Wednesday, March 20, 2013


III day.

We had BF in Green park and started from there to Chidambaram. We went to see Vaitheeswaran koil and luckily it was Tuesday. There was so much crowd. This temple is among one of the navgraha temples....Mars temple.Shiva is worshipped here as a god of healing.This place is famous for nadi shastra..astrology of palm leaves. I was very curious to know about this for a long time but when time came, people said that its not true and then there are shops in a line..all of them for naadi shastra and no way to kn ow who is genuine.So we didnt ask anything:(..but I still feel that i missed that.)
And then it was time to return back.

When I visited Madurai,Kodaikanal and rameshwaram, i was amazed at what a rich cultural heritage we have, and it has been relegated to a corner. In this era of economic boom, our handloom weavers and local artisans are not getting any benefit of this globalisation. In Madurai one can find golden look earrings and all in just 10/ and they are made from the coins and colored beads. In kodaikanal artificial jewellery in traditional designs is very cheap and good.In Rameshwaram, very good sarees are woven and a fraction of the price . I just wish that some NGOS come forward to organise them, because with some organisation and and some help in the filed of designing and color combinations they can really come very far in life.This way we can save our heritage and give a respectable and comfortable life to our lots of country men

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shopaholic and sister...Sophie Kinsellaa

Shopaholic and sister...Sophie Kinsella
This is about Rebecca brandon, who is newly married and addicted to shopping,suddenly she comes to know that she has a half sister , she tries her best in her style to bond with her. The story is all about her shopping extravaganzas and how they affect her married life and relationships... written in a light hearted way, its quite interesting and enjoyable.

Delhi..Khushwant Singh

Written in first person, this is an account of delhi in  60..70 and some mughals and 17th century people and the environment at that time..people like nadir shah, Poet Meer, Saadi..and kings like aurangjeb, bahudur shah jafar,and there is nothing redeeming about anyone, it seems as if they lived a life of complete debauchery and so did the protagonist.

Snapshots..Shobha dey
i am getting bored with her, she is writing nothing better than porn.

A FINE BALANCE...Rohinton Mistry
This is  a story with real people, set in70.80's.Main character is Dina shroff who is a headstrong person from her childhood, has her own ideas about marriage ,love and life and lives accordingly.Everything is very natural, but one thing disappoints me that there is nothing good happening anywhere anytime in their life and most of the character have many flaws..why couldnt writer make it a little more enjoyable by including some happy moments and some good people. Everybody there suffers a lot and has nothing much to look forward too..There is no saviour anywhere..quite depressing..I would rather read about some imaginary people than reading such misery..

One Amazing thing..Chitra bannerjee Divakaruni
I am becoming her fan, whatever she writes,one thing is sure that it would be interesting. here the story starts in Indian visa office in US where people of different countries are present and an earthquake happens, they are trapped, and then they decide that to pass the time each one should tell one amazing thing or incident from one's life...All the stories are not given closure, I would have liked it more to see the end..its an open book.

I heard a lot about Virginia Woolf, so got a book from her, but i couldnt read it:(
Read a short story collection, collected by Khushwant Singh, where stories are from famous writers, some translated from different languages...few are good, but nothing much to write about

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is it?

It has been a long time and I have so much to say but still thoughts are so muddled up in my mind that it would take tine to sort them out.I was on my vacation trip to my siblings and mom and state.yes there is a change in places also.Specially if you go there in winter, everything is so different. And now living here for so many years, I am not used to cold weather, so instead of enjoying quilts and hot tea, I found it troublesome.. See this happens even in India, why blame those who immigrate abroad:)..There are always few things which we miss and other which we dont like.
I miss the way we celebrate the festivals in north, and those get together like bhajans, Sundar kand path and even kitty parties,and people meeting with open hearts,but totally dislike the display of wealth in everything and so much wastage of food just to show off,and people always running after money.....
Here I like the spiritual bend of mind, people more interested in fine arts, simple food, I just wish that they were a little more social and cordial to visitors.
People like me sometimes feel homeless, as we dont feel like we belong to north the way we should and here in south we are always north Indians so who am I?
I am an Indian....may be thats why we feel national  identity more than the regional one....
What do you think?


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