogs I love to read..

Rules for accepting the Liebster Blog award:

Link back to the person who gave you the award.
Pick 5 people deserving of the award and notify them on their blogs.
Post the award on your blog and spread the love.
Here are my nominees...

Harman Singh..I value her values, she is such a nice ethical person with good family values.

Happy Kitten...She is so humanitarian and always writes about some important issue important at that time.nothing frivolous about her.

Rama..I love looking at the pictures she posts of her home and dining table..she has such a good taste in decorating her home.

Enigma:.A young student, gives me some freshness of approach and topics.

Rachna; She writes on very interesting subjects and in a very logical way

Friday, February 24, 2012


When i saw Desi boys i was wondering.why films fail or hit? because this movie was quite entertaining, and it never got mentioned anywhere, whereas many worse movies got so much talked about and some got even awards...sometimes i feel that in every sphere of life its not meritocracy but many other things....

This is a movie about two friends in London who get the pink slip in the times of recession and take up the job of male entertainers to sustain themselves.The best part of this movie is Anupam kher, he just lights the screen with his role and the most jarring is Chitrangda.neither her character in the movie, nor her acting, everything is so artificial....true the movie is comedy, so nothing serious about it, but even there she is not tolerable.Akshay, Deepika and John..they all essay their roles effortlessly...

Now a days Sony has really some good serials on air..I am loving..Parvarish...the interactions between husband wife, father and son and parents and children all are shown how they happen, their attitudes and thinking is so real, that it touches a chord somewhere.worth a watch..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life is precious or is it?

Recently I went to Nethaji Mercy Home..and what I saw there was shocking and amazing both. As I have blogged earlier too about them..this orphanage is managed by a couple who look after the children as their own..its their main life..not a part time job.
Every time I go there, I see a new infant, somebody left there..this time there was a boy who was left there at the age of 9 days and who didint have a limb and a hand and he couldnt swallow. Parents were poor and couldnt look after a special child. So this couple took them got his mouth operated and now they will get him operated for hand and limb whenevr they get enough money ...a few lakhs.The child was now 7 months old and very attatched to father(head of the orphanage) and was smiling in his lap.

Now as soon as I heard this, immediate response in my mind cruel on part of parents to leave their child here and how big in heart these people are who can love a deformed child so much?..But when I think over, my mind debates..what type of life this child can have..with one hand and one limb...woudt he live a life of misery?Why are we raising him to be an unhappy and dependent person all his life..what can he do?
and why do I think it cruel of parents? Its a practicality...poor people have neither the time, nor the resources to look after such children and making their other children suffer for this one wouldnt be right...
Its a very big dilemma and a question dificult to answer.....should we save the life even if it is going to be full of hardships only?,...theoritically we can say is precious and all that, but practically what is good?

Friday, February 10, 2012


hellooooooo...whats happening..daily either a child commits suicide because he was chided by teachers or elders or denied something or kills someone like teacher, friend or parents even.In Chennai a boy killed his teacher for reprimanding him.

I feel very sad at the thought of this generation going so haywire....though lot of factors are contributing to this aggression, but the most responsible for all this are parents.....

Parents are over pampering the kids, giving them everything what they demand is making them soft target. They cant handle a no from any quarter.

Its a wake up call for all young parents...pleaseeeeeeeeeee.....dont think that indulging the child is love....You are all taking the easy way out, because giving in is much easier than holding and telling the children whys. who can invest so much time?....

Give the children what they need, not what they want, they will also reach a age when they can indulge..everything has a time....teach them delayed gratification, good behaviour, discipline and family values..but for that parents themselves have to change and change the philosophy of their life that life is to enjoy, or self comes before everything else.Teach them to adjust and compromise..they are not bad words.

Teach them to value people more than the things....respect a person for his/her knowledge and manners and values, not for his car, house and clothes or position.

Today if a child is arrogant and rude,or girls/boys not able to cook anything, parents tell others with a pride, instead of feeling ashamed,.....koi bhi kaam agar nahi aata to yeh koi badi baat nahi ha....nothing to be proud of.....whether we do or not, it will depend on the circumstances but we should know all the basic work we need in our daily life.

We need to overhaul our mental system too...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Whenever i read in the paper that scientists are doing research to increase the age of human beings, I feel exasperated. I mean why increase the quantity, why not work towards quality.There are very few people who are above 80 and can contribute anything to..self, family or society. Instead they just live a life of non productivity and sometimes making other's life miserable.

Imagine a son of 65 looking after his parents of it a pleasant scenario? When one advances in the age ,one looks for a life atleast free of responsibilities, because with ageing, looking after self is also not an easy job.It is enough if one is not dependent on one's children at that time, but taking responsibility for old parents is very difficult. Though it sounds bad, but service to parents also comes with an expiry date.

I have always felt that instead of adding years to life, we must add life to few years. I dont aspire for a long life..never, rather scared of living long.We must live a life of productivity and usefulness to others, the day we stop being that, we are no good..ofcourse thats my ideology.I dont have that desires like..god let me see my grand son grow, or his marriage, then children..and the circle never stops.....I am fully satisfied with my life, having done my duties,ready for any eventuality.the only thing I fear is that i dont want to live a life dependent on anybody..physically, mentally or financially...but since birth and death are not in our hands, we must do whatever we can to make ourselves useful or independent.


Parents..such an iconic reverent word, but are all parents really deserve it or even they give any pleasure to their children, I don’t thin...