Friday, March 15, 2013

Shopaholic and sister...Sophie Kinsellaa

Shopaholic and sister...Sophie Kinsella
This is about Rebecca brandon, who is newly married and addicted to shopping,suddenly she comes to know that she has a half sister , she tries her best in her style to bond with her. The story is all about her shopping extravaganzas and how they affect her married life and relationships... written in a light hearted way, its quite interesting and enjoyable.

Delhi..Khushwant Singh

Written in first person, this is an account of delhi in  60..70 and some mughals and 17th century people and the environment at that time..people like nadir shah, Poet Meer, Saadi..and kings like aurangjeb, bahudur shah jafar,and there is nothing redeeming about anyone, it seems as if they lived a life of complete debauchery and so did the protagonist.

Snapshots..Shobha dey
i am getting bored with her, she is writing nothing better than porn.

A FINE BALANCE...Rohinton Mistry
This is  a story with real people, set in70.80's.Main character is Dina shroff who is a headstrong person from her childhood, has her own ideas about marriage ,love and life and lives accordingly.Everything is very natural, but one thing disappoints me that there is nothing good happening anywhere anytime in their life and most of the character have many flaws..why couldnt writer make it a little more enjoyable by including some happy moments and some good people. Everybody there suffers a lot and has nothing much to look forward too..There is no saviour anywhere..quite depressing..I would rather read about some imaginary people than reading such misery..

One Amazing thing..Chitra bannerjee Divakaruni
I am becoming her fan, whatever she writes,one thing is sure that it would be interesting. here the story starts in Indian visa office in US where people of different countries are present and an earthquake happens, they are trapped, and then they decide that to pass the time each one should tell one amazing thing or incident from one's life...All the stories are not given closure, I would have liked it more to see the end..its an open book.

I heard a lot about Virginia Woolf, so got a book from her, but i couldnt read it:(
Read a short story collection, collected by Khushwant Singh, where stories are from famous writers, some translated from different languages...few are good, but nothing much to write about


rudraprayaga said...

Of course materials penned by some persons may not be of good content sometimes.All the factors are there if the readers will like it.

Amrita said...

ah u read a fine balance.. i somehow liked the book though its mega pessimistic.. but things like this happen i feel.. many ppl live their whole lives for a stroke of luck which never comes... i felt the similarity between this books undertone and white tiger's.
though this book has much better english and feel and does nt ridicule things. white tiger on the contrary is too brash.. and many a times illogical

KParthasarathi said...

Very candid and honest review.You do not mince words.
I think you are into voracious reading these days.Thanks for sharing your take on the books you read.

KParthasarathi said...

Very candid and honest review.You do not mince words.
I think you are into voracious reading these days.Thanks for sharing your take on the books you read.

Rahul Aggarwal said...

i never read anything from khushwant singh .. but heard a lot about his literature...

i guess its time for me to lay hands on some on his work...!

Reflections said...

One Amazing Thing by CBD sounds interesting. And I've read a jokebook compiled by Khushwant Singh;-D

Renu said...

rudraprayaga: each to his own:)

Amrita:I always feel that we must be optimistic..yes there will be many without a hope in life, but i want to see the positive side only:)

Today's writers are always using their own english, hinglish ..whatevr, that way I prefer those who use good language..

KParthsarthi:Reading is my hobby:)

Rahul Aggarwal:..I dont think you have missed anything:)

sulagna ™ said...

Hi Renu would be great if i could lay my hands n a good book..suggestions ??

Amrita said...

hehe i know we are die hard optimists.. but then.. is nt it a bit naive to be always so? as in works for us.. but then we may miss being empathetic towards ppl who hav nt had their share of good fortune. they somehow cannot afford to be optimistic always...
somehow tht book made me rembr some unfortunate stories in my native during the super cyclone of 1999. i know ppl who lost everything and are yet to recover even after more than a decade.
so i could relate very well to the book.

Sandhya said...

I used to read a lot earlier. I have read all famous authors...the last book I read was Indu Sundaresan's 'Twentieth wife' and its sequel too. They were very good.

Many bloggers here talk about Divakaruni. Should read her book sometime.

Ashwini C N said...

Well, I will definitely come back again to your blog to read more reviews. I seriously haven't come across a blog like this where I get an answer straight, without beating about the bus, for whether the book is worth reading or not. Thanks for sharing :-)

Renu said...

Sulagna: I more day Mitch Albom...and i am liking Chitra bannerjee divakaruni too, for a fast one I like Robert Ludlum..

Amrita: Already life is never easy, so atleast in books and movies I like to see happy endings:)..kahin na kahin man ko sukoon milta ha ki acche logo ke saath accha hota ha:)

Sandhya: You have given me one more book to think about:)

Ashwini C.N.Thanks Ashwini for appreciating my blunt nature..I am like that everywhere..straightforward.

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