Wednesday, March 20, 2013


III day.

We had BF in Green park and started from there to Chidambaram. We went to see Vaitheeswaran koil and luckily it was Tuesday. There was so much crowd. This temple is among one of the navgraha temples....Mars temple.Shiva is worshipped here as a god of healing.This place is famous for nadi shastra..astrology of palm leaves. I was very curious to know about this for a long time but when time came, people said that its not true and then there are shops in a line..all of them for naadi shastra and no way to kn ow who is genuine.So we didnt ask anything:(..but I still feel that i missed that.)
And then it was time to return back.

When I visited Madurai,Kodaikanal and rameshwaram, i was amazed at what a rich cultural heritage we have, and it has been relegated to a corner. In this era of economic boom, our handloom weavers and local artisans are not getting any benefit of this globalisation. In Madurai one can find golden look earrings and all in just 10/ and they are made from the coins and colored beads. In kodaikanal artificial jewellery in traditional designs is very cheap and good.In Rameshwaram, very good sarees are woven and a fraction of the price . I just wish that some NGOS come forward to organise them, because with some organisation and and some help in the filed of designing and color combinations they can really come very far in life.This way we can save our heritage and give a respectable and comfortable life to our lots of country men


rama said...

Hi Renu,
So you have been busy travelling , and that is why no blogs for a long time. It is good to know you had a good time visiting temples of South India.They are really very old and beautiful too.

Found In Folsom said...

Glad that you are thinking about these people, Renu. True that if some organizing is done, they can go a far way.

Sandhya said...

All the temples you have mentioned here are very old temples and huge ones!

These artisans are the foundations of our society. But they are bogged down by brokers...the large percentage of the price goes to them!

It is many years since I have visited Chidambaram temple. It looks very old here, without maintenance. These temples get lot of money, but politics inside!

There are Navagraha temples near Kumbakonam which are also famous. They are run by TVS groups. Very well maintained temples, my sis in law said. I too must visit them.

Rahul Aggarwal said...

there's a lot in our country that has been neglected now for many years and is now appreciated by rest of the world...for eg: yoga!

KParthasarathi said...

I am glad you could visit the famous Vaittheeswaran koil and hope you had good darshan.I share your anguish about these talented artisans

rudraprayaga said...

the boom blesses only the rich not the needy.Interesting read.

Dilip said...

I had only heard of the Chidambaram temple. And now seeing its picture it looks so beautiful.

Jeevan said...

I had been to this temple as a kid.

Globalization hadn't helped improving our culture and heritage sector anyway and it only grows pointing on western culture. We need to protect our art and artiest, fading under global warning!

Ashwini C N said...

The problem with Naadi Josiyam in Vaidheeswaran temple is that, they astrologers were supposed to be very precise, and hence naturally many people pretended to be good astrologers, damaging the reputation of the good ones.

SG said...

I am glad you are lucky enough to visit all these religious places.

Let me tell you about Naadi Shastra. Skilled people, in that art, can tell what happened in the past (if it is known to more than one person). For example, if you piss in your kitchen sink and there was no one in the home at that time, nobody can tell or know
what happened. Not even God. Not any naadi shastra person.

So they tell your past accurately (because more than one person know that fact). Ask them to tell you what is going to happen to you tomorrow morning at 10 am, either they will blink or BS.

sm said...

beautiful temple

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