Monday, April 27, 2015


With time everything changes. Earlier most of the people used to have a complex or feeling about something lacking in them..even if they did good to everyone, they thought they were not able to do it fully, they could have done better or more. But today their is excess in everything..most of the people I meet , think and say..
I am the best..
I go all out to help everybody.
People take advantage of me( but hello when everybody is being taken advantage, where are the people who take it:)
I am very honest in my dealings..whereas they may not be honest to their family even.

I felt very strange when a woman who didnt want her inlaws to stay with her and was totally out of her mind when they stayed with her for 6 months, telling me . this when it was earthquake there..I ask them so much that stay with us you are old,cant manage on your own.. but they dont want to...

Then someone hates corruption and then tells me that his father is very well off because he was an engineer in PWD...connect the dots:)

Then a totally biased and unfair person saying..I will teach my child to be fair in can or will you teach that when you yourself are not?

A totally lazy person telling me that she/he is a cleanliness freak.

I have hundreds of statements like this .told me by hypocritical people.and I fail to understand why people lie so much or put up a facade? Does anybody gets fooled by this? I never do.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Atrue incient

It must be 1989, I was running a departmental store, and suppliers used to come to me, sometimes for the known products and sometimes with a new one. One day a supplier came to me and said-------
I supply the washing soap 555 and a new product, which is like a Tinopal but used mostly in industries, we are manufacturing it our selves.
and he showed me samples of some yellow powder in plain polythene packets.
In the mean time a customer came and bought a few things and then he happened to see those pockets. He asked me whether I sold those packets, because in his factory they need bulk quantity of that and in case i had them, he would certainly prefer to take it from me.
I was so happy and smiling from ear to ear , thinking-see, i got such a good opportunity inbusiness, I will take order from him and supply from that.
Without thinking any more I asked the supplier to give me 200 packets of those, he had with him some around 100 , he left those there and asked for the payment. Now I always used to do the payments next week--that is a week credit, so I told him that. Then he said would i mind if instead of cash he take some products my shop. LOL, My happiness increased, as I got some more sale(ham to aur khush aur bikri ho rahi ha........ )
And notice that he started with--he supplies 555--a known brand-----but all this time neither he took the order for that nor I noticed that.That was his ploy for getting a good g=credential in my mind.
Now u will say then...........what happened..................hona kya tha, he dissappeared neverto show his face.:(
This is life my dear, which teaches you at every step. Now its upto u how u learn. Nothing happens without a reason.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Profile pics

Today When i was going thru whats app and then later on facebook, something dawned on me..On the profile pics the preferences are quite revealing like..

Most of the feminine gender puts herself first in the pic, then her children, then parents and siblings...last but almost never husband...
None of them ever record any presence of inlaws in their life.(except when they are bad,to them.)whether they visit, they make any trip with them whatever, just block them mention or pic of them even on bdays anniversaries ever...

For their parents they go on about everything..

Now...the male chauvinistic men:) we love to call them...They put first their wives, then wife and children and last theirs only pic..but never parents...(may be it will make them feel sissy or less macho .

And then i hear most of the girls complaining that their husbands are so obedient to their parents, they cant see beyond them..all that...

I am not saying that FB and Whats app can define a person, NO, but most of our actions involuntarily show our thinking and personality..

These are just my observations, not a slur on anybody..what is your opinion..tell me..

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Half girl friend...Chetan Bhagat

This is the story of Madhav Jha..Bihari boy who gets admission in St. Stephen through sports quota, he is a basketball player and a girl Riya Somani..who is ultra wealthy, basketball player and extremely beautiful too.They meet, boy falls in love, girl gets married to a NRI and then divorces and comeback, they meet again, then she vanishes again.but true love of the boy ultimately finds her and they live happily ever after.
Infact a very simple story, but told in a very interesting way, the characters are so real, the writer has gone to their mind so well, what a simple boy who doesnt know English thinks and how he reaction, everything is superb..
And then the love of Madhav Jha is so endearing to a romantic like me, wish there were more boys like him and girls like Riya who give more importance to people than money.
Adorable love story!

This is the story of Bettina who takes up a job in event management company and  her personal and professional life are mixed.Initially she finds the job interesting as it pays her to party and see the upper circle of New york but later on job completely takes over her life.

This is the story of Maharajkumar and his life as a prince,complexities of king's lives,betrayals,politics and debauchery everything is there.I dont know whether its inspired or a true story of Rajput maharajas and their lives..just ok..nothing much..

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Last week I went to Hyderabad and there I spent lot of time sitting and observing people.There was this person, I thought of him as very self centred and non caring type, then one day i saw that an old lady needed help in sitting on pillion with her daughter, and he was all there to help and bring a stool and all that. This was totally a different side of him, and then I started thinking why is he caring to some and callous to others....I realised that most of the people are good to only those they know or find some similarity with them, here the person wasnt very qualified, and he felt an affinity with that lady because she spoke his language.

I have seen this happening most of the many times just knowing the language brings you to the inner circle.and it happens in most of the states in India..I have lived in Bengal, Maharashtra and south..And i wonder why are we like that, why cant we be the same to everyone, even unknown people..isnt that the real kindness?..Why we have the love and compassion only for our own people whether they are related by blood or region or language?

Dreams of parents

Now a days counselling and admissions are going on for colleges, so I see parents fretting around and always talking about reservations and...